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  1. Sure, that sounds great! Join me on discord so I could show you the script.
  2. Hi there Game Dev. community! What is the game about? I am currently working on a horror text-based game for the android platform. The game is set out to be a fully textual novel or a visual one depending on the availability of the artist. The game will feature multiple choices for the player, the consequences will vary and the emphasis will be on the 7 deadly sins and 7 heavenly virtues. More information on this will be provided if you do decide to join! What have you done so far? What do you add to the team? I have shipped several android games and applications for the past 3 years. My tasks will mostly be development, writing and translation in terms of this project. So far I have succeeded into finishing the first prototype of the game with required initial visual effects such as fading. On addition to that I have set up audio and sound managers as well as a timer for quick choice events. What kind of talents do you need? 1- Writer - To help with writing the branching decisions within the plot as I haven't finished the story fully yet. 2- Concept designer / Artist / (UI/UX) Designer - To work on the overall design of the game (Pictures in every scene, menu buttons...etc.). 3- Music and Sound composer - To compose sound effects and music applicable to the game. 4- Android Developer - Help maintain the code and structure the events in a hierarchical organized manner as well as optimize and test the game. What am I getting in return? 1- The fun of seeing something small growing into something bigger the more you work into it. 2- Appropriate percentage of Rev-Share between all joining members as the game will be shipped in two versions, the free one with ads and the paid without. tl;dr: Horror text-based game with multiple endings on Android, yeah that's something quite new. Thank you for reading this long wall of text. If you're interested please join my discord channel for further explanation: https://discord.gg/xh3NbPQ If you have any more questions feel free to PM, comment or email me.
  3. Writer looking for team

    Hi there! I am currently working on a multiple choice text-based horror game for android. Please send me to reply with more details.
  4. 2 Person Dev Team for serious hobby dev

    Hi Kai! I am currently working on a multiple choice text-based horror game for android. I have finished adding sound and audio managers, animations and some content into the game so I am set out to complete the first prototype soon. Please send me to reply with more details.
  5. Which is better? (2d, android)

    Second one looks simpler
  6. The concept of a multiple choice game.

    An exceptional advice indeed, thanks a lot, I suppose I'll do just that. How about the psuedocode/methodology of a multiple choice game?
  7. 3D or 2D Stealth?

    I'm been a fan of playing stealth games since I was a kid, and I have to break it to you, playing a stealth FPS game is a no-no because of the limited self-awareness in the game. you would get caught constantly not because of the player is unskillful but because the game provides hard limitations. However a mix between the two (First+Third Person View) has shown that this is probably the best way to make a stealth game flexible enough for players. (i.e. Metal Gear Solid franchise, Splinter Cell franchise).
  8. Hi there gamedev community! I am currently developing a horror mobile game on android. I am stuck at the dilemma of multiple choices. What kind of approach should I take in terms of development and design? From user experience perspective would you rather have that third choice? Or would you rather play a game that has white or black consequences instead? On the other hand I have been initializing buttons for each action in the game but then it turned out to be resource wasteful, so what I thought about was to create a handler with an integer flag, whenever the player clicks on the button the flag is incremented or decremented so next time the button is pressed a different method would be chosen from the handler. I hope I'm being clear, if you have any questions please ask for further explanation. TL;DR: I would really appreciate getting help in the methodology and design of developing a choice based game. Thank you for reading.
  9. Hello Ann! Would you be willing to work on a Horror Text-based android game project? There would be Revshare included through Ads. If you're interested please contact me through g3agle@gmail.com
  10. Hi there! I am currently developing a text-based android game on android. The player will have multiple choices throughout the story that would effect the outcome in the end. I am planning to produce the game in both Arabic and English and upload it to Google Play Store containing Ads. I need: 1- Designer that can serve as concept designer for the game's backgrounds in different states, and design the buttons and simple UI used within the game itself. 2- Sounds engineer to improve upon the sounds I'm using within the game and create an immersive experience. I would like to mention that we would be working in this project as a team and everyone will consider this game as their own and not just be bossed around by me Thanks for reading this, looking forward to your application. P.S. If you're a designer, I'd love to see some of your work alongside your application.
  11. Android programming on Unity3d

    I'm sorry to disappoint you but you wont find a straight forward solution to your problem as there aren't a feature in android that does what you require it to do. Instead I can tell you what I did to tackle this problem on my own when I developed two games exclusively for the android platform.    First thing you must do is sit down and write down what mobile resolutions do you want to support mostly? People today use a variety of smart phones which in their case use a variety of resolutions that you just cant track individually. However what you can do is look for the phone with the highest resolution up to this day which is probably 1440 x 2560 for Samsung S6. After doing that you're gonna have to make all the assets for your game to be aesthetically pleasing accordingly.    Now you have a game that probably has the highest resolution for smart phones at your hands, but what about those who have almost the same, mid and low resolutions? You scale the assets down. How?    You can do it by getting the X (getX();) and  (getY();) methods in the android IDE.  Lets say someone has a very old smart phone with the resolution of 800 x 500   double width = getX(); double height = getY();   if (height <= 800 && width <= 500){ *Display the assets in a matter that would fit the screen*  }   The only downside to this will be rapid testing for many resolutions, but since you're using unity3d I don't think that would be a problem at all.  This is the fastest and easiest solution I came up with as a beginner game developer so it is definitely not the best. 
  12.   Welcome to open source software. :) 
  13. libGDX game code review

    This code exhibits a few code smells really. First of all, there are a few blocks of code like this that all look roughly the same - there is clearly a common pattern of code being executed multiple times with only slight variations - some refactoring to common these out to a single method would be appropriate (with the variations passed in as parameter values). Next of all I can see that this code is calling dispose(). In general you should aim to architect your code so that objects don't have to self-destruct because self-destructing objects are one of those classic sources of bugs. Ideally some higher-level object should be managing the lifetime of this object and calling the dispose() method when its lifetime should end - rather like how you are calling dispose() on the Music object (the Music object does not arbitrarily dispose of itself). Finally, you IndexOutOfBoundsException is probably due to the fact that this code may invoke itor.remove() twice during just one iteration of the loop - which would end up attempting to remove 2 elements from the Array and will therefore fail with an IndexOutOfBoundsException if the Array contained fewer than 2 elements. Notice that if both bugs.y + 60 < 0 and bugs.overlaps(walletImage) were true then you invoke itor,remove() once for each (twice in total). That's almost certainly a bug. Chances are you want to use e.g. an "else if" for the overlaps test.       That was fascinating! Thanks for pointing those out. I actually thought disposing of objects would make the memory "lighter" so I never saw it from that point before. I'll try editting that if statement and reorganize the code soon.  Thanks again. 
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