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    Which registrar should I use?

    It doesn't really matter too much where you go, you should just make sure it's a trustworthy source that is handling your domain.  The last thing you want is to have a super popular site and then be at the mercy of a less than honest registrar so you can save a couple bucks a year.
  2. PatrickGB

    Is social networking/PR for everyone?

      I partially disagree.  LinkedIn is much less about jobs/recruitment and much more about professional networking.  It's a great way to stay in contact with those that you've met and a great way to find out about various types of opportunities (speaking engagements, meet ups, guest blog posts, etc.).  There are many people who I met at Steam Dev Days who I would have fallen out of contact with had it not been for adding them on LinkedIn.
  3. PatrickGB

    Episodic release strategy

    The biggest issue with releasing a game episodically is that with every subsequent release, you are cutting down your audience drastically.  The only people who will buy episode 2 are those who have played (and completed) episode 1.  Then when you release episode 3, your audience is a subsection of those who own episode 2, who are themselves a subsection of those who own episode 1.   Let's assume the following Episode 1 sells 20,000 units You have a high retention rate of 50% between episodes That means that episode 2 will sell 10,000 copies, episode 3 will sell 5,000 copies, episode 4 will sell 2,500 copies and so on...   You can try and sell a season's pass, but it'll be tough getting people to buy in to a new IP from an unknown developer.   I would suggest you try and use the Five Night's at Freddy's model.  Don't call them episodes, call them sequels, but release them like they are episodes.  The only thing about this model is that each game should be self contained.   I can't remember when I read it, but I believe this is the exact reason that Valve stopped releasing Half-Life episodes.
  4. PatrickGB

    Planetbase on Steam Greenlight

    I just watched the trailer.  This looks absolutely awesome.  I get a vibe that it's like the game Banished, but with a space colony as a backdrop which is a really cool setting.  You got my "Yes" vote!
  5. As another poster mentioned, Rock, Paper, Shotgun is probably the most popular PC centric site out there.  Then there is always the staple of PC Gamer.  I'd also recommend Total Biscuit as a youtuber.  He can be polarizing but I've seen first hand what type of traffic he can generate from his WTF series.
  6. PatrickGB

    What's your favorite game in 2015?

    I haven't played a ton of games that came out in 2015.  I find that I'm always drawn back to Binding of Isaac and I waste a lot of time playing Hearthstone :)
  7. PatrickGB

    LF Early Career Advice

    Listen to theflamingskunk, I know quite a few game devs at AAA studios (i worked in the marketing department, so I am not a programmer) and the larger the studio the less breadth of responsibility you'll have. A friend of mine has just be programming boss battles for the last three years of his life. Sure there is always a unique hook to each boss, but it's gotten repetitive for him quickly. Also, you should just start applying for jobs even if you aren't an exact fit. More and more employers are shying away from people who are a perfect match or over qualifies because it can be seen as a sign that you're comfortable where you are and you're not motivated to challenge yourself. My advice is to step out of your comfort zone a little bit, I think you'll be thrilled with what you're able to accomplish by just believing in yourself and taking that leap of faith.
  8. PatrickGB

    Nintendo CEO and President just passed away

    I still can't believe that this is real. RIP
  9. PatrickGB

    Using taken name?

      Yes, anyone can do an initial search for free, and if the name doesn't come up, you're good to go.  But what if the name does come up, in a different industry, or a similar name comes up in the same industry?  Advice from people on a forum is not good enough to make a decision on under those circumstances.  And if it's the name the OP is going to use for his company, and there are legal issues down the road, then it is very important, as he's now lost brand recognition and could well also be facing legal action as well.   An IP lawyer will be able to easily tell you which names pose unacceptable risks.  And considering the initial legal fees compared to those if there is trouble down the line, it's not seeking legal advice that is the irresponsible approach. All great points, which is why I think a lot of people in this thread are saying that he should just come up with something original instead of using something that's already been taken :) My assumption is that a lot of people on this forum are probably working within limited means. I think the prudent business decision (for most, but not all) would be to choose a name that isn't taken and allocate your funds to something impactful for your game (software, art, music, etc).
  10. PatrickGB

    Using taken name?

      Yet in a further comment, you mentioned that you don't have the legal experience to determine whether or not a slightly different issue would resolve in favour of or against the OP.   This is what I was referring to:     A real lawyer would be able to actually answer the question. I don't want to get into an argument here or derail the topic, but you quoted me talking about international trademark searches. I 100% standby what I said, it's a bad way to use your limited funds when starting a business.  Quoted below for your reference       It's been said a lot of times, but I'll say it again: If you can't afford a lawyer, you shouldn't be in business.   I am not a lawyer, but I know enough about trademarks from the work that I do to know how relatively unimportant registering a trademark is. That being said, I agree that you should have money earmarked to pay for a lawyer, but paying for something that doesn't do anything for you or protect you in any way isn't a great use of funds. His search has already yielded that there would be others who would have a claim on the trademark.   Edit:  Edited to include the original quote from LennyLen for clarity
  11. PatrickGB

    Using taken name?

    Going into business will eventually necessitate a lawyer's services. Hiring a lawyer when needed is not wasting a resource. LennyLen never said one should hire an exorbitantly expensive lawyer. There are reasonably priced lawyers.     I agree.  I used a lawyer for our articles of incorporation and shareholders agreement.  There is a time and place for lawyers, and IMO as a business that is starting up, registering a trademark shouldn't be one of them, especially if you already know someone is using the name.  The exorbitant expense I was referring to was having a lawyer run a trademark search for all of the countries that the OP would be operating in.  This was the original comment I made that LennyLen responding to.
  12. PatrickGB

    Using taken name?

      It's been said a lot of times, but I'll say it again: If you can't afford a lawyer, you shouldn't be in business. Being able to afford a lawyer and wasting resources on one are completely different. OP can avoid a lawyer and legal fees by just using an original name. Telling someone that they shouldn't go into business unless they are willing to pay an exorbitant amount for something they don't need is irresponsible IMO.
  13. PatrickGB

    Using taken name?

    ? What if they're just selling other stuff like food, clothes,... not games? I'm not a lawyer, but my understanding is that they could still go after you. Let's take clothing for example, specifically Marc Ecko's line of clothing. For a long time he was just in the clothing business and then he decided to branch out in to video games with "Marc Ecko's getting up: contents under pressure". If you had a game called "Ecko: ages of eternity" that released 10 years after the clothing line and 1 year before Marc Ecko's video game, he could still come after you. It really is just better to avoid names already taken. It will also make SEO and the general consumer experience much easier since they won't receive irrelevant results when looking for your game on Google.
  14. PatrickGB

    Using taken name?

    The only problem with that is you'd need to pay a lawyer a lot of money to run trademark searches in all of the countries you're looking to operate in. Many games are released internationally and it's not really necessary to pay a lawyer for trademarks. If you come up with an original name and just start using it in a commercial product you own the trademark. You don't actually have to register anything, just start using it :) Registering gives a better proof point about how long you've been using the trademark, but it's not a guarantee. If I'd been using the name Minecraft in a commercial product for 10 years before Notch, and had never registered it, I'd still be able to sue and win against him in a court of law, even if his lawyer did a trademark search and registered the mark.
  15. PatrickGB

    Humble Bundle Distribution

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