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    Virtual Currency Implementation

        Most of the ones that play that know what to do with their coins wont even think about this, there is also that bunch of people that wont even think about cashing out their coins and will just spend them right in the game. Then there is that rare group that does neither.      Speaking of which, I would like to show you guys a game that does use both Hyper and Coin2 plus several others, its a text based RPG, it might give you guys some ideas if you want to implement. Please excuse the adfly link.. adf.ly/1K7mKl its my referrallink to the game, takes you directly to a signup page for playing.  Anyways this one is being worked on constantly and I think the guy that runs it is also looking for paid help. It is written in php.       included some screenshots so you guys can see what the game is about before hand
  2. KingArbinV

    Virtual Currency Implementation

        Most of the ones that play that know what to do with their coins wont even think about this, there is also that bunch of people that wont even think about cashing out their coins and will just spend them right in the game. Then there is that rare group that does neither. 
  3. KingArbinV

    Virtual Currency Implementation

      I realize that I should have pointed to coin2,us in the first place, it even has my cartoonish face on it, thats actually me though, just created from my facebook profile pic. Sorry I took so long to respond though, I have been kinda busy with the Coin2 stuff.   Coinstore isn't an exchange though(as much as we would like it to be one day), it is merely a storage vault with API built in to allow programmers to use Coin2 or HYPER with their projects. No wallet is actually hosted on the Coinstore vps either, it is quite secure, the actual wallets are hosted on another vps that has ssl and ddos protection.   As far as reasons to use our Coin opposed to bitcoin and a debit/credit system, its far cheaper than bitcoin which requires a gambling license to use if you paid out(coin2 doesn't), players can be rewarded with it in game unlike a debit/credit system which would require a gambling license(Coin2 doesn't), the more people using it the more valuable it will become, and we are looking to become the leader in gaming coins. Me personally I would play racing and rpg games that used coin2 if there were any. Idk man those are just some of the reasons. Also the gambling licenses is what ive heard you need for N.America(specifically the USA.)         Do remember that most of the developers on this site are small, independent developers, and their time is very valuable to them.  So any time spent adapting their game to use your system is going to cost them in coding hours, and real monry in wages.  You need to show them how investing this cost in your currency will actually be a benefit to them, and repay the time spent.     I am aware of that, I figured they would benefit using our system as long they programmed a way for them to have an income with Coin2, as I stated before, the more people using will cause the amount they make from their games to rise as more people will invest in Coin2 to try their products.     It is in game programming because I want Game Programmers to be aware that they can use Coin2 to make money with their games and pay their players at the same time, with bitcoin you would need a license I beleive.
  4. KingArbinV

    Virtual Currency Implementation

        Well I tried, I'll have the guy that runs coinstore work on that, thanks for pointing that out. I am trying my best here, I'm not even the original guy that created Coin2.. I was put over everything by the community there when he made it clear he was just out for profit and didnt care about the investors in the coin. Its a hard job that I do. If a mod wants to move this thats fine, and I really think you guys are being helpful, I just have alot of stress keeping things together and not sure how to take things sometimes. No hard feelings. 
  5. KingArbinV

    Virtual Currency Implementation

      Just to be clear, you posted in the Game Programming forum, which, by definition, is for discussion. If you weren't looking for a discussion of your post, you posted in the wrong forum. If weren't necessarily expecting wariness and even criticism, you posted on the wrong site!         Looking for more information on you, your organization and the product you've posted about, the only site I could find requires registration and login just to get to the home page. Asking that of potential users/purchasers, or even just the curious, for me anyway, causes skepticism. Why should someone have to identify themselves to you before they even know what you're about? Phooey.       Ok so more info? gotcha, I am a senior member in the bitcointalk forums, just a newbie here. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=824499.0 this is the coin2 thread, you will be able to find all the info you might need here.   Edit: I am also a 3D model artist, not all that great at it and I did try my hand at game design for a bit, worked on a first person shooter pretty much by myself since november, couldnt find any real programmers to help me so I had to shelve my project. I am currently doing models for a Dragonball Online clone that our coin developer wants to try to use the API with once he works out all the bugs between the DBO client and the emulator he created. You guys will find examples of my work all through that thread.
  6. KingArbinV

    Virtual Currency Implementation

    It doesn't help much for members of this community to come in and shoot me in the foot by comparing us to bitcoin either.. thats like saying why should we even bother, your not the best. The little guys need to be tried to see where they can go.. I never thought I would partner with HYPER either, and their the biggest gaming coin around. All I'm asking is for some of you developers to give us a shot, if the results arent what you expect, you can remove the API from your code and then not deal with us.
  7. KingArbinV

    Virtual Currency Implementation

      Well I cant really think of a way to use Coin2 as a currency to buy groceries with, but I'm not putting it out as such either. It is meant to be used in games. was developed specifically for that reason. It is a year and 4 months old as well, much older than most of the come and go coins you see made and dropped by their developers. We developed all the plugins for it, all we want is for someone to test them.
  8. KingArbinV

    Virtual Currency Implementation

      Well im not forcing it on you or twisting your arm or holding a gun to your head to make you use it.   I am asking someone to try to use it in their game.   We spent alot of time developing this site, and all we want is for someone to try it in their game.   If you don't want to thats fine, but we offer all the help we can to those that do.
  9. KingArbinV

    Virtual Currency Implementation

      We want to make it so multiple games can use the same currency. Not be stuck with purchasing one currency for use in one game.   Lets say you just spent all your cash to use on (game A)'s virtual currency.  Suddenly theres this new awesome equipment in (game B) but you don't have anymore cash to spend. Kinda kills your dream of getting it right then, doesn't it.   Same situation, but using our currency, you can still purchase said equipment in (game B).
  10. Hello, I am looking for someone to give a test run of a Virtual Currency for their game. We have developed an API that connects to our server to store users virtual currency, there is already a community waiting to test the currencies in a game. All we need is for someone to possibly use it in their game.   Please check out http://coinstore.me/wallet/Coinstore_API_Docs.pdf for the API info   There are 2 virtual currencies that can be used here, Coin2 and HYPER. Coin2 is the one that should be used.   Thanks for your time, hope to see some good games come out using our storage system and currency.
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