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    Do you ever hold back on music

    Hi fellow Composers! I'm sure this is a topic that has crossed the minds of most of you. You have a small gig, where you are supposed to compose an OST for an unknown low-profile game. Somewhere along your creative process you come up with a song that's easily one of your best works yet and probably will be for some time to come. Is it morally wrong to hold this back from the guys who hired you? Are you even obligated to make use of it or not? Would love to hear your thoughts on this!
  2. yeah I was worrying about it maybe being to long - I think for this one it's still okay, but I definitely plan on doing shorter loops in the future   I did mash up a lot of instruments at some parts. I usually try to compensate for that by adjusting volume level of the instruments accordingly. Might need some adjustment then, thanks for the hint
  3. Hi,   I posted on this board before and got really useful feedback. When I tried working on the posted track to improve it I had a surge of new ideas and ended up with a new piece. It kinda has a similar feeling to it (mechanical, engineering, tinkering), which I think is great since it's a good theme for adventure games. If anyone is interested I would love to hear your opinions - are there any unfitting parts in it? Do you think the overall pace is good or does it change too much? https://soundcloud.com/hyperdemented/clockwork-factory (For reference, this was the mentioned song I posted here before: https://soundcloud.com/hyperdemented/blueprints) Cheers, Clem
  4. Thanks, that definitely helps a lot. I remember that towards the end of the song, I rushed everything and might have copied some parts and didn't worry about variation much or keeping it interesting. I also had a terrible workflow back then because my PC was terribly slow and I kinda had a seperate project for almost every instrument and put them together in the end. It was horrible trying to change something. Will check out the soundtrack, thanks for the suggestion!     Yeah, I took away a lot of the reverb to make it feel more room-like, since the default setting was drenched in it - might have overdone it though.     Please do, as I had the same impression when starting out with the melody. Asked some people which all said that it sounded familiar but they didn't think it was something well known.     Puzzle game could work out I for myself always had images of early platformer/adventure games running through my head (Donkey Kong 64, Banjo Kazooie..)
  5. sorry, i had to reupload it. should work again
  6. Hi,   I've been making music for quite some time as a hobby, but most of it was simple electronic music. Since I recently found myself enjoying orchestral pieces more and more I wanted to give it a go myself.   I was aiming at something like a trailer kind of soundtrack - long enough to tell (the beginning of) a story but short enough to keep it interesting and with some twists here and there.   I would highly appreciate if you could tell me how you like the choice of instruments, composition and audio quality of my first attempt. You can have a listen here: https://soundcloud.com/hyperdemented/blueprints Cheers!
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