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  1. Hey guys i'm trying to use combiners to increase the saturation level of a texture in one pass. It's a 2d sprite based iphone game. the effect is working except that there is a white rectangel around the sprite. its seems like it is adding the PRIMARY_COLOR (defined in glColor). I specify GL_REPLACE and GL_TEXTURE as the SRC for the alpha value computation so from what i understand it should be simply be using the alpha value from the texture. I've been at this about 6 hours and no luck with trying to figure out what is wrong. ALso the texture i am using has a premultipled alpha value (i dont think this is the problem tho). Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!! drawSaturatedMonster(float colorStep) { //setup saturation effect on texture glTexEnvi( GL_TEXTURE_ENV, GL_TEXTURE_ENV_MODE, GL_COMBINE ); glTexEnvi(GL_TEXTURE_ENV, GL_COMBINE_RGB, GL_ADD); glTexEnvi(GL_TEXTURE_ENV, GL_SRC0_RGB, GL_TEXTURE); glTexEnvi(GL_TEXTURE_ENV, GL_SRC1_RGB, GL_PRIMARY_COLOR); //use the alpha from the texture glTexEnvi(GL_TEXTURE_ENV, GL_COMBINE_ALPHA, GL_REPLACE); glTexEnvi(GL_TEXTURE_ENV, GL_SRC0_ALPHA, GL_TEXTURE); //specify the ossolating color glColor4f(colorStep, colorStep, colorStep, colorStep); //draw the texture drawTheTexture(); //revert to original mode glTexEnvi(GL_TEXTURE_ENV, GL_TEXTURE_ENV_MODE, GL_MODULATE); } screen shot at (sry bout the quality of the image, i couldnt get a screen grab properly from the simulator): http://www.flickr.co...N03/5509792066/
  2. Hi Guys, I'm working on a 2D physics based iPhone game and i am having some issues with the design. I've spent the last month brainstorming and prototyping concepts to try to alleviate the design issues i'm facing. The game is a side scrolling, monster destruction game where you play as a large (screen sized) monster attacking cities. Think Castle Crashers Cat () only with a giant godzilla attacking city buildings. There are some inherent issues with this concept. Goal: Destroy as many buildings as possible as they scroll by. Running out of health will cause the game finish with negative results. Movement: 1. The camera auto scrolls at a fixed velocity. 2. The player does not control the avatar position as they are anchored to the left side of the screen horizontally and anchored vertically in the middle of the screen. 3. The player can invoke an upward or downward dodge Attack: 1. The player can shoot a ranged laser at a target point by touching the target point. A laser shoot at a vector defined by the point from the monsters eye to the target point 2. The player can perform a melee claw attack by dragging from point A to point B. The direction of the melee attack will be defined by the vector defined by point A and point B. The melee attack will occur near the monster. The problem is that the melee attack trivial. Melee attack is requires enemies to be close the monster. as the game auto scrolls towards the right, enemies and buildings will approach the player. The player can just invoke the melee attack as the enemies come close. Ultimately i end up with solutions to abandon melee attack in favor of only the ranged laser. The game resolves into some what of a curtain shooter. This wont fly for a monster game as user expectation will surely include attacking things with claws. I feel like i've exhausted my design ideas, mindmapping, whiteboarding and prototyping things for weeks. I've considered even abandoning the 'large monster' concept an have a monster with a traditionally sized avatar. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, Do you guys know of any game where you play as an over sized avatar (not rampage because that is still small-avatar based:)? Any games that have auto scrolling screens (that are not shooters)? I haven't personally come across too many games where you play as a large monster, have a large avatar, perhaps it's because it deviates much from a viable concept. Thanks!!!!
  3. _walrus

    My iPhone Story/Success - Bar Star

    Also i wouldnt recommend quitting your day job to make a game. it's a really competitive marketing. i think we succeeded because i was able to pull in all my contacts, and also industry exp has helped as well. even with that, i had to cut my spending down to almost nil to build sweat equity before i could even go talk to investors about money. if ur doing it for a hobby and dont have high expectations for returns then its a great way to pass time and learn ;)
  4. _walrus

    My iPhone Story/Success - Bar Star

    Quote:Original post by way2lazy2care congrats on your popularity. Would you mind updating on monetary success after a few weeks? Always curious how well it correlates. I'll loop back in a few weeks and see what i can say for numbers
  5. _walrus

