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  1. B.Black

    2D Chests Assets - Classic

    Hand-painted set of classical chests. AAA quality. High resolution. Demo scenes and previews. Everything set and ready for use. Includes PSD Files. You can get it here: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/slug/157208 Pack Contains: - 3 x styled chests 1280x1280 PNG/PSD files. - 3 states for each chest (closed, opened-empty, opened-loot) - two types of loot: gold and crystals - [Android Preview] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MoonTribe.ChestsAssetsClassic - [Web GL Preview] https://moon-tribe.itch.io/2d-chests-assets-classic-preview Currently, we are working on the VFX for these chests, so you can expect to see them in the next update. Make sure to check our other products: https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/19428
  2. B.Black

    2D Sci-Fi Environment Pack

    Hand-painted sci-fi themed tiles, decorations, and game elements. https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/slug/142473 Pack contains: • 300+ sprites • 3 weapon/armor types • animates traps • animated terminals • walls in two color options • floor tiles in two color options
  3. B.Black

    2D Winter Asset Pack

    Winter themed 2D art pack. Including animated characters (Spine animation + classic Sprite animation). Also, some fancy themed particle systems are inside. Pack contains: •140 sprites + PSD files • Fully animated character • 3 backgrounds • 4 light sprites • Winter themed tiles • 6 Particle systems • Demo Scene
  4. B.Black

    2D Dungeon Tile Pack

    Report tags This pack contains hand-painted dungeon themed tiles, decorations, and game elements. There are two types of isometric wall and floor tiles, you can see the difference in the screenshots. Everything is cut and ready for use. Simplified PSD source included/ Sprite Sheets/Tile Palette The project is well organized and ready for use. Pack contains: • 700+ hand painted sprites + grayscale version • 200 + game elements • 2 types of walls in two color options • 2 types of floor tiles in two color options • Sprite Sheets/PSD files/Png files (please note since we added separated png files sprite sheets is not cutted)
  5. B.Black

    Fantasy Hex Tiles

    Isometric fantasy-themed hex tile pack including decorations, buildings, and environmental elements. In addition to the usual tiles, the package includes transitional tiles (but only for basic color). What is inside: • 784 Hex tiles (including transition tiles for basic color) • 700+ environmental decorations • 22 isometric buildings • PSD files (everything layered and simplified for use) • Prefabs and tile palette • Grayscale version for every sprite • Demo scene In version 1.2 we added new buildings In version 1.3 we completely reworked all roads, and created tile palettes for all game elements now it is much easier to work with this pack. Don't wait put your hands on this pack and good luck with your awesome projects! https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/slug/133881
  6. B.Black

    2D Tile Pack - Fantasy Forest

    Fantasy Forest is a hand-painted 2D set of themed tiles and decorations. Everything is cut and ready for use. Simplified PSD source included/ Sprite Sheets/Tile Palette The project is well organized and ready for use. Pack contains: • 48 tiles + 3 color options + grayscale versions • 167 decorations
  7. B.Black

    Lovely GUI

    Lovely themed - hand-painted UI set. Does your game require some juicy love flavor? Or maybe you are preparing some St. Valentines event? Then you are in the right place. Simplified PSD source included/ Sprite Sheets/Prefabs Everything is well organized and ready for use. Pack contains: • 230 +hand painted sprites sorted into sprite sheets + grayscale versions • 5 particle systems with 2 options for each • prefabs for each button frame • demo scenes
  8. B.Black

    Frozen UI Pack

    Hand-painted set of frosty UI elements. Different color variations, layered PSD files. Everything is prefabbed and ready for use. Pack contains: • 300+ hand painted sprites sorted into sprite sheets + PSD files • different colors and styles • themed particle system • demo scenes • prefabs
  9. B.Black

    Dungeon Crawler 2D Art Pack

    We were inspired by The Binding of Isaac and created this dungeon crawler art pack. It is completely free.What is inside: • 3 Level rooms • 8 all-sided animated Character (classic sprite animation + Spine project) • 3 types of animated monsters • everything prefabbed and ready for use • some misc items to make your game fancier! Don't wait put your hands on this pack and good luck with your awesome projects!
  10. B.Black

    Dark Themed 2D Pack

    A hand-painted set of the dark-themed 2D world. This pack will be perfect for almost any 2D game with a dark sauce. Preparing your game for Halloween? You will find all you need inside! This pack offers a great variety of different 2D game elements(including GUI/HUD/Animated Characters). PSD/Spine project/VFX included/Sprite Sheets/Prefabs Everything is well organized and ready for use. Pack contains: • 737 hand painted sprites sorted into sprite sheets + PSD file + grayscale versions • 8 animated characters • 5 particle systems • demo scenes • tile pallets • prefabs
  11. B.Black

    3 Worlds 2D Asset Pack

    A hand-painted set of 3 different themes + Bonus Underwater Level. Pack contains: • 3 Levels (+Tile set for every theme) - Lava - Swamp - Fantasy In version 1.1 we have added Underwater Level • 274 sprites sorted by them + PSD file • 27 particle systems • 2 costume shaders • Demo scenes • Video Preview
  12. B.Black

    Match 3 Music World

    Bored from candy crush clones? Get some fresh air with our match 3 game! Hand painted graphics and interesting quests combined with amazing effects make this game totally worthy. If you like match 3 puzzle games this one will surprise you for sure. Match 3 Music World is completely user friendly so it will be perfect for kids, adults and families. How to play:Collect 3 or more pieces, complete level quests, enjoy match 3 experience. There are two types of levels in the game: moved based - where you have a certain number of moves to complete the task and time based or "Rush mode", here you are not limited in moves, but you have a short time to complete the quest! Also in our future update we are planning to add endless/challange mode. So stay tuned and hop into match 3 world!Features:🍥 Classic and Rush match 3 game mode🍥 New puzzles and levels every week🍥 Raid boss fight (coming soon)🍥 Endless mode! (is now live!)🍥 More than 100 funny puzzles🍥 Amazing effects and power up-s🍥 Share your progress with friends and become match 3 king🍥 This game is designed for families🍥 No internet connection required to play
  13. B.Black

    Deadline runner

    Deadline runner is a 2d steampunk styled game. Hand painted graphics, 7 fully animated characters to explore, family tree with 10 ancestors to unlock and much more. Run as far as you can, avoid all obstacles on your path and collect amazing rewards for your duties. Also, we would like to notice that our games are 100% indie and we are making them with great inspiration. Features: ★ Steampunk styled runner game ★ Tap the left side of the screen to switch platform or tap the right side to jump. ★ Family Tree mystery to solve ★ Daily rewards ★ Achievements and Ladders ★ You can play Offline
  14. Hello awesome people! Check out my new 2D Winter Pack at Assetstore     [sharedmedia=gallery:images:8251] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:8252] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:8250] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:8249] https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/78617 And good luck in all your projects!    
  15. B.Black

    Asset Store

    Asset Store screenshots
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