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  1. Hello, I had this idea of similar to a paradox title but more simplified, there would be two teams, NATO vs Warsaw Pact at the start of the game there would be two players, one controlling the US,and one controlling the Soviet Union, there would be 8 more players 4 siding with the US and 4 siding with the Soviet Union, they would be controlling minor nations here the playable nations   NATO   US   Britain West Germany France Italy Denmark Japan South Korea South Vietnam Nationalist China/Taiwan   Warsaw Pact   Soviet Union   Poland East Germany North Korea Hungary North Vietnam Czecho-Slovakia  Romania Bulgaria Communist China     The game starts 1949 and The players playing the US or Soviet Union have to either eliminate each other or control the most territory by 1990 where the game ends, that doesn't always mean war though for example spies,special forces,and other tactics such as starting rebellions in other countries can help one side take advantage of the other, players controlling minor nations can help achieve victory by starting hot wars and intelligence as well  
  2. Botelho

    Multiplayer Cold War Nation Game

    Ideas are the first step to making something great. We should encourage Botelho.   Making a multiplayer game is tough. Depending on your experience, it will be easy or hard. Especially if you want to add in bots.   Do you really like wars? It will be a lot easier to make if you do.   Yes,I am still figuring out the how the teams thing will work
  3. Hello I am 17 and want to learn c++ and eventually become a game developer what do I need and where should I learn it
  4. Botelho

    Beginner Projects ?

    My eventual goal is to make an MMO but I understand that I would need to get experience in a programming language for that, what are some good starter projects that will familiarize myself with C# ?
  5. Botelho

    Beginner Projects ?

    I know a smige of Java but the Blackjack idea seems good to get my feetwet in C#
  6. Botelho

    An Open World Idea

    I had an idea for a game where players could explore a To-Scale Model of the Continental United States, Basically players would be able to walk from NY to LA without loading, another element would be PVP, players are free to kill each other with anything they find or buy,anything from a Crowbar to Assault Rifles. basically you are a Criminal, a focal point in the game would be to find other players to help you, to trust, you will be able to do missions like a Bank Robbery in NYC or taking control of a small town in Nevada to start your Drug Dealing Business, so basically communication is vital and finding players to get along with is the most crucial thing in the game would be trust to survive in America and become a criminal mastermind.
  7. Botelho

    An Open World Idea

    Yeah, no. Trying to find a handful of players in 3.806 million sq miles does not sound like fun. This "idea" of yours is basically just Grand Theft Auto, but in a larger kitty-litter box.   the idea would be like a Criminal underworld setting of Day Z except set in a fictionalized US rather then a small-town
  8. Botelho

    An Open World Idea

    Okay, Maybe not full-scale US maybe like a stylized US the size of Just Cause 2
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