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  1. Ocimum

    Novice needs a guide

    There isn't only one correct rule. In the end you need to create a story that tells the player something. Storytelling can be done by focusing on different senses and therefore maybe will be displayed as pictures and not as sounds..... or vice versa. But like @sunandshadow already pointed you to video game scripting, like every story it has a start, a climax and an end. And in between there are many different steps with conditions and so on. So you need some kind of script that gives you the possibility to focus on implementation of different parts.   But I am sure, there are people outside that have their own kind of storytelling and they will be also tell a story in their own way. This means, try to find a way to include everything necessary how ever you will write it down, and if the reader will understand it, you can see it immediatelly!
  2. Ocimum


    Hey there! Was great to read about your experiences and I hope you did well till now with your plans!   I read you are on Twitter too and found also your account. But I was wondering there wasn't any new entry since January. It could be hard at the beginning to understand these social media platforms but if you want I can maybe give you some advices :)   Just let me know, I am a gamedev too and know the problems you have at the beginning! Maybe I can show you how to make nice animations for your cool game :)
  3. Try Unity. There are so many good resources out there. And like it already was mentioned, knowing java already, C# shouldn't be a problem for you!
  4. Requesting Age Certificates for ChromaGun
  5. Working on documentation of ChromaGun!
  6. Ocimum

    Beginner with a dream.

    Check this out, looks like he is also new to the stuff http://www.gamedev.net/topic/676226-completely-new-where-to-begin/
  7. Ocimum

    Completely New, Where to Begin?

    I would recommend you Unity as it is not too hard to learn. The language is c# or javascript, but I would recommend to do your stuff in c#. I really like the learning section on unity3d.com/learn is very big and perfect for beginners. It also looks like the unity community is still growing from year to year, so it wouldn't be bad to get in touch with this. Its just that I had the experience that it isn't too hard, I can't tell you much about other engines, you should know this reading my answer ;)   Another benefit is the possibility of building on many different platforms and mostly without many problems.   But for getting into the stuff, wheter you use unity or another tool, you have to think about your game idea, break it into many several peaces and plan it as good as possible at the beginning. You will have to try to implement your ideas with stuff you read or maybe by asking people, but as long as you keep focused on doing little steps and not beeing sad because you maybe lost again another day without doing anything visible ( for other people ) you can have a lot of fun!
  8. Just checking what to do on this sunday afternoon.... maybe I can have some fun with unity!
  9. Ocimum

    Best practices worst practices?

      Yeah thats like with every other language, if you don't practice it everyday you won't have the words to describe things and talk to people. In programming context you can't speak to the machine so nothing is happening.    But to get back to your question, if you don't concentrate on the new stuff you do, and you maybe do a lot of copy & paste you might not understand the magic in between and if there will happen an error you might not understand where errors come from because you didn't write the code.    I give you some small examples I had in the last time using Unity: --------------------------------------------   -     I got a script to make objects selected with the mouse dragable, on drag I wanted to change the height of the selected object. Changing the height value wasn't possible, and I didn't understand why. So after some hours of try and error I saw, the height value was public, so it will be displayed in the inspector. ( so you don't have to step into the code ). So for me the problem was, it was already a public variable and from the first run the script will always take the values from the inspector ( NOT THE CODE ). So till I found the solution for my problem it took me hours because I didn't write the code, so I was not totally aware where errors could come from.   -       I tried to get the colliding event on the wrong object because I wasn't aware how the principles behind collision was done in Unity....    But to be true, many things will be learned by doing mistakes so that you understand why its better in a different way.   But staying calm and first understanding how things work will save you a lot of time. Even you don't want to invent the wheel totally new you will have to work on it a little even it looks repetitive. And if you can speak a language, its always nice and you might get good feedback on each conversation ( script )!
  10. Ocimum

    Game Dev.

      To be honest, it would be good to know what you already tried, have you done any projects before or are you totally new to programming?. For everybody another language is perfect so this question is kind of unclear. 
  11. So javascript is nothing too complexe, and you could also use it in Unity if you want to make some bigger games. I think you can do the same things using JS in unity as you can do with c#. Could be a good choise.
  12. Its is not just a programmers problem. And if you have too many errors you always seem too overlook its really about learning to write things in a way so you see the mistakes earlier. But this problem is getting less I think as the IDEs get better and better.
  13. Cool article. Like the south park theme :)
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