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  1. Micha

    My Year as a Mobile Gamedev

      Yes, I would like to know too :)
  2. Micha

    Composite Sprite Elbow Tips?

    Either you buy Spine with the free form deformation feature (which costs a lot), or Spriter pro (which cost less but the feature is not yet fully implemented but works relatively well). This feature, if you bind two parts, will deform automatically the image parts to look jointed.   If you don't want to use a software to do that, I've seen a lot of people using spheres as  the shoulder, knee, ... it's easy for a robot for example. But for human form, I must say I've tried and I didn't succeed to make something realistic. The idea is to just move the arm around the spheric shoulder.
  3. Micha

    compositing images.

    Yep, I bought Spine several month ago (the essential version) and I didn't see that this version didn't support "Free-Form Deformation" which was vital for my needs... (and which was in the 250$ version :( , prices have increased since )   So I discovered Spriter pro after, which provides similar functionality. The development of this software is slower than Spine yes, but you will have everything at the end for the same little price.   I am not here to advertise, but just to inform you about this cheaper solution. (If at the time someone told me about Spriter pro before I buy Spine... this would have been nice :) )
  4. Micha

    compositing images.

    You have also Spriter Pro which cost less and allows you to have deformation of your images
  5. Micha

    Alchemist 2d Alchemist Animation

    Very nice :) I suppose you use the professional version, for the deformation?
  6. Micha

    Making of Pixel Art

    Really great stuff ! It helps me to see how to do some pixelated characters :) thanks
  7. I really like the graphics style ! And the gameplay and environments seem fun! Do you have an idea when you will publish a first release and on which phone/mobile it will run? (android, ios, windows?)   And is it really hand painted? Which techniques do you use? It looks amazing
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