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  1. http://gamejolt.com/games/ihate-cat/126471 try out this little quick game we made about feeding cats :/ and tell us what you think ?
  2. Hey guys I recently made a game with the help of my friend using HTML5 canvas with pure javascript a cool idea and a way to learn all the new things buuuut following tutorials I set up the entire game without any onloads or something to load each image object or audio properly so is there a way or some kind of library that can help me with this ?? or do I have to code it for each loaded image?? if so what do you think is the best way to do the preloader ??
  3. CNBlack


    Hey guys I got this small game out a while ago a 2D platform game set on one screen where demons spawn for both side and you have to fight them off as long as you can and I haven't gotten much feedback and I wanted to know what you guys do you find it fun? would you like a more refined experience Thanks in advance :D - newgrounds (without scoreboards and achievements also still under judgment)  http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/669441   - gamejolt (with scoreboards and achievements if you have an account :P) http://gamejolt.com/games/endless-demon-party/121232
  4. CNBlack

    make a unique GTA clone

        WOW   thanks a lot ... reading this alone planted a bunch of ideas in my head and how much I can take this and expand it with all my "DNA" thanks sooooo much you're awesome
  5. Lately I've been working on a game using flash the game started out as a GTA clone driving, shooting all that good stuff with a top down 2D prespective like the classic GTA games but now I've reached a point of asking myself is this too much like GTA? is that a good thing? is it enough to get people's attention?? So I am asking what can I do to make it more unique? For now I added a more RPG-ish mission system with many NPCs belonging to different factions all at war with each other and you choose who to side with killing one NPC means he's long gone all the missions that he might have provided are now gone Which means more freedom but more responsibilty on the player you have to be careful The other unique thing is a more FairyTale story telling but in a modren city the girl that wants to be the only beautiful girl in the city ... That sort of thing BUT when you look at the game and play the game it still feels very much like a GTA sandbox game Which is good but I still want the game to stand out Do you think that the features I listed make the game unique? Is it enough? What do you think a game like GTA is missing that I can add?
  6. CNBlack

    a Dilemma

    WOW ... I thought those were made with java pure android coding... I guess this does remove quite a bit of the fear
  7. CNBlack

    a Dilemma

        I am using normal display list rendering it's a top down 2d game like the old GTA games except it's all 2d
  8. I dont think this a programming question but I don't know where to post this question So here goes I have been learning flash for a long time now I think more than 8 years maybe I was really young when I started and till now I haven't made a good/fun game yet I have reached a point where I think I am really comfortable in flash and know a lot about its features but I also know that for a while now flash isn't as good as it was 8 or 6 or 4 years ago and that shit has changed dramaticly now here comes the point I recently started working on a small gta like game in flash just jerking around in flash and I kept adding to the game more and more and I think I can make something good out of this game BUT it will take time ... is it worth it to take the time and make this game on a dying platform or should I take that time and learn something new I heard people say make something with what you are comfortable with and if it's good and fun then that's enough and yet I heard people say that I might be limiting myself with this tool that I should learn about other tools that are better I am sorry this is long I hope someone sees this post and answers it's really to spend a long time of your life to learn something and when you try to make something with what you learned but what you learned is of the past so what do you think ? work on the game ? learn a new tool such as unity ?   and if you know the right forum to post this topic on please tell and sorry for taking much of your time :)
  9. CNBlack

    Is way too much player freedom bad?

      I brought the video for what's in it I am not using Gunpoint as an example I am using what Tom said about freedom in games and such   I am slowly figuring my game out and I find the game to be all about what the player wants to do there isn't one objective or maybe you could say you are given a main objective which MAY be to rule all the city but to achieve that you could go about it in any way possible and so for example killing NPCs which will be difficult btw you gain more reputation around town and when you get a lot of reputation you can rule all the city and by a lot of reputation I MEAN A LOT :P i keep rambling the idea is the game is gonna be FOCUSED on freedom to be ENJOYABLE and IMMERSIVE :P 
  10. CNBlack

    Is way too much player freedom bad?

