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  1. I'm new here

    First, you should learn to code, or else you will hire someone who will code, and bought some good game theme for your games.
  2. Unity or UE4?

    Well, unity and unreal is the good one.
  3. 2018 New Year Challenge: Missile Command

    I tried, but somethings wrong. Cant really play with my 2 browser. Mozilla and chrome.
  4. New to the forum, Hello everyone!

    Hey, welcome to buddy.
  5. Free art assets also has a free arts assets as well.
  6. Character design (2D Platformer)

    I think it's perfectly awesome.
  7. 2D art asset cost?

    But most of all artist are really preferred to work a time basis instead per character basis.
  8. Is this sprite anim ok?

    The only problem is the centering the image. And the rest is all good. Fantastic work.
  9. 2D art asset cost?

    Please can you share some of your works as a sample?
  10. Looking for an good pixel art editor

    Have you heard about I was using this tools.
  11. 2D game animations looking for any feedback

    It looks so amazing.
  12. Which color picker do you prefer?

    I loved the the second above.
  13. List of sites with free/paid game assets (2D,3D,Sounds)

    I loved this list. Thank you for sharing this list for us. This is really a big help.
  14. Hey, Well the question here what tools do we used to create a 2D assets. So try to read this thread, so you can get some useful tools for 2d assets.
  15. Need guidance on pixel art.

    Have you tried to check on the graphicriver, mobilegamegraphics and many more sites that you get some useful guidelines.