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  1. JayPhi

    Trouble setting up Assimp

    Sure, no problem.   Try this tutorial http://www.learnopengl.com/#!Model-Loading/Mesh.
  2. Have a look at this demo of the Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostic tool:   Improvements to Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics   And here is a blog post about the Graphics Diagnositc tools that maybe can help you:   Graphic Diagnostics in Visual Studio 2013   Or you can directly read the MSDN documentation about the shader debugger:   HLSL-Debugger
  3. JayPhi

    Assimp 3.1.1 and FBX

    My Assimp 3.1.1 supports FBX just fine.   Code: int main() { aiString list; Assimp::Importer imp; imp.GetExtensionList(list); std::cout << list.C_Str() << std::endl return 0; } Output:  
  4. JayPhi

    Trouble setting up Assimp

    At this point I think it would have been easier if you had built it yourself, which is fairly easy with CMake. :-)   But if you want to give it a try here is my built of Assimp 3.1.1 with VS Express 2012 for x86 and x64: assimp.zip   1. Unzip to e.g. C:\ 2. Open VS Express 2012 3. Open existing project 4. Build -> Clean Solution 5. For x86 built: - Check Configuration is on: Debug/Release and Win32 - C/C++ -> General -> Additional Include Directories: C:\assimp-3.1.1_x86_VS2012\include; - Linker -> General -> Additional Library Directories: C:\assimp-3.1.1_x86_VS2012\lib; - Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies: assimp.lib; 5. For x64 built: - Check Configuration is on: Debug/Release and x64 - C/C++ -> General -> Additional Include Directories: C:\assimp-3.1.1_x64_VS2012\include; - Linker -> General -> Additional Library Directories: C:\assimp-3.1.1_x64_VS2012\lib; - Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies: assimp.lib; 6. Build -> Build Solution 7. Copy assimp.dll from C:\assimp-3.1.1_x86_VS2012\bin or C:\assimp-3.1.1_x64_VS2012\bin to your Debug/Release-Output-Folder next to .exe file 8. Debug -> Start Debugging (F5)   There should be no errors, warnings or whatsoever, but if there is, you should try to build Assimp with CMake yourself.
  5. JayPhi

    Trouble setting up Assimp

      It should be assimp.dll (!) (In \assimp-3.1.1-win-binaries\bin32 and \assimp-3.1.1-win-binaries\bin64 folder there should be the files assimp.dll, assimp.exe, assimp_viewer.exe)   Was it just a typo or did you really put assimp.lib inside your output folder? Besides that, everything looks fine.  
  6. JayPhi

    Trouble setting up Assimp

    The prebuilt binaries in this particular zip file (assimp--3.0.1270-full.zip) are built with VC++ 2008. Therefore you need the VC++ 2008 Redistributable Package.   Another problem is with Assimp32d.dll and assimp.lib in the /assimp/lib/assimp_debug-dll_win32/ folder when you compile your program in debug mode. Even though you are in debug mode try to link to the release versions of Assimp. Link to the assimp.lib in /assimp/lib/assimp_release-dll_win32/ and copy Assimp32.dll into your output file.   Since you have Visual Studio 2012 already get the binaries from here (assimp-3.1.1-win-binaries.zip). They are built with VC++110 (VS 2012). So you don't need the VC++ 2008 Redistributable Package.   In this version (3.1.1) there aren't even debug binaries, so just link everything, regardless of debug or release mode, to assimp.lib in lib32 or lib64 folder and copy the assimp.dll in bin32 or bin64 to your output folder.   A small caveat: When I tried to built in debug mode I had to copy assimp.exe from the bin folder to my output folder too. In release mode this wasn't required.   UPDATE:   I didn't see your reply when I posted this. So if you really need to use the prebuilt binaries of 3.0.1270 then you should install the the VC++ 2008 Redistributable Package first and just link everything to the release libs and use the release dll. I tried it out just now and it worked for me.
  7. JayPhi

    Trouble setting up Assimp

    Yeah, I meant you should link it. I was just pointing at the folder because the file inside the folder was "assimp.lib" instead of "Assimp32d.lib".   Error is indicating that some dll is either wrong or missing. I think the pre-built binaries that comes with the zip file is for other versions of VC++.   Have you tried to build Assimp yourself? Or use other binaries of Assimp?
  8. JayPhi

    Trouble setting up Assimp

    Look inside .../assimp/lib/assimp_debug-dll_win32/...   At the step:   "Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies: Assimp32d.lib"   It should be:   "Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies: assimp.lib"
  9. JayPhi

    Assimp .NET installing

    Have you put your compiled Assimp32.dll and Assimp64.dll from .../AssimpNet/bin/... into your projects .../bin/... folder, next to your exe output?
  10. JayPhi

    Assimp .NET installing

    I just tried it out and it works for me.   I downloaded the zip from https://github.com/assimp/assimp-net, unzipped it and ran the AssimpNet solution in the folder. No problems at all.
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