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  1. I'm not sure I understand your question 100% but I'll give it a shot. If you've drawn or are drawing to your window and want it to refresh, one of the slower but easier ways of doing this is by: 1) first, adding or overriding the Form's OnPaint event (to add one: Form.Paint += New PaintEventHandler(Form_OnPaint)) 2) next, just call the Form.Invalidate() method which will cause the Form to repaint itself (by calling Form_OnPaint). You can call Form.Invalidate() using a Timer's Tick event or you could just call it whenever you want to redraw. Jason
  2. JasonA

    Updated forum design!

    Oh yeah man, you need to do something about that BMP image. It's nearly 650KB! It looks like you made it with Photoshop and if that's the case then simply save it as a JPG (file->save a copy...). If you only have the BMP file, then open it up in windows Paint and File->save as JPG, GIF, or PNG (you'll have to do some experimentation since Pbrush will most likely lose a lot of the quality when you save it as a non-BMP). With respect to your forums, they look fine to me. I would recommend consolidating the forums into 1 or 2 forums at max unless you're anticipating tons of posts ;). Additionally, I don't think registering should be mandatory but I'm not sure if you have any control over that.
  3. JasonA

    Please test my first completed game

    Good effort for your first game. I had one gripe with the game. There are lots of difficulty levels, but, really, who's going to choose some of the higher ones - especially when there's only 3 guesses allowed! Here's what I propose for you: 1) First of all, give hints like warmer and colder or higher and lower. 2) Infinite guesses. That's right infinite, but there's a catch. At the start of the round, say that the player starts with a score of 500. The score continuously decrements by 1 or 2 points. For every wrong guess, take away 50 points from the score. When the player finally guesses right, add the remaining score to their total score. Then, go to the next round. 3) The game ends if the current score (not the total score) goes below 0. (If you find that the constantly decrementing score is too difficult, you could also just make a 5-10 sec time limit. Even this would require some brainstorming since you can't just use the conventional blocking input.) With some balancing, I think this would give a more enjoyable arcade-ish feel. Additionally, it would be good practice for you, especially with the additional complexity of the features I suggested. And, I recommend redoing everything (since it's a simple game), because you can improve on your old design and you'll notice it's a lot faster/easier to redo it. Anyway, good luck with your future projects. Jason
  4. Entertaining little game ;) I got 66 seconds on normal mode. The only suggestion I can offer is to possibly have a background with more contrast against the bullets.
  5. JasonA

    Laser Dolphin Released

    Pretty cool game, man ;) Here's some crits: I think it might be a *little* too easy (but I guess the difficulty can be upped in the Options screen anyway - maybe set the default difficulty to normal?). Occasionally, the missle fish get some cheap shots in - especially when they're head on.
  6. JasonA

    How could this be more fun?

    Hmm add an underwater theme to the game oh wait that's been done: http://www.xgenstudios.com/play/fishy/ sorry, couldn't resist :P How about little boss battles to mix up the pace? For example, some bosses could have patterns that you have to dodge without getting hit.. Maybe by left clicking you could even drop some mines to use against the boss.
  7. No real slow-down here. WinXP Pro Pentium 4 2.4 GHz 640 MB RAM 64 MB Nvidia GeForce 3
  8. JasonA

    GameDev.net Firefox Reply & Track Extension

    Hmm, awesome tool... I hope GDNet staff consider actually adding this feature to GD (for all us non-Firefox users).
  9. From experience, just wanted to tell you that GDI+ can get very sloooow. A 2D RTS might be somewhat difficult to do with GDI+. I know you've already worked with DirectX, but just wanted to mention the possibility of using Managed DirectX or working on a different type of game. Anyway, good luck. The link Mykre provided is really good.
  10. JasonA

    c# STAThead question.

    STAThread = Single-Threaded Application Thread MTAThread = Multi-Threaded Application Thread If you want to know more, check out this: http://www.developersdex.com/csharp/message.asp?p=1111&r=3744243
  11. JasonA

    Where user clicks on map

    http://www.gamedev.net/reference/programming/features/astar/ I believe A* is one of the standard algorithms for pathfinding. You might want to take a look at that. ;)
  12. JasonA

    [web] Update of my web site.

    Quote:Original post by stromdotcom ... Then find yourself a hosting plan. Cheap and decent hosting can go as low as $5/month. And please, for the love of God, don't cry "but I can't afford it right now!" If you can't afford $35/year (or $7/year at joker.com) to register your domain and $5/month to host it, you really shouldn't be wasting precious time building websites -- food and shelter should be your top two priorities. ... Heh, just found it funny that you're asking for donations on your site ("Support Glowdot" in the bottom right of the main page). Regarding your comment, it's not easy for everyone to buy stuff on the net, you know, he may not have a credit card. ;) drjulio2002: get rid of the 's from your main text. Your browser will automatically format it man. Try making the browser window smaller and you will see that the 's you added are messing up. I think you should also add some cell-padding to the main body so that text isn't right up against the edges. Anyway, your site is looking much better than before. Good job.
  13. Windowed mode is more convenient, but a lot less immersive than full-screen. I made my first two games in windowed mode for the same reasons as you, and I was happy with the first game (a Snake game); but if I could have done one thing differently, I would have made the second game (a fighter) full-screen. Ideally, you should give the user the option between window and full-screen. If you could only choose one though, I would recommend full-screen for your game.
  14. JasonA

    Switching game modes...

    I've done both of those methods: 1) switch based and 2) pointer to each mode's main loop. I liked the pointer method better because it feels more elegant. I'm not sure which one is better/faster though, the switch has to do some conditional logic whereas the the pointer method needs to do a lookup in the v-table. I would like to hear how other people do this as well.
  15. JasonA

    [very beta test] Try my vehicle physics

    Very cool man! What did you use as reference for setting up the bike physics?
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