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  1. This powerpoint alongside your website is absolutely invaluable. Thank you!
  2. In our current game development scene, it has been quit obvious for many of us how game developers over promise to the community at the beginning of the development life-cycle or fundraising step. Games like Dayz, Kenshi, No man's sky and many other games have been too literate about what they "wanted" to deliver to consumers. Only to be faced with a reality check and/or lack of funding. Thus producing a shamble of a game. - How can a game studio stop itself from going too far into this hole? - What methodical techniques are being used? - How does estimation of game projects generally work? - How would a game producer solve this issue after almost running out of funds and close to the deadline? Thanks for answering all/any questions!
  3. EagleGamer

    Fundamentals of Horror

    A brilliant article. Please delve more into the categories and pinpoint the details if possible.
  4. EagleGamer

    Form a team

    Hello there! I didn't get a notification of your reply, please send me on g3agle@gmail.com or talk to me on hangouts with the same email to give you more details. Thanks for your time.
  5. EagleGamer

    Let's make something amazing

    Hi Cooper! If this is really who you are, I'd like to invite you to our team! We're currently developing an Android text-based, decision branching horror game, and we would welcome the addition of a designer. For more info check the link of the topic below. I look forward to hearing from you soon, through PM or gmail g3agle@gmail.com Thanks. Haitham I l
  6. EagleGamer

    Writer eager to join team

    Hi there! I checked out your sample above and I really like your level of detail. I would like to invite you to our team. We're currently working on a text-based horror android game, so there is a huge emphasis on writing. Please PM me or send me on g3agle@gmail.com for more info.
  7. EagleGamer

    Looking to join a startup game studio?

    Hi there! Your artwork is brilliant! Would you like to join our team as a designer for a text-based horror android game? If you're interested please send me on g3agle@gmail.com or PM me.
  8. EagleGamer

    Form a team

    That looks great, good luck! If in the event you'd like to join an another project, I'd like to invite you into our team to develop a horror text-based mobile game.
  9. Sure, that sounds great! Join me on discord so I could show you the script.
  10. Hi there Game Dev. community! What is the game about? I am currently working on a horror text-based game for the android platform. The game is set out to be a fully textual novel or a visual one depending on the availability of the artist. The game will feature multiple choices for the player, the consequences will vary and the emphasis will be on the 7 deadly sins and 7 heavenly virtues. More information on this will be provided if you do decide to join! What do you add to the team? I have shipped several android games and applications for the past 3 years. My tasks will mostly be development, writing and translation in terms of this project. So far I have succeeded into finishing the first prototype of the game that features different visual effects and branching choices that are structured within the code. What is the current step in the game? What are future's milestones? Currently as of March 2018, the first prototype has been produced with minimal GUI as well as the establishment of the structure upon which we will build the full game on. Next milestone include but are not limited to: 1- Finish branching decisions of the game. 2- Implementing sound effects and music. What kind of talents do you need? You definitely DO NOT have to be the best at your trade! Even theoretical knowledge is acceptable as long as you're willing to do your part fully. 1- Writer - To help with writing the branching decisions within the plot, proofread and translate. Filled 2- Concept designer / Artist / (UI/UX) Designer - To work on the overall design of the game (Pictures in every scene, menu buttons...etc.). 3- Music and Sound composer - To compose sound effects and music applicable to the game. Filled 4- Android Developer - Help maintain the code and structure the events in a hierarchical organized manner as well as optimize and test the game. Filled 5- Producer - In charge of documentation, develop and maintain schedules. Oversee development, design and music, arrange for testing and other administration tasks. What am I getting in return? 1- The fun of seeing something small growing into something bigger the more you work into it. 2- Appropriate percentage of Rev-Share between all joining members as the game will be shipped in two versions, the free one with ads and the paid without. tl;dr: Horror text-based game with multiple endings on Android, yeah that's something quite new. Thank you for reading this long wall of text. If you're interested please join my discord channel for further explanation: https://discord.gg/xh3NbPQ If you have any more questions feel free to PM, comment or email me.
  11. EagleGamer

    Writer looking for team

    Hi there! I am currently working on a multiple choice text-based horror game for android. Please send me to reply with more details.
  12. EagleGamer

    2 Person Dev Team for serious hobby dev

    Hi Kai! I am currently working on a multiple choice text-based horror game for android. I have finished adding sound and audio managers, animations and some content into the game so I am set out to complete the first prototype soon. Please send me to reply with more details.
  13. EagleGamer

    Which is better? (2d, android)

    Second one looks simpler
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