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    Simplest CryEngine 3 Shader?

    It turns out we didn't have the source since it can be removed as an optimization. The source is in CFX and CFI files. You have to include them in the directory (as they originally did provide) and then set a flag in the system.cfg file that tells it to compile them on the fly. Finally, we can now tweak the shader source. Now to figure out how to do something useful...   Thanks everyone.
  2. FPStrainer2

    Simplest CryEngine 3 Shader?

    With full source it's supposed to be editable, but it still isn't pretty:   http://www.cryengine.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=371&t=107795    
  3. FPStrainer2

    Simplest CryEngine 3 Shader?

    It's official then. Nobody even knows the first thing about what the heck Cry Engine 3 is doing with their shaders.   It's pretty ridiculous given that shaders have been out for 15 years.   As scientists, were supposed to make complex things simple, not make simple things complex. 
  4. FPStrainer2

    Simplest CryEngine 3 Shader?

    I have this but it seems to focus on specific shaders and not how to add or edit a shader.   http://docs.cryengine.com/display/SDKDOC2/Shader+Reference
  5. FPStrainer2

    Simplest CryEngine 3 Shader?

    Or maybe we can bypass CryEngine early on to have our own shader?
  6. Hello,   We are using CryEngine 3 and have the source code, and since it's DirectX 11 I thought it would be easy to port code we have working in simple, standalone DX11 over to CryEngine.   For example, I want to sample a texture at a U,V and get a color, something that is the most trivial thing in shaders:   float4 TexturePixelShader(PixelInputType input) : SV_TARGET { float4 c=shaderTexture.Sample(SampleType, input.tex);   return c; }   However, CryEngine doesn't use HLSL, so the Sample(u,v) call is never referenced.  It's not obvious how their shaders work.   Questions:   1) What is the CryEngine 3 equivalent to Sample(u,v)?   2) How do you add a shader? Add an ECGP_ enum?   Thanks in advance,   FPS      
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