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  1. Mobile Critique my first game

    I watched the trailer. It has very good pixel art. Music is nice. It looks polished. The problem is that it seems a bit to complex and cerebral. This was the same mistake I made with my first puzzler. I made my game too demanding.
  2. Where to start after you've finished planning?

    It's funny that you say that you "finished planning" and ask "what to do next". When you have a GOOD project plan then you KNOW what should be done in what order. This is called "critical path".
  3. First trailer is very cool. Nice 80's TV aesthetics.
  4. Absolute beginner to C. Need help

    Start with C# and Unity. It's free and scales well with your skill. It's easy for beginners but can be used also for pro games. C++ is very hard in comparison but around 10x faster than C#. You will not need that performance edge for a long time. It matters only in largest games. In Unity you can also write plugins in C++ if you badly need speed. In Unity you should use Microsoft Visual Studio Community for writing code. It's also free. Compilers translate human-readable code to machine-readable.
  5. It worked on Windows 8.1. Game over menu doesn't show text on the buttons. The bets part of this project is that you chose something small and finished it. This is smart of you. Focus on finishing more advanced projects and you will be pro in no time. :)
  6. Shadertoy.com Issue

    It's a subtle issue, I see. I just don't want to get sued. Thanks for help.
  7. Shadertoy.com Issue

    I will give a little example. On that site there are many "plasma" effects. This class of effects is known since around 1990. The trick to nice plasma is creating good compound sinus function. All of the plasmas there use the same base algorithm, they only have a few lines slightly different trigonometric equations with slightly different constants etc. Most plasmas are around 10 - 25 lines of code. Do you seriously insist I have to contact some dude in order to use a single line of sinus compounds?   When I find some code online in a tutorial or article I can use it as I see fit and nobody sane would sue me for doing so.   AFAIK nobody can own algorithms or equations. Nobody can prevent me from improving some common algorithmic method and selling work based on it.
  8. I would like to use shaders from www.shadertoy.com as backgrounds in my commercial game. The site uses CC "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported" license. I don't want to copy those shaders verbatim. I will translate them from GLSL to Cg and maybe modify or optimize. I also have an effect engine which can blend many shader effects at the same time. I'm not sure what to do. Can I simply take those shaders and run? Should I contact every single shader author whose code I use?   Some of those shaders are 10 line long or less.  
  9. Every single good 3D game engine is written in C++. There is no other reasonable choice.
  10. Pix Craft

    I would try a PC build. These kind of games are terrible on mobile.
  11. Minecraft Pixel Art Cost

      I'm from Poland. 50 bucks per hour is a lot here.
  12. Code design problems again :(

    Only VERY simple objects are fully instantiated through constructors in practice. For a huge game like Dota 2 their systems are much more sophisticated. For ex. I'm sure their characters are very data-driven, so they load a lot of stuff from XML files etc. Good character system for a game like Dota 2 may require months of design and years of implementation and polish... by a team.
  13. How do you finish a game!

    1. Work solo, unless you can pay people. 2. Pick a project you can safely make solo in a reasonable time. 3. Make detailed documentation and schedule before you start.
  14. Minecraft Pixel Art Cost

    I browsed a bit. OMG, 50 bucks per hour is not unusual. I calculated that my art requires more than 1k hours. That means that I need around 50k$ at least. XD
  15. If you want to make something which will look decent on Steam or on Google Play then Unity is the way to go.