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  1. Hello everyone, Simon here for a quick update!   The first in game town is in production and it will be a desert type, crystal mining and cactus farming city build around a colonial ship crashed between 2 mountains. But, even if the main idea is pretty much done, we would still need a 2D artist to help our two 3D modelers. The theme song is already done though, and you can find it at that link:     Also the Berserker is getting model in 3D, and we will need someone for the rigging and animation so if you love the concept art feel free to apply :p As things goes, we could also use the help of a story writer to help us build the first quest. We have the idea of how things would go and how is model the story and the universe, but the whole thing would still need some writing down x)   We also have some work done on the animated texture that should really help the visual of the combat. That interface should also be soon be updated, but we had some computer problems and some data were lost, meaning it might be delayed. As always am available for questions, and if you want to join us, just send me a mail with your name, desired position, Skype address and portfolio if you have one at JavaKhanStudio@Gmail.com   See you soon!
  2. Good news everyone!   The sprint 2 is now finish and same for the presentation video x) One day later than the schedule, but oh well, we have multiple angles filming and a blooper video (in french tho¬) so I believe its pretty worth :p. Here are both video : Alpha 5.0 presentation: Blooper video ( French) : Anyway, you probably saw some of the stuff we did in my last post, but here is the full log of the second iteration.  - Creation of the town track  - Creation of the Berzeker concept art  - Creation of the Berzeker orthographic art  - Rework and bug correction on the CME (Combat map Editor)  - Integration of the multi combat layout and obstacle in the CME  - Integration of the obstacles mechanic in server  - Integration of the obstacles mechanic in client  - Adding of some obstacle assets.  - Correction and optimization of the turns beginning effects.  - Player can now join a combat in placement phase. Minor graphique update like :   - Tile and lines are now thinner.   - Some change in the camera angles and zoom   - The world map and combat map are now bigger  - Beginning of the Bouclar character conception, a mage using both explosive and barricade to have a tactical control on the map (the name might change, if you have suggestions am in :p  - Multiple code refactoring, including some work on passive and active effect, harmonisation of packet on both client and server.  - Begening of the combat interface creation, the theme of the next iteration. So this is it, we won’t do the inventory mechanic next sprint as I first stated, because after some testing we found out that the biggest lack we had was on the information display, and it’s even truer whit multiple account in the combat. I hope you enjoy, and see you soon for more update :p
  3. Hello everyone, here is a little news before the end of the sprint video that should arrive next week.   We have made a little thing showing you’re map editor, using a new tune that your sound artist have compose.     Hope you like it We are still looking for someone to help us work on the editor, as am mainly focus on the core mechanic right now and won’t have the time to do more on this tool that could really became cool whit some work.
  4. Hello everyone! Just to inform you that sprint 2 is doing great so far! We have added tons of stuff like obstacle, one new character, we are building some of the sub character and il soon finish the integration of the multi account combat and build the turn display interface. But those things are just bla bla and the demo will be coming soon enough, am here to show you some of the concept art we now have : This is the berzeker, the hand-to-hand combat unit base on the batman bane, using serums to boots is strengh and you know, all the good stuff Hope you enjoy, those model have been done by Carl, your concept art. You can find more of is work right here : http://zombiscuit.tumblr.com   Edit : as we also don't realy actively seek new members anymore, i would also love to change the title if possible.
  5. SimonKhan

    [Java] 3D RPG Project [Mystikkal RPG]

      Hello, actually I am using JME  I tried using only LWJGL with my own IDE and it was quite difficult so I switched over to JME and it's getting the job done haha   Then don't be shy about it :p Share the good news brother xD. And btw, try to use JME integrated GUI instead of Swing or JOptions pane as soon as possible :p it might be harder at first, but you won't have to do it later in development, meaning you won't have a bunch of panels to rework from scratch. I had this problem on my map editor and really it was a pain. You can use nifty, ToneGod, or lemur for that. There are probably more options, but those are the one I know x)
  6. SimonKhan

    [Java] 3D RPG Project [Mystikkal RPG]

    Hello there! It might be too late in your development, but still, id suggest you to use JME as a game engine. Its build using OpenGL and might save you a lot of work! Oh, and of course it's pure Java :p   http://jmonkeyengine.org/   Am personally using it for my little MMO since a while and it works very well
  7.   Hello everyone! This is the presentation video that follows the end of the first sprint we had for RIP, with the objective of building the connection interface. The logs are also bellow. Take note that the team is now pretty much full, all we need would be a community manager and a rigger/animator, and the rest will be but a question of time x) quite a lot of it. So except for people with real experience that think could really make the difference, we are not recruiting anymore. Log: - Main screen have been improved and is now part of the normal connecting path - The game now accepts animation whit the help of JavaFx. Format mp4 and surface 2D or 3D - Adding of the Server Select and the team select screen, both linked whit the servers - The client/server model have been improved and now check in the database to compose the player team. - Adding of 2 models in-game, but they are not owned by us. - The mercenary mechanic documentation is pretty much finished, yet there is still work that must be done on the integration part. - Adding new sound effect for both combat and the connection screen - Combat UI have been improved - Installation of the dev environment - Beginning of a lot of back-office work and some other minor details.   Hope you enjoy, for more info, go check your post on JME : http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/t/project-rift-in-the-prophecy-tactical-mmorpg/32134
  8. The Situation:   Hello everyone, my name is Simon Bedard and am here to present you Rift In the Prophecy (R.I.P) an tactical (turn-base) MMORPG build on JME3, an java open source game engine. The universe is set in a futuristique fantastique universe, and is about the colonisation of a planet that turn real bad. The project has been doing great so far, and we already have produce a little demo of what the combat should look like.   For more information :   For the moments all the updates are put on the JME3 Forum, here is the link :   Last demo :     The recruitment:   We are currently looking for: - Environment concept artist ( and general concept artist). - Logo designer - Programmers (Java on JME3, solid knowlage in threads and heritage required) - Rigger and animator - 3D modeler for monster. We are NOT currently looking for: - Sound composer. - Game designer   If you want to join us, just send me a mail with your name, desired position, Skype address and portfolio if you have one at JavaKhanStudio@Gmail.com     Again, for more info go check the JMonkeyForum   Some more Video :   Those are some music that compose your sound artiste for the game:
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