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    What are scene managers and how do they work?

      You have to mentally separate out the files from the classes. One file can equal ten classes, or one class can be distributed between ten classes. I can name a file Aardvark.cpp, and it can actually contain a class called something entirely different.   File names don't matter. Only the code they contain matters.   In C++, some limited inheritance is acceptable, but you don't want to go crazy with it. If you're a beginner, and a class is inheriting more than one class, you're likely doing something wrong (unless you are using an architecture designed by non-beginners that requires you to inherit stuff). Most classes shouldn't inherit anything (depending on the nature of the overall architecture - if you are a beginner, most classes shouldn't inherit anything). Those that do inherit another class usually shouldn't inherit more than one other class, IMO.   Why would Main inherit from Game? Why would Game inherit from SceneManager, or vise-versa? It wouldn't be good code architecture.   As for your question about scene managers, I don't have personal experience with them so others can answer that who actually do have experience in that area. Then how would I link the classes together? Including them?  Then how do I link classes together? Just including? And if I do that won't my game loop class get huge? Everytime I added something I'd have to add it to it.
  2. Nick Lawson

    What are scene managers and how do they work?

    Thanks for that. WOuld you provide atleast some sort of detail?
  3. The title says it all. In games I always see people have main.cpp and then game.cpp and also scenemanager.cpp. What does the scenemanager do and what does it inherit from and such. Like it is main > game > scenemanager or something?  
  4. Nick Lawson

    Good Game Framework

    Ya probably. Should I start there?   EDIT: I have another question too. How do I delete stuff. In a tutorial I was following with Allegro5 awhile ago they used to unload content and would delete it with Allegro. Do I need to do this in SFML too?
  5. Nick Lawson

    Good Game Framework

    I'm a beginner but I know the basics I think. I have that and Rock Paper Scissors and Tic Tac Toe in ASCII. Also I made an ASCII Rogue Lite with AI and loot and levels but it was a mess. Thats why I want to learn from the very beginning. And I want to make a platformer because it will show me a lot of basics with game development and allow me to learn based on trial and error but I can't even get my foot in the door
  6. Nick Lawson

    Good Game Framework

    I am just starting in game development and I just want to try to make a basic platformer with SFML but I have no idea where to start. Most videos are super old and they don't help much. Also I have no idea how my game should run. Like should I go from Main > GameLoop > ScreenManager > (Any Scene) > Logic? LIke what I should do with it.
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