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  1. I have decided to do PC games first, I might try to export my game for multiple platforms if it's possible as mobiles have a lot of limits and I have never tryed it and don't know how difficult it is.
  2. Thank you very much for your answers!
  3. I read all comments, thank you very much for spending your time. I'm not leaving my day job, and won't leave it any time soon, I can only quit after I start making money.  I know how to communicate with people, I'm not one of these anti social persons, who lives in basement lol. English is not my first language, so that might cause some minor problems. I mention mobile games, because as a one man team, I'm not aiming for huge game, and on PC, Xbox, PS, there are a lot of competition from huge games. Why would some one play little indie gime, while they can spend they time on games like GTA, CoD and thousand others. While mobile marked is way different, there are some visually impressive game, but most popular games were really simple, as mentioned Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Floppy Bird etc. I think that is why flash is dying. 
  4. Josh - I know. I'm currently working on few games, just for learning purposes.  Phantom - what would you recommend?
  5. Hello. I know this topic was covered many times. But still, I'm very interested. I work job for minimal wage and it has nothing to do with computers, so I feel like I deserved better than this. But my knowolage in game development are very limited I only know very basics in C sharp, I have created few low poly models in blender, I can draw a little bit, I know how to handle photshop (or at least how to find tutorials to get result I need). I'm spending few hours everyday to improve all skills mentioned. So basically I need to make from 500 euros per mouth just to survive. I don't want to spend years on one game, I'm thinking about developing simple games for mobile phones, so development would only take month, maybe two. I don't like working with other people, because that would make me dependable. I always dreamed about developing games. How hard this can be? Can you share your experience? Any tips? Thank you!
  6. KN90

    My first model

    Well. I did few tutorials before this. But this one was first model that I created purely from my imagination. Thanks for all responses. I know it is low poly and texturing is crappy. But at the end I just wanted to finish it quicker. I have learned a lot of things and I made a lot of mistakes that I will avoid in my upcoming projects.
  7. KN90

    My first model

    Hello. This is my very first model I have ever created. I textured it by myself, only two textures are not mine, front lamp and wheels, but that is because I didn't wanted to spend too much time on this model and start my new model witch will be way more detailed and batter in every aspect, I have learned a lot by creating this car. What do you think?   http://i59.tinypic.com/2hrjodi.png and back http://oi62.tinypic.com/2pontc4.jpg I find it more enjoyable and simpler to model buildings vehicles etc. than life things. I really liked idea of one designer game, but I'm just too dumb for code, I have tried unity and flash, coding is not for me I'm artist and I struggle with numbers I sucked at math in school, I always forget dates, amounts and other numbers. So if anyone is looking for modeler I'm looking for project to improve my skills, but I would only join to small project, because I want to see results quick and I only create low poly models. Sorry for my bad English, it is only my third language. Thank you!
  8. KN90

    Real Time Strategy mechanics

    Make it more ''survival'' if there is not enough food famine starts and your people slowly dies, you can buy some food if you have anything too sell, but you must protect trade routes or your supplies will never reach you etc. If it is multiplayer ''turtleing'' will be weakness as without trading you will fall behind your enemy that has map control.
  9. KN90

    Good name for a zombie game

    Doomsday Now World in Ruins Fight of Man Struggle  
  10. Sometimes press just call it opposition.
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