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  1. Thal

    Using Content from a Book

    This book is a "compilation" of puzzles. This means that authors themselves state that they are NOT original creators of the content they published. They only "compiled" it from various sources.
  2. I would like to use a puzzle in my game which I found in a book. Is this legal? Do I have to credit the book?
  3. Thal


    It looks very complex. Show a video from gameplay.
  4. I tried it. You have a long way to go. Music is annoying. It's hard to read when somebody sings. I tried to enter combat, but couldn't move my ship. I set sails but nothing happened. It didn't move. You need to work more on making your game more accessible. I lost patience quickly because I couldn't move my ship.
  5. Thal

    My first finished game "Cube defender"

    For a first game it's nice. It looks feature rich and playable. Your problem is that you are clearly not an artist. This greatly limits the appeal of your game because it's full of "programmer art".
  6. Recently GameDev.net servers failed and they are still not fully up. For ex. many user albums don't work, including mine. Is this being worked on?
  7. I released an article series for beginners about basics of game development: https://www.gamedev.net/blogs/blog/3040-make-video-games-like-a-pro/. It contains many tips, insights and dozens of solid book recommendations.
  8. Thal

    Game Name Issue

    Wow, that's a huge risk. It seems I must change that name. Thanks!
  9. I'm making a game which similar to another game on Steam. My game is more sophisticated, it's not a simple clone. Lets say that the original game is named "Nice". My game will be named "Nicer". I would like to have a name which similar to the original game, because it gives me instant recognition. AFAIK, the original game is not a registered brand/trademark. Is it legal to make a similar game with a similar name? I know that I can make a similar game, but I'm not sure about a similar name. The worst thing that could happen to me is that my game is removed from Steam because of some kind of legal action on the part of the original developer.
  10. Thal

    Critique my first game

    I watched the trailer. It has very good pixel art. Music is nice. It looks polished. The problem is that it seems a bit to complex and cerebral. This was the same mistake I made with my first puzzler. I made my game too demanding.
  11. It's funny that you say that you "finished planning" and ask "what to do next". When you have a GOOD project plan then you KNOW what should be done in what order. This is called "critical path".
  12. First trailer is very cool. Nice 80's TV aesthetics.
  13. Thal

    Absolute beginner to C. Need help

    Start with C# and Unity. It's free and scales well with your skill. It's easy for beginners but can be used also for pro games. C++ is very hard in comparison but around 10x faster than C#. You will not need that performance edge for a long time. It matters only in largest games. In Unity you can also write plugins in C++ if you badly need speed. In Unity you should use Microsoft Visual Studio Community for writing code. It's also free. Compilers translate human-readable code to machine-readable.
  14. It worked on Windows 8.1. Game over menu doesn't show text on the buttons. The bets part of this project is that you chose something small and finished it. This is smart of you. Focus on finishing more advanced projects and you will be pro in no time. :)
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