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    Laws/edicts system for 4X

    It really depends on the mechanics and their depth, If the goal is to make the game about macro decisions then here are some suggestions:   - Each planet has its own sliders/qualities, this are unchangeabe by the emperor. For example a desert planet will have low agriculture, therefore the people there won't be building stuff that just doesn't pay off. - Budget Sliders, or in this case, Infrastructure Construction Budget. For example the emperor allocates a lot of money to finance the construction of agriculture, therefore the planets will start using this money to build farms, and maybe that desert planet will make a moisture/whatever top notch farm. - Planet Governors, they have their own specialties and preferences which will influence what is built in the planet. (Appointed by the Emperor or elected by the planet's people, up to you). For example the Governor of that desert planet has the trait, "Self-suficient" which is a trait that makes him want the planet to be self-suficient, therefore he will be prone to build those topnotch desert farms because the planet doesn't produce enough food to feed itself.
  2. Mutt

    Life Simulation Idea

      Oh no , that was my idea     :) I had it after I saw the first episode of Spartacus eheheh http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1442449/
  3. If you go with the hidden approach, just make sure that the player can estimate what he is dealing with. For example if you have a small goblin, the player will expect it to have a very low health amount, therefore if you give the goblin a ridiculous amount of health the player will get annoyed. If you create a new race or type of goblin that you want it to be strong, maybe change the picture to a slightly different goblin, give him armor or whatever, and maybe hint the player about the new goblin race/type which is known to be much more sturdy than the regular ones, this way the player can hypothesize a health amount for that goblin and not get annoyed when it takes 3 hits to take it down instead of 1.   In general what I see is that people tend to get overwhelmed by too much information, and just start ignoring everything and try which moves work best, then spam those moves. With too little information the same happens.
  4. Mutt

    Why SRPG's are considered Niche?

          Well I agree with both of you, but for most people this games are too slow, specially TRPG's because of the added tactical requirements. Not to mention that a lot of people just don't have what it takes to be able to think tactically, no joking here, most people just "cannot compute..." on this field.
  5. Maintenance/Limits   Most RTS games with base construction suffer from the same problem, nothing ensures "proper" balance between army size and economic power.   By adding a maintenance system to units you prevent initial rushes to a certain degree, therefore ensuring players develop some infrastructure, and since now all players are on the same page, you can make the base building process faster. By adding a maintenance/limit system to buildings you prevent super bases from being built.   Of course that all this is pointless if the combat system has low tactical depth.
  6. Mutt

    Life Simulation Idea

    Sounds good.   I had a similar idea, but in a different setting, a life simulator in the old Roman Empire. I have somewhere the 20 excel pages of game design for it...   As for the psychology of characters and relationships between them, I think its important to have a complex mechanism behind it, otherwise you get a Sims like game, where traits basically mean absolutely nothing and everything is a question of grinding until people like/hate the player. On the surface of this more complex system you should have a simple interaction system, otherwise the player will be overwhelmed with choice, the game is constantly halted on unimportant choices, won't flow at all.   As for the jobs, note that people might be bad at certain mini-games, and therefore you might be cutting down their possible gaming experiences, so mini-games shouldn't be, in my opinion, a "get it or break it" thing.   Good luck with your game.
  7. Mutt

    Why SRPG's are considered Niche?

    From my experience, RPG style games tend to be played by a younger crowd, the reason why seems to be the excessive use of fantasy elements in it, tied usually to an artistic design that honestly always looks aimed at kids.   Plus RPG's tend to be slow games with long stories, people who work and have a family don't have time for slow progressing satisfaction, instead this people look for quick satisfaction games.   Tactical RPG's suffer even more from this because they might be perceived as too slow and often requires a lot more of thinking, than just spamming the best powers your party has in a regular RPG.
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