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    Beep Boop Bot

    We have just released a new demo that features the first 3 levels with a lot of changes. We hope you all will check it out and give us a vote on Steam Greenlight. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=469796511 Can play it free through these links. PC http://tiny.cc/BBBPCDemo Mac http://tiny.cc/BBBMacDemo Read more: http://forums.indiegamemag.com/showthread.php/4790-PC-BEEP-BOOP-BOT-by-Psycho-Robot-Studios#ixzz3l6zP3ntC Follow us: @djdoubt03 on Twitter
  2. PsychoRobotStudios

    Beep Boop Bot

    Releasing a 3 level demo in a couple weeks with a lot of upgrades to graphics, sound and gameplay. Please follow us at https://www.facebook.com/psychorobot or https://twitter.com/PsychoRobotStu
  3. PsychoRobotStudios

    Beep Boop Bot

    COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT!! We're calling on our community members to help come up with ideas for our most recent change. We've decided to add some choice to our game. You'll be able to choose an upgrade from the boss you defeat. The photo attached shows the choice at the end of level 2. After defeating the level 3 boss, the player will get a choice between a damage bubble or a time warp bubble. 8 more levels to go. What abilities would you like to see? Reply in our facebook post of this. https://www.facebook.com/psychorobot Thanks to Andrew Smith from https://twitter.com/thetechnobabble for this inspiration.  
  4. PsychoRobotStudios

    Beep Boop Bot

    Bumped with better game play video
  5. PsychoRobotStudios

    Beep Boop Bot

    Free demo download- https://www.facebook.com/psychorobot Beep Boop Bot (BBB) is an adventure about a discarded, out of date miniature war machine that gets reactivated when a shipment of A.I. aware robots is delivered to a space station. In the beginning, the surviving crew activate BBB to help defend the space station. BBB starts off with a basic laser blaster but gains permanent upgrades and abilities while proceeding through the 12 stages of the game. Each boss that the player encounters and defeats will modify BBB and help prepare him for the final battle. While blasting through countless waves of enemy robots, BBB can collect temporary upgrades like flame throwers, EMPs and turbo boosts to name a few. Windows or Mac Required. Mouse and Keyboard Required. Current Demo has the first 2 levels complete. Released by Psycho Robot Studios LLC. A 2 man studio fresh out of the gate. Our foundation is based on community involvement and will always make that a top priority. An an example of this can be seen in the screenshots of game. Our community voted on the circuit HUD and it will be implemented in our next release. Visit us on Facebook for more details. https://www.facebook.com/psychorobot Psycho Robot Studios A gaming studio playing with ideas. Whats yours? https: [attachment=27900:BBB Wallpaper.jpg][attachment=27901:Hud circuit.jpg][attachment=27902:In Game Screen Shot Chopz Battle.jpg][attachment=27903:In Game Screen Shot EMP.jpg][attachment=27904:In Game Screen Shot No Chance.jpg][attachment=27905:In Game Screen Shot Sonnung Boss Fight.jpg][attachment=27906:In Game Screen Shot Spinning with fire.jpg][attachment=27908:Space Station Evocati.jpg][attachment=27909:Spacestation screenshot of scene leading into levels..jpg]   Help us get the Green Light on Steam! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=469796511
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