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    Hi there, freshman here =]

    What "basic stuff", specifically? basic stuff means actual examples which i can learn from, basic implementations of these things. altough i know those data structures and how to implement them, and i know sorting algorithms, i don't know how to use it in here, as i said, my knowledge of GUI is as much as half of the minimum you can think of. so when i say basic stuff, i mean basic graphical stuff, basic implementations of what i already know, and new stuff to develop my skills from.
  2. Snirkd

    Hi there, freshman here =]

    I took into account what you guys said, thank you very much. i guess as josh said, ill stick to Java for now, learn everything i can in that field and then move on to another language, game engine etc'. one last question though, where in this site can i view toturials, guides and stuff about that subject? i mean like basic stuff =]?
  3. Snirkd

    Hi there, freshman here =]

    i guess that's basiclly what i am after for the first "big shot" project, after finishing minor stuff. eventually i want to be able to create this http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/a/graphics/time-fantasy kind of stuff from scratch using my own made sprites, etc', and im not so sure Java is the one for these kind of stuff. thats why i am asking if i need to learn other language and work on it? i have seen that many people speak about c# and c++ as good ones, and i need more or less a direction in these places.   i know, thats where i am looking for guidence in, like toturials and stuff for these specifics. after that ill implement them in my own projects =]   i am already familiar with most things pretty fluently (sorting algorithms, data structurs, just finished a Lempel ziv project 2 weeks ago =]), but as i mentiond earlier, i see people strongly recommend to develop games in c# or c++, maybe even python, and i don't know if i should stay in Java for the mean time and do some basic work in it, or move to a different language, and what are the actual steps to take while doing this? i mean, knowing how to program stuff is one thing, but knowing how to create a game is a bit different. so, i really dont know where to start, that's all.
  4. Snirkd

    Hi there, freshman here =]

    hmm, while true, these are really easy steps which will take me hardly more than a couple of hours to complete, what i need is a real solid direction, i mean like: "check out this topic it has basic toturials and guides for you" or "this book is a divine teaching tool that will help you get there", thanks for the help though, it might not be bad to actually do this for the sake of practice.   i know about these actually, when i said i didn't really know GUI that much i meant that i never really developed much with GUI, but we did make a nice Checkers game like 6 months ago. i do use Eclipse as it is really the best IDE imo, but i do need some next level guidence. i mean, some comprehensive rendering toturials, creating GUI stuff, even for java, and even learning another language which i assume won't take much long once you get the principle of programming, which i bealive i do. i need to have in mind some sort of set course of things that ultimatly lead to me knowing and doing these stuff i mantiond (like "basic" zelda type SNES games) by myself.   that's basiclly what i need, if you can share some sources (don't send me to APIs, please, been there seen that, need a more user friendly place), i would be more than greatful. anyway, thank you both for these advices =]
  5. Hi there people, im new in here, and i had several questions and advices i would like to ask. of course beforehand i looked up at the "getting started" topic so assume i have seen it =] i am a CS university student just finishing my first year, and so far we have broadly practiced Java mostly, we haven't really touched any other programmin languages yet, and haven't learned any GUI, we focused more on mathmatical aspects and overall programming rather then focusing on the language itself, though we did some relatively "heavy" Java stuff. after this intruduction (which of course has a point), i wanted to ask for sereval questions and tips. while doing so, as stated above, you can assume i have knoledge of linear algebra and mathmatical aspects. here goes: i really want to learn how to create games. and by doing so i mean from 0. assume i have never seen GUI more than "Hi there GUI" and a handshake. so i don't really know how to operate that. i know that it's easier to just start with Game Maker, Unity etc' but i would like to learn from the very basic, which means having more control over the final product. so, how? i don't really know where to start, i need a good direction, and here are my basic goals: first, it dosen't have to start with 3D engines, i want to learn how to make a basic game, Legend of zelda SNES style, and then going bigger to 3D gaming. how and where to start? and please don't send me to RPG Maker, i want to create as much as i can by myself. secondly, i would like to know how to port those games into moblie phones, like android phones, so i would have broader audiance.   that's preety much it, and i really need to know where and how to start, and i need a good path since ive checked some stuff by myself and never found good teaching.   i thank you very much for reading all of this, and any help on the subject is welcome!   it seems like a high quality community, so it's the first place i thought of seeking help, thanks and best regards!    
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