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    Finally starting

    Also, is there any way to dictate the speed at which spring joint or wheel joint compresses and decompresses?  I've tinkered with the settings, but neither seem to do much to affect anything other than overall stiffness.  If this is impossible, I'll be looking at alternatives to Unity as the ability for users to adjust this is one of my main goals. For a clearer picture on what I'm trying to replicate, I'll try and briefly describe the adjustable functions that I'm shooting for.   1. Multiple rate springs - softer in initial compression, stiffer as the shock approaches 100% compression. 2. Preload adjustment - stiffness of the actual springs.   3. Compression adjustment - additional resistance that suppliments the spring resistance when the shock compresses 4. Rebound adjustment - the resistance force that slows the spring on decompression/extension. This may provide somewhat of an idea: http://www.houser-racing.com/upload/images/Shocks/Elka_Stage_4_Front.jpg   These are very important, especially the last 3. 
  2. tfaith08

    Finally starting

    I've successfully created the second version and I'm now trying to attach suspension to it.  I've got the shocks divided into 2 parts: body and shaft and have them inserted as sprites.  I can attach the shock body to the car and the shock shaft to either the shock body or car and they move with the car when playing, but I don't know where to start with getting the shock shaft to actuate with the wheel travel.  For a better picture, I'm trying to get the shock shaft to move along the same axis as the shape of the shock body sprite.  I think binding it to only move along the Y-axis would be a simpler route, but I would eventually like to have them move as a real-world shock would (compress/decompress with motion) and unbound by an axis.    I've tried to apply a spring joint and wheel joint with the shock shaft and neither seem to work.  I've set box colliers around the shock body on either side and have another on the shock shaft that allows a small amount of clearence on each side, but that seems to be all but useless at keeping the shock in check.  What approaches shoud I consider when doing this?  What C# coding would be required for this to work?
  3. tfaith08

    Finally starting

      I'll PM you for future reference.  Thanks. Thus far, I've underestimated the knowledge requirements for everything that I've tried.  I was able to actually do what was laid out, but I couldn't make sense of what was going on and wasn't learning anything.  I decided to start even smaller and eventually found this:   http://www.thegamecontriver.com/p/unity-2d-car-physics.html   I've successfully created the first version and am on to the second.  Maybe my thinking is off, but I do believe that this is a good route to chase as it involves the lower levels of in-game physics.  Visual studio is proving to be easier to use.  I think I'll stick with it.
  4. tfaith08

    Finally starting

    The perspective on how the code itself relates to everything else is beyond me at this point as I'm only now at the realization that there is more to it than what I understood before, which isn't much.   I think it would be best for me to stick to using C# (which I've come to like) strictly for game development purposes until I become proficient enough to branch out and see what else it is capable of. I'm currently tinkering with Visual Studio just to get a feel for it.  Going through a Tic Tac Toe build atm, I'll see what issues I can identify.  Again, I'll be using Unity 5 and Visual studio.
  5. tfaith08

    Finally starting

      That's great to hear!  That's the most pleasant response that I've ever gotten to a first post on a forum lol.    I'm brewing a few questions today as I've already gotten my hands on Unity Personal and Xamarian 5.9.4.  I'm working on this at the moment:     I've found a few differences between Xamarian and the previous MonoDevelop version that came with the Unity download.  I'll be downloading a number of C# editing softwares (text editors, whatever they're called. clarification, please?) and trying the same codes on each to see how I like each one.  I'll probably lean mostly on the one that acts as I think it should.  I've been through software selection with music recording softwares, so I understand the importance of having something you can think with, rather than having something you have to think about.       2.5D isn't so much out of the question, I just view 2D as a more immediately achievable option.  I don't have any kind of timeline in mind as it'll likely be a project to work on when I'm off work.  Fix this, improve that, add such-and-such until I'm happy with it.  I'll probably start with something small like a maze or tic-tac-toe (as recommended) before moving to a super-simple tower defense game and beyond.  These are really just ways that I think will help get my mind wrapped around things. Something like this: http://dreamcarracing.com/ is a somewhat comparable idea to what I'm hoping to go after, only I'd like it to be more in-depth and with more control over user-edited parameters, as well as more parameters to actually edit. Also, my work schedule will allow quite a bit time (4 on, 4 off) for me to put towards it. 2 questions before I go:   1. Any recommended software to write C# in?   2. Is it preferred for one user to have a running thread or to post each topic/issue seperately?   Thanks! 
  6. tfaith08

    Finally starting

    This is more of a member introduction than anything and I didn't see a section/thread for it, so pleae remove it if it isn't allowed.   My name is Tyler and I'm about to start developing an in-browser side scroll racing game.  I've been into internal combustion engine building and some sort of offroad racing for over 15 years (currently race ATV Motocross) and would like to apply that knowledge to a game as most that I've found lack the sort of capabilities that most real-world enthusiasts would like to see. I have a little html coding experience from years ago, so a few basic concepts remain but are all but useless at this point.  I'm undecided on the development software, but I'll do that research on my own as I don't expect others to find the information that is already out there.  I'm unopposed to any feasible options but I will be researching the less-expensive options first.   Most of what I have at this point are only ideas of what I'd like to achieve.  I'm sure the rest will fill in with time.  If there is anything that I should know that isn't obvious after a decent amount of research, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any assitance that I'll receive over time.
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