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  1. JokinenHarri

    Crypts of Death: Free Android mobile RPG

    It's a really fresh and interesting take on the rpg genre! I really like it Hope to see more updates in the future.
  2. JokinenHarri

    [Android] HazManiac

    Hello there! I just recently finished developing my first android title, HazManiac. It's an arcade sidescroller shooter with graphics inspired by the early Worms games. The project was a two-man game, and I did all the visual stuff and most of the audio work. It's not the fanciest thing ever, but rather a playground for us to sink our claws into mobile development. The game is available for 0.99 at GooglePlay. There are few known bugs that we're still working on. The online high score being one, which we'll switch to local highscore in the next version. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grm.hazmaniac Any feedback is welcome! We'll probably move to a different genre after this one, as sidescrolker sets its own technical and artistic limitations.
  3. HazManiac - A new upgrade just released! https://t.co/h1imwU8Vhs Now with price discount! #Gamedev #IndieDev #arcade http://t.co/voVZ596v21
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