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  1. cyberpunkdreams

    Problem with fighting system

    You could just go for a floating icon rather than a stripe on the chest? It would be a lot easier to implement and could even look better if you get the icons right.
  2. cyberpunkdreams

    What makes a City Builder fun?

    Just two pennies that have probably already been mentioned: transport and discovery (unlocking new buildings, etc). The first is fairly obvious and the second applies to many games, but still. Freedom to run your city how you like is great as well. The player shouldn't be pressured into one direction or another.
  3. cyberpunkdreams

    [WIP] FURION: Critical Mass [Feedback Appreciated]

    Well, you've passed one of the first hurdles of indie game design, which is putting aside your dreams (for now) and deciding on a project that's actually doable for you.   I personally like the mass and density dual mechanic, and I really like the main mass mechanic. With density, I'd vote it being under the players control, but you'd just need to find some way to make a real risk/reward around it, e.g. if the player increases their density (making themselves smaller), their attacks become weaker or damage taken is more severe. So you might use that if you want to stealth a situation or escape, but not to stay in a firefight.
  4. cyberpunkdreams

    A mod for Skyrim

    The magic is interesting just because it happens through objects as a channel. It adds an extra dimension. And yes, anything different from the standard LotR setting is good for fantasy! The Elder Scrolls series already goes some way in this direction, but it's good to keep it fresh. The Slavic angle itself doesn't particularly mean anything special to me, but I'm sure there's a lot of rich history there on which you can draw.
  5. cyberpunkdreams

    A mod for Skyrim

    It sounds interesting! The magic system appeals, as does the idea of the viewpoint affecting game play and the plot affecting the setting. Of course, from what you've said, it would take a massive amount of effort to create and Skyrim is getting old. But having said that, a mod like this can sometimes bring an older game back to life.
  6. cyberpunkdreams

    Freemium games: Smart marketing, or a curse on society?

    I don't think it's just limited to games, but it does seem most prevalent there. And yes, super evil, at least to the extent to which it's taken. I don't think there's anything from with doing some demographics, refining your product to make it more enjoyable and therefore more likely to generate income, but there's a line that definitely been crossed in many cases.
  7. cyberpunkdreams

    What do gamers prefer, graphics or gameplay

    It depends massively on your target audience. "Gamers" is far too broad. Even if you just narrowed it down to serious vs casual gamers, that would help. It depends on genre too -- graphics are considered more important (generally) in an FPS than they are in a turn-based strategy.
  8. cyberpunkdreams

    Audience (space empire, 4X)

    How about the opportunity for one peon per session to come and vent their spleen at you?   "Oh beneficent ruler, we, the people of Grok IV, have to put up with terrible [...] Can you help us in our plight?" ;)   Then obviously your reaction has an effect on your empire-wide popularity or something.
  9. cyberpunkdreams

    Next Step: Proper NPC Design

    Remember to include some nice Gaussian randomness in the timings of NPC behaviour especially -- whether it's how long they wait in a given place before moving, when they switch activity, etc. One of the things that has always irked me about Skyrim is that all the shop holders pack up and go home at exactly the same time of day. So unrealistic!
  10. cyberpunkdreams

    HP displays on enemies or visual indicators?

    I always think that a health bar is the most intuitive thing. It's great to see how much damage you're doing as well. Visual feedback on the state of your enemy's health is good fluff but less important for actual game play I think.
  11. cyberpunkdreams

    Is Age of Empires II 3D or 2D?

    Although I love Homeworld and it clearly does have six degrees of freedom, it's still kinda not really fully 3D. The ships all orientate to the "ground" plane and a lot of the game play is based around it.
  12. cyberpunkdreams

    What at the core makes fighting games fun?

    Excellent video! Makes me want to get into them too. It's funny how many other games that involve fighting do the exact thing he's talking about. Just not "fighting games".
  13. cyberpunkdreams

    Game Design Doc Any good cyber punk rpg ideas

    I'm working on a cyberpunk RPG at the moment, so I'd be happy to offer some feedback or whatever.
  14. cyberpunkdreams

    How does level design work?

    I'd also add to get the level playable as absolutely as quickly as you can, even in its roughest, most basic form. Why? Because you always need to be testing. You need to play that thing over and over again (preferably other people as well) to get it working well (or even at all!)
  15. cyberpunkdreams

    Design Document Question

    +1 for Google Docs. You can always export to MS Word if you need to. And just to add a little more to all the great advice above, it's best to think of the GDD as a synopsis for the whole thing. I know it's tempting, but it doesn't need too much detail at this stage.
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