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  1. Now I am working on a game and abandoned my educational application. The game is at the alpha testing stage, it remains to complete the store system a more advanced system of game statistics and a fault-tolerant system for entering the game. I need testers; I want to check the fault tolerance of the server and the client as a whole. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/GXD32Q
  2. I watched one big studio from Russia. They released about 20 games and only 2 reached the level of 200 million. They employ 80 people. I myself was in my region in the top 30, but competitors spammed dislikes and I fell a week later. Immediately after that dislikes stopped. Business is business. Now I am doing projects without intermediaries. With regard to advertising, I realized for Google banners it makes no sense to pay. The application was downloaded by people but never started. Google does not count repeated clicks on ads. As for advertising, you need to get into trends several languages support in different regions. The best advertisement, as before, is to sign an agreement with a blogger or a movie watching site.
  3. Hi I have been working on the network game UE4 for 3 years. There are tasks that I solved on my own but don’t know how correctly I am moving in development. Of course it will be nice to work or get advice from a person working in the industry. I want to create a fault-tolerant user registration system working under heavy load. I use PostgreSQL database.
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