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    Indie Game developers as entrepreneurs (research)

      MSc in Economics and Business Administration
  2. Rolf Jensen

    Indie Game developers as entrepreneurs (research)

      You always have to consider validity of your research, and questionaires will always have ecological validity problems. However with a large enough sample size there should be some significant data to be collected. The questions in this questionaire is based on previously tested and verified operational methodologies related to Causation and Effectuation (the theories used in this thesis). The questions are supposed to measure underlying factors which will be analysed using a statistical method called factor analysis.    All of these factors should increase the validity of the research to a significant degree. I do appreciate your feedback, and if you want to elaborate your statement I would appreciate your input.   Thanks :)
  3. Rolf Jensen

    Indie Game developers as entrepreneurs (research)

      Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for your answers :)
  4. Hello everyone   I am in the midst of writing my master thesis on the entrepreneurial logics of indie game developers. Entrepreneurial logics is concerned with how entrepreneurs make business related decisions.   I need your help. If you would kindly answer the following questionnaire I would really appreciate it. They survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous. https://www.survey-xact.dk/LinkCollector?key=PVQDG52Q1JCN   Results and the entire report will be shared in June with whoever wants to recieve a copy. I will also post a short abstract in this thread.   If you have any questions please fire away :) Thank you very much!
  5.     You make a very good point. I need to determine what kind of game this is, before asking the question of how to deploy units.   Originally I envisioned it as an economy based game, where certain tiles would provide an economy boost. However, I also had the desire to make the game available on mobile, and a large map made it somewhat difficult to play on smaller screens. The game therefore gradually changed towards more simple gameplay, and in some regards grew similar to games such as Heartstone or duelyst.    I will have to do some thinking it seems :)
  6. Hey I am creating a small (but hopefully fun) turn based multiplayer strategy game. Each player can choose two armies (Human, Orc, Undead, Dwarves etc) each with 10 units, giving the player access to 20 units with different stats and abilities. Each player also has a "castle", which will lose them the game if destroyed. However, after play testing the game for a bit, i've found it difficult to choose how players actually deploy these units into the game. I've come up with a few options: 1) Let players create their army before the match begins, and deploy all the units when the game begins Strategy before the game begins - Allows players to theorycraft Less choice during the game, and no 'countering' the enemy's army. As the army gets killed of during play, the fighting gets less intense during the match, instead of more intense during later stages *No real surprises during gameplay (You know everything the enemy has) 2) Let players deploy one or more units each turn based on some cost (An archer costs 5 energy or something) Players get strategic choice during the game, and can actively counter the opponent Players can choose between all units, thus there is often a 'correct' choice of unit, which will always be chosen. Again, no real surprises during gameplay, as players know exactly what the enemy has, and when he can use it. 3) Let players get a choice between random units, and 'draw' new units each turn. Similar to how cards are drawn in Heartstone More power to the RNG gods Players don't know what the other players can play, more suprises and twist endings. Only 20 units to choose from, compared to 40 cards in a Heartstone deck. 4) Something else?... I've tried playing with each of these solutions, but neither of them quite hit feels right. So therefore I am now asking you for advice and suggestions. Thank you in advance
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