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  1. Hey uhm when are you going to do the c++? can you do it side by side? I am mainly interested on unreal c++
  2. UgaBugaUgaBuga

    2D Lighting System in Monogame

    add shadows :D  
  3. UgaBugaUgaBuga

    What does mapping mean?

      Just like you, I am not a native English speaker myself. This hinders me a lot on reading tutorials. using metaphor really helps to some people. As a beginner learning DX, I may not understand the full concept of mapping but at least through using some examples, I can have an idea, and I believe that will help me understand some topics.   Uhm actually I am serious asking the question. thanks also for clearing things as well, that may lead to misunderstanding.
  4. UgaBugaUgaBuga

    What does mapping mean?

    Hello Thanks for the reply.   are they incorrect?.   I like Andy Gainey, It makes sense if you think of it :D     Awesome explanation. Makes more sense to me now :D  
  5. UgaBugaUgaBuga

    What does mapping mean?

    I was reading a tutorial about directx10. Part of it mentioned about   What does it really mean?
  6. UgaBugaUgaBuga

    How to make 3D art look more like a 2d?

      Wow.. Thank you very much for detailed explanation.
  7. I was trying to port RB tutorials of XNA to monogame but I keep having this issue about. I even tried the MS vertext lighting sample and still got the same error {"An error occurred while preparing to draw. This is probably because the current vertex declaration does not include all the elements required by the current vertex shader. The current vertex declaration includes these elements: SV_Position0, NORMAL0, COLOR0."} This is the HLSL file use in monogame float4x4 World; float4x4 View; float4x4 Projection; float4 AmbientColor = float4(1, 1, 1, 1); float AmbientIntensity = 0.1; float4x4 WorldInverseTranspose; float3 DiffuseLightDirection = float3(1, 1, 1); float4 DiffuseColor = float4(1, 1, 1, 1); float DiffuseIntensity = 1.0; struct VertexShaderInput {     float4 Position : POSITION0;     float4 Normal : NORMAL0; }; struct VertexShaderOutput {     float4 Position : POSITION0;     float4 Color : COLOR0; }; VertexShaderOutput VertexShaderFunction(VertexShaderInput input) {     VertexShaderOutput output;     float4 worldPosition = mul(input.Position, World);     float4 viewPosition = mul(worldPosition, View);     output.Position = mul(viewPosition, Projection);     float4 normal = mul(input.Normal, WorldInverseTranspose);                    // takes the normal and transforms it in such a way that the normal is now relative to where the object is in the world          /*       calculates the angle between the surface's normal vector and the light, which is used to measure the intensity of the light.       The dot() function performs the dot product of two vectors, which can effectively be used as a measurement of the angle between the two vectors.       If the surface is exactly facing the light source, this value will be 1. If the surface is sideways, compared to the light, this value will be 0.       If the surface is facing away from the light, it will be a negative value.          */     float lightIntensity = dot(normal, DiffuseLightDirection);         // calculate the actual output color that was determined by the diffuse lighting     output.Color = saturate(DiffuseColor * DiffuseIntensity * lightIntensity);        //saturate(). This function will take a color and ensure that it has values between 0 and 1 for each of the component     return output; } float4 PixelShaderFunction(VertexShaderOutput input) : COLOR0 {     /*     Notice that all we do is add in the input color that was calculated by the vertex shader,     and then call the saturate() function, to ensure that we don't try to add too much light. (You can't get brighter than pure white!)          */     return saturate(input.Color + AmbientColor * AmbientIntensity);     } technique DiffuseLighting {     pass Pass1     {         VertexShader = compile vs_4_0_level_9_1 VertexShaderFunction();         PixelShader = compile ps_4_0_level_9_1 PixelShaderFunction();     } } The code runs perfectly fine on XNA 4.0.
  8. UgaBugaUgaBuga

    Monogame explorer crashes when doing a simple shader?

        Thanks. Ill keep that in mind.
  9. UgaBugaUgaBuga

    Monogame explorer crashes when doing a simple shader?

        Wow this is embarassing.   I really was running on full screen when my application is running and caught the error. graphics.IsFullScreen = true; Never thought that VS would not show any error when your application is on fullscreen.   I set it now to false. Thanks.
  10. UgaBugaUgaBuga

    How to make 3D art look more like a 2d?

      well i hope it surpass the success of ragnarok online :D   Awesome thanks for the addon link
  11. UgaBugaUgaBuga

    Monogame explorer crashes when doing a simple shader?

    Yes they are. I already update my driver. Still having the same problem. I have no clue whats the problem without showing the error.
  12. I'm not really sure whats the problem here. Actually everytime I use a shader(even if just a simple one) my explorer keeps crashing. I have to manually restart my computer and there's no error message.   has anyone had this problem before?
  13. UgaBugaUgaBuga

    How to make 3D art look more like a 2d?

      Thats pretty clever. So in that case its much easier because making a 2 pixel art sprite in every angle is time consuming.(I believe)
  14. UgaBugaUgaBuga

    How to make 3D art look more like a 2d?

      I search for this 2.5D.  in this site   base on that I can say as well that this game is also a 2.5d? because it doesnt have a 3D system where u can rotate at 360?   also the camera is mostly on top(45degree).
  15. UgaBugaUgaBuga

    How to make 3D art look more like a 2d?

      Like this a pixel art but it looks 3D and also this
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