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    Showcase your game at Gamescom booth!

    Contest has taken off pretty well! A lot of game pages created and anything can still happen! 9 Days to go! :)
  2. Hello gamedev! :)   I am very excited to tell you guys that we at Playfield are doing a contest which would benefit indiedevs greatly!   We are doing a contest to find three winners to come and showcase their game to 350,000 visitors in Playfield's booth at gamescom for free! This would be a great opportunity for developers to increase their fanbase or just get feedback from thousands of people! How often do you get a chance to show your game to that many people for free? Three winners of this contest will win these following prizes: Space in Playfield's booth to showcase their game Accommodation in or near Colgne area. 2x gamescom tickets per winner! If you are interested to find out more about this competition you can read more here: www.playfield.io/gamescom   Good luck with the contest and hope to see & hang out with you at our booth!   Best regards,   Mirza Haanzade Digital Marketing at Shark Punch www.playfield.io www.MirzaHasanzade.com  
  3. Since we are in open beta, we would love to have some feedback from devs / game studis that have registered their game on Playfield. Thank you in advance :)
  4. Hello everyone!   Before I start, let me introduce myself My name is Mirza and I am an intern in a company called Shark Punch. As most of you on this thread are letting people know about your games and websites, I decided to join the crowd and tell you a little about project we are working on.   One of our projects at Shark Punch is game discovery platform called Playfield which helps indie developers and game developers to build a community and reach out to their fans the best way possible. In addition to that, we have gamers and youtubers looking for content on www.Playfield.io to play/stream/film which opens up a lot of opportunities for game studios that do not have a lot of money to put into marketing.    We are currently in open beta and things are being changed constantly and bugs fixed every day which means that you have an awesome opportunity to effect on the outcome of the Playfield! Registering a game page on Playfield is very easy and takes maybe less than a minute! Why wouldn't you create yourself a game page / community with us when it is all free!   If there is anything you would like to ask or just give a feedback, I am happy to answer to everyone!   Have a great summer and best regards,   Mirza Hasanzade Digital Marketing Shark Punch  
  5. MirzaH

    I find it hard to find new games

    It is hard to get your game n RPS though. How many people has been able to get on RPS without a lot of hard work. I mean yeah you need to put a lot of hard work into your game and marketing if you want to gain users. I persnally think that with a platform where people could sign up and register their game for others to see, that would help a lot smaller studios.
  6. Hey everyone! We are finally done with The Masterplan developing and it will be released in 15min! We are currently streaming and doing giveaways! Join us on twitch and lets have fun together! :) http://www.twitch.tv/indiemegabooth   Thank youu!
  7. MirzaH

    I find it hard to find new games

    Yeah paying youtubers to promote your game is not realistic if you are an indiedev without a lot of cash to spend on marketing. To be honest all promotion channels requires some sort of money or really epic game that goes viral.    If you want your game to get viral on youtube, your game has to be funny or somehow entertaining. I mean yeah all games are entertaining but would people watch you play that game and enjoy the game as much as you do? Probably no. All big youtubers that have hundreds of thousands viewers are usually playing games that are funny like Goat Simulator or Prop hunt etc.    Ever since I started using that web site (can't say name or it would be spamming), I've found some interesting games to play that I wouldn't usually find and it is surprising how many good games are not getting any recognition because they can't afford the marketing fees. With so many gaming companies competing over keywords and ad spots, it is almost impossible to get your money back that you put into advertising. This is why I personally have been using that website I previously mentioned for game discovery and advertising games that I personally know who made them.   I wish the advertising fees would be lower so we could find out all those interesting games but I guess that is not happening... ever :D
  8. MirzaH

    I find it hard to find new games

    Sure no problem! I just thought to mention to show that I'm not completely new to this thing. Since I've been struggling with this problem for a while now and would love to hear what others think about it
  9. Hey Gamedevs and Gamers!   I decided to register on this forum page to find out if there are people struggling with the same problem that I am. What I personally have noticed is that, no matter when I go to Steam / Apple store I find same games over and over again. They keep recommending / showing me same games that they have shown for past 4-6 months. [LINK REMOVED]   Here are a few things I want to find out about and would be glad if you could answer my questions   So, if you are a gamer then how do you find out about cool indie games? Any favorite sites you use, or just word of mouth? What cool games have you discovered’? For me it takes a while until I find something that I enjoy playing. I have been stuck playing one game now for past 5 months because I can’t find something that would make me want to play it. Also because it is not that easy to find a game that I would like. This is why I don’t search for games that often but how often you search for new games? once a week, once a month or play games that are trending on media? I found the game that I am playing now for past 5 months from forum posts and it took me very long to find it. I was just daily trying out different games until I found something I liked. Do you easily find what you like or do you have to spend a lot of time to find it just liked for me.   If you are a developer then how and where do you promote your game? It would be interesting to know how you guys do it and if it Is easy to increase your fanbase before launching or after release? I would appreciate if you could leave a comment and let me know your opinions of this topic and if there is anything you would like to add or discuss, I’d gladly participate in this conversation!
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