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  1. I jumped back at this thread and saw the discussion that went on.  I would like to say that you guys are making me change my approach to programming. I decided to jump ship, putting my books down and it's time to code.
  2. This post is really helpful, I have experience in Java.  Your post overall is helpful, and I really don't mind learning new languages. Even though my post wasn't that well worded you were still able to break it down and offer your own opinions.
  3. Yeah i decided to just do the combat for now, get used to making a UI and stuff. I did read all the posts in this thread, and everyone put up really helpful advice and I appreciate it, thanks.
  4. Thanks guys for not crapping on me.  What deters me from asking questions anymore is that a lot of people crash down on my ego so I exclusively read books without seeking other peoples opinion.
  5. Game idea: I want a browser game, that's synced to a forum on the same website.  The browser game will have you explore a world that's connected to a server, but on the players end it plays out like a singleplayer game, but you have a friendlist inside it that's connected to the forum.  The multiplayer aspect of the game are instances of dueling other players, but the exploring aspect of the game, and doing dungeons is singleplayer. It's mainly text-based 2D combat with a bunch of fancy UI and pictures, display of your stats/skills, nothing too complex on the graphical part of the game. The forum itself will be interactive and allow people to roleplay like on websites like proboard, it keeps track of your level & stats and progress in your game world.  Keeps track of your achievements and everything. The game will run a load of math, constantly going through algorithms to calculate things for combat and exploration.  Every skill & stat in the game runs through a bunch of math, and the game has to service thousands of people on the website at once.  Constantly updating each and every persons information. I know ruby on rails, and lots of web development. because I am new I don't know if it would be better to move from ruby to a different language to get this game going.  I can't even comprehend how to do GUI's with ruby yet, I got to google more.  Also I don't know if there's any tools that every 2D game developer should know. I don't draw, is there a tool that allows me to create placeholder templates for the UI for my game and all sorts of things?  Is there a ruby book that would make me more efficient at making this game? I don't know, how people learn about game development.  If I wanted to learn about making a website I could read a book.
  6. I tried asking questions on other websites on what tools/books I should learn to get the job done, and I was asking for advice to see if there's a more efficient way to creating my game, such as if one language makes things more efficient.  (In terms of less bugs, runs faster or w.e else an educated person would know about.) I get responses like what do I mean by efficiency, and there's no best language. Is game development really that simple as, I read a book on a language and I get straight to making my ideal game just like that? I noticed some developers spend 10+ years on a game, or like kenshi for example there's one developer that has spent a full 12-14+ months on changing the engine to 64 JUST to fix the pathfinding issues of the game. I want to prevent running into a problem like that, that's why I ask if there's any certain tools or books I should read because I want to be a good game developer.  I have a game inspired by Elona and people mentioned because of the developers choice of tool for making the game, it has so many bugs and is hard to mod and the game can only do so much as a result. If I take peoples advice I might run into a problem that might make me scrap my whole game or remake everything all over again because of a single issue. Is it really a bad idea for me to post my game idea, then ask people what languages/tools they recommend I learn about to get the job done? Because I asked this question on many sites and never had a single suggestion. I currently know Ruby & web development and I can't comprehend or predict the future issues I"ll run into which is why I wanted another developers advice.  Because not all languages/tools are 100% the same, and I'm willing to learn something different to do what I want done if it's necessary.
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