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    Need help naming the deities in the lore.

    Thanks, appreciate the input.   Noted. :) The Titans were deities prior to the Olympians (Zeus, Hades etc.) Chaos created Uranus and Gaia, which then gave birth to the Titans, which then again gave birth to the Olympians. :)
  2. Phjes11

    Need help naming the deities in the lore.

    Thx for the reply. The theme of the lore is primarily made up, but we've had some inspiration from Greek mythology, especially with the names. First and foremost we want to put some names on the Primordials. We've come up with the names but each have our favourites and just wanted some fresh and objective eyes on the whole thing. P1 and P2 are the most important characters in the preliminary section of the lore, the other three play a minor part. They're not irrelevant, but our primary focus is on P1 and P2. Furthermore, I can add that the Primordials will not function as deities per say, they will die off in a battle amongst themselves, and the Celestials, which P1 have given life to, will create the world in which the lore will take place - and they will function as deities. The world itself will then be named after P1, so that name is hugely important (maybe I should've added that in the description). Actually "chaos" was the creator of the Titans in Greek mythology, so chaos does indeed have a place in mythology. ;)
  3. Phjes11

    Need help naming the deities in the lore.

    A shame that you have to go through the wall of multiple choices before you get to the actual description. Hope it doesn't scare off too many.
  4. Phjes11

    Space barbarians

    Or the Vikings. Simple farmers at home and expert boatbuilders, but with dreams of riches far beyond the horizon and violence the primary way to get it.
  5. Phjes11

    Good name for a zombie game

    Walkers Infected Zom?bie ?z?mbi
  6. Hello there Gamedev community. As you can see, this will be my first ever post on Gamedev, and I'm hoping to use this community a lot for sparring in the future.   As the title implies, I'm looking for some help on a project me and my brother are writing on. Basically we need your help on naming the deities in our game-lore.   Below you'll find an excerpt from the lore.           Now, what I need from you guys, is to vote which of the 20 names you think fits the five Primordials, P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5, the best (apparently I could only add 4 questions in the poll)  .   If you have any other input on the subject (whether it be constructive criticism, praise or suggestions) it will all be greatly appreciated, so feel free to do so. Thanks in advance.   /Phil   
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