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  1. Isvar Arthur

    Advice for education

    Problem is she's not sure what path to take. I think that's due to her lack of proper focus over existing alternatives out there. But at that age, that is completely normal. On the other hand, she is manifestly skilled and capable of very highlighted creations... with the proper tools. Maybe it's time to ask her if she wants to go heavy on code and dare to make Pygame creations, or if the temptation to go directly to any kind of desired game is even stronger and agrees to try GameMaker or Construct (and not being too far away from the likes of Scratch).
  2. Isvar Arthur

    Advice for education

    Hi folks! I'm trying to set the "correct" path for the game education of a young girl (12). I work under the Scratch environment but she is reaching its limits, so it's better to find a new challenge. What do you think to be the best advice? If there is too few details or so, please give indications about that in order to receive thorougly responses. Example: she has almost zero knowledge about Java and nothing about other languages. But good news are she is relatively fluent with Python. So, my first idea was to get into the Pygame world to take advantage of her present knowledge rather than starting from zero in another environment. Thanks for your replies!
  3. Isvar Arthur

    The libGDN Project

    Indeed, it was curiosity that drove me to ask, because The libGDN Project looks so old, but with a very deliberate purpose in its day and age. So good to be provided with that kind of tools, but then came SDL and then SFML (the latter, in fact my choosed one, although recently been researching with the 4.2 version of Allegro)   My question was in the hope to be shed some light from somebody involved in the project back in the day...wether as developer or user. Are not there veterans?
  4. Isvar Arthur

    The libGDN Project

    Hi! I wanted to make a question to the most veteran members: Is 'The libGDN Project' still active or at least in any form of paused activity? The libGDN Project Web Site: http://libgdn.sourceforge.net/   And the most relevant, and discouraging result, found in this same forums: https://www.gamedev.net/topic/255491-what-happened-to-libgdn/?hl=%20libgdn I discovered it while in search for a good old library (MS-DOS driven preferably) and it surprised pleasantly me (Last Update is 2013, while Registered in 2002). Furthermore, what is The libGDN Project exactly?    Because I understand The libGDN Project is any kind of libraries/APIs useful to game developing, but I'm not sure if it is really an engine (or equivalent), or at least it offers some tools In any case, is it worth to try and develop anytihing using it?  
  5. Isvar Arthur

    Game Programming Complexity

    best part comes when you stablish your own patterns. Good guides for me were http://www.planet-source-code.com/ and http://www.programmersheaven.com/
  6. Isvar Arthur

    New interface

    Sorry if this is repeated: now on Android is seen the reputation, but it is messed with the date of post, so neither is readable. 480X854 is the resolution Edited: funny enough, in the first very moment of actualization you can see it well (without reput.) And in panoramic mode it's not perfect bit much much better
  7. Isvar Arthur

    2D rotation

    It's not exactly a typo, the fact is that the 'w' is the closest representation of ? (Omega, the greek character, used for angles) in qwerty keyboard.
  8. Isvar Arthur

    Decent engine for Top-down games?

    Hello,I don't know too details about LibGdx much but it is said to fit perfectly that kind of project. That is for the Java side, but if you choose to go C, you have excellent libs in Allegro and SDL. And the same for C++ with SFML. All they are perfectly suited for the task of making videogames with the feeling of the image you posted.
  9. Isvar Arthur

    Fantasy Scene

    so cute and neat characters!Children would love that style. Do you have any progress?
  10. Isvar Arthur

    Where do I start as a 2D artist?

    If dyou like pixelart (prresent in so many mobile apps) cosmigo promotion is great, just like your shown art. ;)
  11. Isvar Arthur

    Next Step

    when you master the ball rebound, try to change angles according to where it was
  12. Good point of Box2D being that, akin to how logical maps work (independent to real screen coordinates), is not tied to the actual graphical representation
  13. Isvar Arthur

    Critique of my Art

    I like the overall shapes and so, but the excess in contrast you have to be careful if it serves really good in-game. That detail justifies it
  14. You can follow the others folks' tips or simply make transitions between the classics 8 X 8 (or whatever) grids, being snake not inmediately controlable until next grid is reached.
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