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    Last Entry?

    Last day of Week of Awesome. Stayed up until 4 AM finishing up the project as best as we could. As expected we had serious set backs because of college and stuff. Justin was not able to build everything as we had planned, so we were forced to look into outside assets. Justin did a great job with the cows and the turret. We were getting desperate until finally we found the light. I have to thank kenney for releasing his asset packs to the public. His 3D nature pack turned out to be a huge life saver, so much that I ended up donating to his website. I encourage everyone to look into this website, you might find something really useful. http://www.kenney.nl/ Other assets and music were taken from opengameart.org also a great website for resources. The project in general turned out really well, and it was a fun week, even with the set backs and everything, I plan on to make some improvements to it, hopefully is just some stuff here and there. One thing I really want to fix is the resolution and the presentation of menus and credits screen. Add some small effects during the game as well as some other details. I want to thank everyone for this contest and I hope you all had as much fun as we did. Here is a link to the download. I am planning of making it playable on browser. http://alienguard.itch.io/apocowlypse
  2. Esteban Lopez

    Keeping up with WoA

    Hello all. Allow me to apologize in advance for this will be a short entry today. Reason being, even though we are trying to keep everything simple, we have been running into minor problems that are unfortunately affecting development. Hopefully by today everything will be cleared and we will get actual game play going on. We have added some music and sounds that we consider make the game more interesting and adds a bit of humor too, however chances are these assets will not be final, so I will not credit anyone right now, will do it ad the end when the project gets completed. Other thing that we didn't take into account is college. Justin and I are both going to college and things are turning pretty hectic there too, with projects and deadlines, I feel like this was a mistake on our part because we did not take college into consideration when planning the schedule for the game... Oh well, hopefully everything will turn out great, I wish everyone luck in here. Until next time!
  3. Esteban Lopez

    Setting Up the Project

    Today is the first day of Week of Awesome III. It is the first time I make part of it, so I hope I manage to make a good impression with everyone involved. Fortunately I am not alone in this journey. Muscat88, an incredibly talented 3d modeler will be my partner for this Week of Awesome. He will be in charge of everything 3D using 3DS Max. I will be taking care of the technical stuff, like the coding and stuff. We will be using Unity because of popular demand and because we both have a fair amount of experience using the engine. For now we are finishing the brain storming phase of the game and soon we will start with asset creation and coding. For now we are setting up the unity project in a way that has proven to be useful to us. Trying to keep everything as organized as possible from the very beginning saves us time and effort in the long run (even for smaller projects). We follow a simple, but efficient convention... At least it works for us. Folders: When it comes to folders, we like to name them with capital letters as to not confuse them with any other kind of file. Every time we see something named with capitals, we know it is a folder, even though the icon doesn't show up. For file names we like to name them all in small letters and with no spaces, but keeping it so that if the name is 2 or more words long, then we capitalize the first letter of the second word onwards, also depending on the purpose of the file, we would name it accordingly as to make it easy to find and to arrange alphabetically. For instance: If we had a texture file called Sprite textures, we would rename it texturesSprite. This way it can go in a folder called TEXTURES, if such a folder contains different kinds of textures for different kinds of purposes, then it will make it easier for us to find what we are looking for since Unity will try to organize everything alphabetically. Example TEXTURES texturesRegular.png texturesSprites.png When it comes to models. We keep two separate main folders. PROTOTYPING and FINAL which I think are self descriptive names. Each separate model will be stored in a different folder as to avoid conflict with different materials that could potentially have the same name and therefore confuse us. If a number of models share the same material, we still keep the models in their own folder, but we create a folder where all the shared materials are stored. That way, we can import the models and select them all and apply the same material to them just once. Audio works in a similar manner, where we store MUSIC in a folder and SOUNDS in another folder, we also try to organize music and sounds in different subcategories as to avoid going through the whole project listening to each song, looking for the one we wanted to use, but forgot where it was. Scenes are divided in TEST and FINAL as to not screw up the final project as much as we can, SCRIPTS are also divided into some categories aswell depending on the purposes of each script. And that's it for now. With the project set up, we will now proceed to finishing up the planning and start with the actual game project. I hope that you guys can find this useful and if you have anything to add or any advice, you are more than welcome to provide it to us in the comments. We are still beginners, we want to learn as much as we can.
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