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  1. This is a perfect list of game sprites.
  2. Hey, Welcome to the best game community. You will learn a lot from this community.
  3. I just log in now, but the new version asking me to agreed their nw policies.
  4. Is this like what your are looking for? 
  5. I just check here on my side today. But confirm still zero views.
  6. For example of this thread. i viewed this many times but still zero views.  :)
  7. Yes agreed. Instead of hiring an artist. 
  8. Yes that is what i think. It's not really a developing questions. 
  9. Hey, What kind of space game? it's kind of space war?
  10. Hi,  Just want to share some of my free game assets for you guys here. You can download the list of game assets pack for free that i have created and publish it on my sites.   You can download here: It's all free, yes it's totally free.     Thanks
  11. I just check your site, i am pretty impressed with your work. You have a great list of pixel art list. Thanks for sharing your great work here with us for free. If you want more ideas for creating more pixel art. Feel free to visit my site.
  12. Actually not bad for the beginners. 
  13. Unreal and Unity is the good one. Or visit for more ideas in creating Isometric games.
  14. Have you tried this? this is highly recommended tutorials for beginners. 
  15. Have a a look at this one, which is a list of game engines. Pick that fits for you.