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  1. Mightee

    which scene graph to choose

    thank you for your replies. Trying to learn terms and different technniques. What about the scene graph ? I want to be able search game objects fast enough for collision detection and culling.
  2. Hi its me agian Does it make sense to use Entity Component System for a 3d top-down rpg (diablo style) game ? if not, is there a more recent way of organizing game objects ? As I am programming in rust, ECS seems a better aproach as I am not able to represent objects as classes in rust.
  3. hi, what would you recommend to use for a 3d top-down rpg game as a scene graph ? I've read that octree would be a good solution to this but would like to hear from you guys.
  4. I am learning to develop a game (engine) for a 3d top down rpg game. Right now I am at the stage of planning things. One thing I can't seem to figure out is: how to let systems communicate with each other. what I mean by system is : rendering, input handling, audio playing, physics and all the others. Can you please explain to me, what do I need to learn or research in order to have an efficient way of telling my rendering system to render the geometry with given position, mesh, animation, texture and other details, from a main function (I guess, or must be somewhere else) ? I have written a triangle renderer without any textures and details in rust. I want to move forward but have no clue.
  5. I like the idea. But can you also recommend a somewhat road map for 3d games ? I am finding it difficult to move to 3d games.
  6. hey guys,   i ve playing around with unity for almost a year now (not everyday) and i ve come to a point that i need to structure my code in a way that has been done professionally. the internet is just a garbage of information. everything i found was how to show health bar (ofcourse everything in 1 file and with one variable like float hp = 100). how is it done professionally ? buff / debuff ? damage on time ?    another problem that occurs is, i dont know which concept i need to apply to what or when. e.g. state machine, sounds good but how to actually implement it is a big problem. event system ? perfect, but how ?    i want to structure my system professionally or better said scalable, maintainable and easy to change code. in other words, design patterns. i need examples of these patterns. can anyone point me out to an example or tutorial or book ?    
  7. Mightee

    Roadmap for a 3d Top-Down RPG game

    @stupid_programmer   hey thanks for idea, that makes a lot of sense. i think im gonna go that way.
  8. Mightee

    Roadmap for a 3d Top-Down RPG game

    hey thanks for your reply, im using unity   but my question was a complete rpg game with all the necessary mechanics, item trades, mounting etc. not just combat.   to your answer, i ve already managed to check the range and then change the state to attacking, i couldnt figure it out when to decrease health based on animation and also attack could be cancelled. this way it wont be a double click fest. what im trying to achieve is similar to LoL. its all based on skillshots and dodging them.
  9. Hey guys,   I'm an experienced systems programmer and my hobby is game programming. As I love 3d Top Down Rpg action games, i would like to make my own world. so far i ve achieved this :    its just camera, click to move, and animations based on player state (moving, idle, attacking)   but i seriously dont have any ideas how to implement combat system with animations and effects. is there any resource explaning the algorithyms from scratch (like how to implement animations on hit and calculating combat stats) ? i ve found a lot of resources about FPS games but no luck on RPG games.   I dont mind code examples but i really need to know the basic ideas.     thanks for your time.
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