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  1. wumpus1415

    WinRT vs Win32 in game development

      It's gonna be interesting to see what kind of games we're gonna be able to squeeze out of the Raspberry Pi! Can't wait to try that out!
  2. wumpus1415

    WinRT vs Win32 in game development

    Yeah it's just about good software architecture!
  3. wumpus1415

    WinRT vs Win32 in game development

    Yeah Sorry! Totally forgot about Windows RT!   I'm a C++ programmer so I'd definetly choose native code, reading through some stuff it seems like the syntax is pretty different from standard C++. Could be painful to port the code for other platforms...   If Windows 10 will allow Win32-based programs then I guess is about choosing what's best for the game and what's his purpose.   Thanks SmkViper.
  4. wumpus1415

    WinRT vs Win32 in game development

    Ah. Didn't know RT is discontinued!
  5. Hello, I've always been coding games using Win32 apps. I was wondering if is wise to switch to WinRT apps. Does anybody have any kind of information about that? I belive you can see this subject from different point of view: 1) Of course using WinRT you have more platforms available, like mobile stuff for example. 2) What about performance? I'm not that expert of WinRT and it would be nice if you could share info about that.  
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