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  1. Problem solved, thanks people! sorry to bother 
  2. Then i should start with the CCamera first?, i have clases today so i will try to make some progress in class
  3. I tried using CGame. Inst ().getCamera ().getX To the player MMC but its still failing
  4. Sorry guys to be so slow :( Well, i have a couple of questions first With my actual code, what would be failing?, i believe that this:   mMapContainerMC.x = 0 - CGame.inst().getCamera().getX(); mMapContainerMC.y = 0 - CGame.inst().getCamera().getY(); Should actually work, it's getting the X and Y of the gameobject that i'm giving to the camera, which would be the player, 
  5.     hi!; this is what i have so far, as you can see, the scrolling still doesnt work, i mean, it "works" but the main problem is that the coordinates are wrong  This problem is for hardcores D: 
  6. Wyrframe, i'm sorry but i can't see it yet :S
  7. hi, i dont know much about flash and containers, can you explain a little more?
  8. So i create a public class, instantiate the enemies there and handle all the logic, then i call it on the level/room and "update" it? 
  9. Problem solved, thanks people!       !!!!
  10. HI, i don't use that one, maybe i forgot to erase it , i use boxcolission... but the main question would be about OOP, how do you interact with the enemy from the Player class?
  11. Problem solved, thanks!!! public static function var enemy:CGenericEnemy deleted
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