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  1. Dark Sage

    Why 2D?

    I think that most people come in here not knowing how to program at all and are told to start with a 2D game. Whether you want to make a 2D or 3D game you need to learn the basics of programming first, which requires no knowledge of graphics.
  2. Dark Sage

    Game Development Laptop

    The laptop you linked triumphs my desktop.. Lets just leave it at that lol. My desktop isn't anything super special, but that's why I posted earlier maybe the money would be better spent for upgrades to my desktop. Although I like the idea that others mentioned about buying a cheaper laptop than VPN my desktop. That way I can still lay on my bed and develop :)   AMD FX 6300 6 cores 3.5GHz 8GB Memory GeForce GTX 750Ti   My desktop^ :/
  3. Dark Sage

    Game Development Laptop

    Just wanted to post what popped up in my sub box today.   I don't know how new or old it is, but I found it interesting.
  4. Dark Sage

    Game Development Laptop

    I fully understand where you are coming from and thanks for this comment because the only reason I wanted a laptop was solely for that ONE bullet point you mentioned, "I want to lay on a couch while working". I already own a desktop with two monitors. So I thought I might as well have a laptop, but I overlooked one very important reason for even having a desktop computer, which you also mentioned, "permits later performance upgrades". Although it would be godly to be able to start programming right as I wake up without having to leave my bed, maybe the money would be best spent on upgrades for my existing desktop setup. Especially after realizing a desktop suits most/more of my needs other than, of course, programming in my bed.
  5. Dark Sage

    Game Development Laptop

    What would be a good recent or upcoming laptop I could purchase for use in game develop. I mostly like to program, but in the future I want to deal with things like 3D graphics and animation. There are a lot of debates as to whether windows/linux/mac is the best development environment. I pretty much only ever used windows, but if there is something better out there I can easily cope to and learn it. Personally I want a laptop with really good build quality that won't easily overheat or get damaged. As for a price point, it doesn't really matter. Thanks to anyone that can offer me any help or suggestions.
  6. Dark Sage

    C++ Question About Objects

    Thanks for your help and information. Clears up a few things I was definitely confused about haha.
  7. Dark Sage

    C++ Question About Objects

    That makes sense. Guess it's just because I haven't learned about destructors yet, and I would assume that if I am doing the level loading in the constructor I would have to destruct the old level before loading another one. I could just be over complicating it though...
  8. When creating an object in C++ I would like to create the object and call a function inside that object at the same time. For instance, say I have a "Level" class and inside that class there is a function that loads the level called "load(string level)".   Instead of doing this: Level level; level.load("level1"); Is there any way to do something like this: Level level = new Level("level1").load; // I believe this is possible in Java, however it has been quite a while since I programmed in Java. And I know that the "new" keyword functions a lot different in C++ than it does in Java, so I have been reluctant to try anything that included using it. It is not that big of an issue I just think it looks nicer when it's all on one line.
  9. Anyone know of a good game programming course I can take online? I'm not doing it for a degree or anything I just want to learn, however if I get one during the process so be it. It doesn't matter if its free or not. Any suggestions are very appreciated.
  10. Dark Sage

    Lineup of Books For Beginner

    Thanks for your advice I get what you mean. I already bought my first book a while ago (Jumping into C++) and am only on like the 4th chapter because I can't get myself to read it. Mostly because everything I am reading I already know. I would skip ahead but I am afraid there are some little things I might miss in between that are more specific to C++. Once I get more proficient in C++ I will definitely try out some modding though! 
  11. I am somewhat of a beginner when it comes to game programming. I know a bit of Java and have made basic games like snake and a very basic capture the flag game. But now I want to venture further and learn C++/OpenGL eventually creating my own game engine. I know this is no easy feat and will take time, but I have done a little research and have a lineup of books I want to read to aid me along my journey. Please provide me with some feedback and let me know if I am reading the right material. Also feel free to recommend any books you believe would be useful.   My list in order of how I am going to read them:   1. Jumping into C++ 2. C++ Primer (5th Edition) 3. Real-Time Rendering (Third Edition) 4. Real-Time Collision Detection 5. Game Coding Complete (Fourth Edition) 6. Game Engine Architecture (Second Edition)
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