    I never played Fallout it wasn't for any specific reason I just didn't play it and after Bethesda E3's conferences I understood that fallout is game all about player freedom and so you can do all the things that I thought off so it would be interesting to see how it's handled in fallout I can't believe I didn't think about that or even knew that :P      This may provide good support for your idea of killing quest givers. New quests for given family would unlock once their power increase so killing others will be essential.   If you make opposing gangs distinctive enough (not just colors but some style) it may encourage starting from scratch just to see what other paths have to offer.   yeah that would be cool I am already thinking about each of these families having different origins and habits and ways of dealing with things so it could be really cool to follow one gang and see what they can give you and later play and ally with another gang and see a whole different type of things that they can offer from weapon to maybe play styles one gang like to deal with shit with guns and bullets and killing while another is more like stealthy and likes things more quite and prefer not killing people maybe it's cooking in my head :P and hopefully something interesting will come out :P thanks for the reply
  11. CNBlack

    Is way too much player freedom bad?

      I don't think Norman Barrows was saying that you should respawn the specific character that died but have someone take his place. It'd make sense that if you were to kill one crime boss that one of his lieutenants would take his place? Or alternatively some other individual that sees a power vacuum and wants to take advantage of the opportunity. You still have to live with the decision. It might be that the replacement is going to really really want to come after you. Or perhaps he simply has some other new job that center on his own interests to help solidify his new position.   If this still isn't what you're thinking of then what exactly are the "consequences" that you're wanting the player to live with? If you don't have something else in mind it just seems as though ultimately the player is just decreasing the number of missions he's going to have available after he's killed everybody.   actually what you said about other people taking place of dead people is interesting it will create a more interesting system in the world which is always evolving based on what you are doing it might be like as you said you killed an important NPC and now his friend takes his place trying to find you and take you out so now you have a new challenge or it a "consequences" of your actions and you have to live it. the idea is still coming to live and that's why I made this topic to begin with it's a part of the game and I want to see if it's good and worth keeping or not so yeah thanks for replying you made a lot of interesting points :D
  12. CNBlack

    Is way too much player freedom bad?

    well for this game story will be more just about characters and each character's story as in it's just characters the main story isn't something that I am really focusing on there isn't something I am trying to say just a rise to power type of story without any message to tell but I do want to create interesting & cool characters or at least try to and make them hate other characters and you get to choose which characters you like and which you don't I guess I should have said    for the story there isn't a major interesting storyline it's just a bunch of mafia families fighting each other trying to get all the power and you come and choose who to side with or maybe you want chaos and you play each family on each other or you don't care about anybody and want to gain all the power for yourself so I hope this makes sense at least it does in my head :P
  13. CNBlack

    Is way too much player freedom bad?

    I know what you mean and that's why I like the concept of killing quest givers if you feel like it :P
  14. CNBlack

    Is way too much player freedom bad?

    that's an idea re-spawning but that would take away from the system in other words the game is all about freedom and challenge but also about how freedom can create interesting results and how you have to deal with that freedom if you killed an NPC you have to live with that it makes it a tough desicsion that YOU have to make YOU have to live with but if killing them and after a while they respawn that just breaks an imersion and it becomes easier to kill everybody instead of adding this burden on the player  
  15. CNBlack

    Is way too much player freedom bad?

    well for the by mistake thing there will be somewhat of a warning "This game allows you to kill everybody so be careful with who you shoot at" and there could be some indication who are important and whose not there needs to be work rounds like giving those NPCs bodygaurds so it actually becomes a challenge and you choose whither you want to go through the challenge but you can do it if you have the right equipment actually this is why I am asking to know what would happen the pros and cons I am saying freedom  because of other games that restrict the player and change the rules when they feel like it 
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