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  1. I can help with the execution of the plot of the story and also with the concept of other apects such as the interface, controls etc.
  2. I know a little HTML and i'm not that good but i am good at planning out user interfaces.  
  3. Eric_JR

    Connecticut Game dev team

    I have experience with writing but I'm not in Connecticut or New York.
  4. I am looking for a team of developers to make an idea I have come true. The game we would make would be a very simple multiplayer( pass and play or online) 2d game made with unity. We would start with android but maybe branch out. I need the following:   A level designer. A lead programmer. A lead artist. A music composer.   All these might change as our game develops.  
  5. Eric_JR

    MMORPG Members Needed

    Hey, i can help write the story. I'm also learning how to code so i might be able to chip in with that. Also, I have a friend who is a manga artist if that helps. My email is ericasare688@gmail.com so contact me.
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