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    Jo & Momo [platformer, puzzle]

    Hey guys,   After 10 months of hard work, we have released first episode of game on Kongregate. If You like the game please support us with 5-rating. Also, all feedbacks are really welcome. Thanks....   >>> http://www.kongregate.com/games/numagames/jo-and-momo-forest-rush
  2. meowbeast

    Jo & Momo [platformer, puzzle]

    Hey everybody!   I'm happy to announce that Jo & Momo has come to beta stage and now features 21 levels and 40+ minutes of gameplay. Art and level design were massively improved since last version. So now we need your critical feedback about the game - bugs, control, art, gameplay, improvements etc.     >> DOWNLOAD WINDOWS VERSION << >> DOWNLOAD MAC OS VERSION <<     video   Thanks in advance!
  3. meowbeast

    Jo & Momo [platformer, puzzle]

    Hey everybody,   We worked hard on game and really excited to present You ALPHA2 version of game. New cool characters, millions of fixes, 17 working levels and much more has been done. If You have spare minute and like platformers please give us feedback what can be improved in game. Thank You very much! :P     >> DOWNLOAD WINDOWS VERSION << (full screen, 60fps) >> PLAY ONLINE << (small window, non-stable fps)   >> LEAVE FEEDBACK <<  
  4. Dear ladies and gentlemen!   I'm happy to bring you for judging the game i work on last 4 months. It's an puzzle platformer about 2 heroes that must save cute girl. Now game is in mature alpha with 12 levels complete and i really need your critical feedback so i can understand what can be improved. I you have spare minute please play it and leave feedback through simple form. Platforms: Mac, Win, Web, iOS, Android     Trailer: video   >> PLAY ALPHA <<   >> LEAVE FEEDBACK <<     Thanks in advance!
  5. meowbeast

    Renegade Tactics

    Hi everybody, We worked hard to deliver new version, so welcome Alpha 1.4 - first public version available also on Kongregate: - Explosive barrels - Moving platforms - Some walls may explode - Experience/level up system - New maps look - UI improvements - lot of bugfixes   We are REALLY in need of Your feedbacks.   Please play game on kong: http://www.kongregate.com/games/kitecrimson/renegade-tactics or on our site: http://renegadetactics.com/
  6. meowbeast

    Renegade Tactics

    New version Alpha 1.1 came out, would be very grateful for Your feedbacks:   - Email field on signup removed - Now player can see how much Action Points needed to move/act - Name appear on top of characters - New great sound fxs - A lot of small bugfixes and UI improvements   >>> PLAY RENEGADE TACTICS <<<
  7. meowbeast

    Renegade Tactics

    Hi guys, We are small crew of 3 developers half-year ago started project called Renegade Tactics. It is turn-based tactic multiplayer game with PvP battles. So far we have low online so game features battles with bots. We really need Your feedback to move further - is gameplay interesting for You, what annoys You the most, what bugs have You encountered and so on.     >> PLAY ONLINE - Renegade Tactics <<    
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