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  1. MobileGameGraphics.com

    Name of the game

    I come up something that you can name it to (Maze Exploration)
  2. MobileGameGraphics.com

    I need a mentor

    I suggest you will start from the small and basic game. And try to do some research on google for some basic game tutorials.
  3. MobileGameGraphics.com

    Unity or Unreal

    On my opinion, i rather choose unreal if i am starting creating a game. You can learn something new afterward.
  4. MobileGameGraphics.com

    Need feedback for game

    I rather choose to download in the screenshot instead on rar file.
  5. MobileGameGraphics.com

    Beginning to make games

    Have you treid Unity and unreal? they have a free version that you can test your game
  6. MobileGameGraphics.com

    Hi Everyone!!

    Hi, Welcome to gamedev, i just watch the video and it looks really fun.
  7. MobileGameGraphics.com

    which software would be the best for 2D pixel animation?

    Have you tried https://graphicsgale.com/us/? This one is really easy to used.
  8. MobileGameGraphics.com

    Can I get some feedback on my site?

    Actually i check all your work on the blog tab. Well it looks really amazing.
  9. MobileGameGraphics.com

    Where to start is the question? // Pc Game developing.

    I am really agree what he said. You can download Unity, Unreal or GameMaker. GameMaker is really the best way to learn it.
  10. MobileGameGraphics.com

    Where can I introduce my self?

    Welcome to the gamedev industry body.
  11. MobileGameGraphics.com

    how get over this feeling?

    So you should start a small indie game first before doing a big project with a big team and your the one who will do it.
  12. MobileGameGraphics.com

    The best first game engine to try as a beginner

    Unreal and Unity still the good one to use it.
  13. MobileGameGraphics.com

    New here and would like some advice on game engines UPDATED!

    On my part, i would choose unreal and unity is the good one.
  14. MobileGameGraphics.com

    Hi new here :)

    Glad you found this very helpful site when it comes in game industry.
  15. MobileGameGraphics.com

    I'm new here

    First, you should learn to code, or else you will hire someone who will code, and bought some good game theme for your games.
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