    My iPhone Story/Success - Bar Star

    Quote:Original post by nick5454 Wow man gratz! Do yall do the artistry or one of your buddies know how to do that? thx man, i have an artist do all the work for me (he also helped in the design of the game). I told him i'd pay him 1k once game went live with rev share. he took a big leap of faith because there was a lot of content and man hours he put in.
  6. This message is a shout out to the gamedev community for your help over the years (particularly Yann L and Sneftel; its always been enlightening reading your posts to my threads or others). I've been reading GD since univiersity over the last 8 years. Last year i felt i needed/HAD to quit my day job (for another gaming company) and do something much more creative. Creatively, I felt like a game dev with ED and it was driving me crazy. It was tough because i needed to satisfy my creative urges. my only plan/desire was to make a great, unique and fresh game that had mass appeal. I rallied some guys to help me (on rev share) and together we set out to make BarStar. We worked out of Starbucks day after day. They all thought we were crazy spending so much time there so we cycled starbucks :) we snuck onto university campus for meeting space. I reduced my spending during the development (i put myself on 3 zero dollar days a week). All this before getting some financing and small office space (the guys that financed us really believed in our game)! After 4 different iterations on how the game worked. We launched Bar Star last week: Bar Star And so far we are doing really, really well! Apple gave us great deck placement. We are a top strategy game in many countries, top action game, and a top paid app as well: Screen grab from HK itunes (Strategy page): #1 strategy (hk) We are getting very great reviews. Its too early to tell how well the game will do in the long hall but so far this is beyond what i had hoped for! even though i dont use GD much any more, it was instrumental in my up training in industry! In a city with very few game developers I had no one to get answers from. thanks GD Community for equipping me with the ability to succeed!! Wes Tam
  7. Hey guys, I released my first iPhone game (BarStar) this week! we are getting very good reviews. bar star We built an engine from scratch for this game and future games. I've been using this forum and resources for the last 9 years! We are a small company and have had help from many forums and community. I'd like to help the community back by giving some source code back to the community. its a professional grade production so the code is pretty solid. what parts of the code would be good to give out? I figure the Image Loader (built ontop of libpng) or the Sound Library (built ontop of OpenAL) would be a good stand alone module that would help indie developer save time and production cycles. Also what is the best approach to do this (licensing, hosting, etc). Thanks Wes
  8. _walrus


    nice link...i noticed a blackberry emulator there...if you dont care what emulator you use..i really really recommend using the blackberry jdk becaues its a really nice integrated development envoronment with a stable and rich set of tools that other venders should model after. There sdk is packaged with a set of emulators that can be debugged, profiled..etc right from there ide...plus its really stable
  9. havent done much with 184 or 3d on phones...but from what i herd if the phone has support for MascotCapsule...it is much faster than jsr 184 on sony erricson phones
  10. _walrus


    also i find the nokia s60 emulators to be really flakey...if it doenst matter which ones u want to use..try the series 40 ones (i think the 6255 elumator is a pretty solid one). http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,6566,034-521,00.html (select it from the right hand side under 'Download version for:'
  11. _walrus


    no offence but it should be pretty easy to get a hold of the sdk's from the venders. they have dev sights with lots of info on them...mind you it can be a bit overwhelming at first cause they have alot of crap on there sites and half their emulators dont work very well. There should be lots of support documentation on their sites to help you get started as well. go to motocoder http://motocoder.com/motorola/pcsHome.jsp;jsessionid=11daa%3A444064ae%3A92cf2266bc044e3?rNum=334281338&node_name=SDK get the 5.3.1 sdk at the bottom of the page. and forum nokia http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,6566,033_3-1,00.html select the S60 Platform SDKs for Symbian OS, for Java or the s40 or s80 ones depending on what phones u want...you might want carbide.j as well (it packages, preverifys..etc for you)
  12. "Since you are using a Nokia, you will have to use a special Nokia library (if it uses JAVA) as they are just special like that. " you dont have to use the nokia DirectUI API. they are optional only if u want some extra features like full screen, image flipping and some other stuff (most of which is available in midp2).
  13. Hey i've been trying to get debugging working in either eclipse or netbeans using the motorola 5.3.1 sdk... and i have not had much luck so far. Is there any trick to setting these this up? with netbeans in install the latest version of the mobility package and then scan for my motorola emulators. after it finds the emulators i try to run the simple hello world app, but the emulator quites right after it starts (both in debugin and run). when i change to the default wtk emulators it works find... in elcipse i use eclipseME and the emulator never event starts. I run the emulator from the motorola launch pad and they work fine. please any help is apreciated. or if you guys know a better approach then the ides i'm using. thx!!
  14. _walrus

    serenity now

    Serenity just got released on dvd. Just saw it and I just wanna reconmend it to everybody...its really good.
  15. Quote:Original post by serg3d Make your own direct memory access implementation. It will be faster too. Or you can use Nokia 3d example from the forum, or other open-sourced 3d lib, or OpenGL ES hmm i think u are refering to the symbian 3d demo (with the car driving around the city)?? No OpenGL for j2me yet AFAIK. Sorry i was asking bout j2me on series 60, no symbian :D
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