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  1. alecm

    Units Factories

    It seems like Race A and Race C have the same problem, where the Player can run into trouble for not building the right type of factory. In A, the Player chooses from a list of factories and builds them, but suddenly really needs (idk) tank factories, but never built any. In C, the Player builds some factories and sets them to produce planes and artillery. Suddenly he needs tanks, but can't produce any.   You could go with A, but make the factory types vague/general instead of each one producing one kind of unit. So the Player would be able to build an Airbase, a Seaport, a Mechanized Base or an Infantry base. The Airbase would only build aerial units, but the Player would have to specify production between assault coptors, transport coptors, bombers, supply planes, fighters, etc. The difference between the mechanized and infantry bases could be heavier/lighter units (or close/long ranged), so the player has to consider what kind of battle it will be before committing to building a factory?
  2. alecm

    Spells and Psionics

    The psionic class has a lot of skills about seeing into minds and stuff, so could one of their spells reveal the map of the current area temporarily? What about the ability to determine information about enemies, like their exact hp, level, elemental weaknesses, etc? Higher level spells could see through time, giving the Player an indication of what move the enemy will likely use next, or just "see the future" which provides insight about the incoming attack and grants the character increased counter chance for a bit. Or a psychic scream which can be used on the map, and lowers the rate of enemy encounters.   Also, the results of rolling a d100 can be pretty volatile, but the average outcome will still be a lot higher (>2x) than any other speel you've listed. If the cost of such a spell is poorly balanced, it could make all the other damage spells not worth using.   An option that could help fill up the spell list is to give a class spells from the other, with a different name and a bit of re balancing. For example, the Mage gets the Linguist spell at a pretty low level. Maybe the Maelstrom could get a similar spell at a higher level, but with a bit of a downside bc languages aren't their jam. Like Secrets of the Progenitor: Read a scroll/wtv in a different language, but does a sanity check or something. So the Player can still access some of those skills, even in they don't have the right party composition. Or being forced to make their Party a certain way because only one person has a skill (I hate this Thief so much, but no one else in the Party can unlock chests, so he's coming with me I guess).
  3. alecm

    Empire wide buildings

    Could the number of space docks a planet has be directly determined by the planet's population? Or do you want it to be  a decision of the Player?   If you want to implement planetary "buildings" without going into a planet-specific interface, maybe this could be done by having a construction side panel that can be opened when looking at the galactic map. Construction of a new thing at a certain planet by clicking and dragging the thing from the panel onto the planet on the map. Information about what planets that construction is viable on could be relayed via changes in the map while the item is being dragged around (if it can't be built on a planet, that planet turns red, dims out, etc)
  4. alecm

    Relation between mines & factories

    So, the way it is now, mines -> minerals which go into factories -> goods? What if there were several uses for minerals (instead of just one), and the Player has access to a slider or something that determines how quickly that thing gets done? Like a pie chart with each slive being a different facet (consumer goods, military equipment, research equipment, etc)
  5. alecm

    A Truly Magical Empire Building Game

    Didn't mean to give you a -1, that was a misclick :(    This seems like some really cool ideas, though
  6. alecm

    Empire wide buildings

    If you don't want it to be planet-specific, then maybe Buildings are the wrong type of thing (though the parallel to Civ buildings is a good reference point), as any building would HAVE to be built on a planet, even if it had empire-wide effects. Instead, maybe there could be agendas (edicts, policies, platforms, decrees, idk what is a suitable word) that could be focused on. Like the general implicit goal of the empire, spread through propaganda and stuff.   So the Player (emperor) is like hm I need to beef up my science so I'm going to deploy the propaganda that promoted education, research funding and interstellar exploration.   This could have the same effects as any building (+5 sciences a turn; +2 to science; -4 to killing aliens) and not require clicking on planets. The only difference would be that it's not a permanent bonus, like buildings (pretty much) are. Maybe individual planets could have (invisible) meters that fill as you stay on the same propaganda train, and when they fill up that planet gets a building or something that provides a bonus to that specific ideology.   ...Though, that's back to planet specific buildings lol
  7. I would argue that Nidhogg's combat perhaps lacks complexity, not depth, but that's besdie the point. Here are my thoughts on your proposed control scheme:    - You said 2D action-platformer, so I can't help but think of Castlevania. I'm not sure exactly what kind of gameplay you're looking for, but it might not be a bad idea to look at control schemes from newer 2D Castlevanias (Symphony of the Night onward, especially the DS ones. Order of Ecclesia had two attack buttons, like the stab/thrust thing you're toying with), as they're solid control schemes that will be familiar to a lot of people. They go more or less like this: Move/run -> left/right on dpad; crouch -> down on dpad; attack button(s) (one or two); jump button; directional roll with left/right triggers; divekick -> down + jump in mid-air; slide -> crouch + jump; special attack -> up + attack. Attacking is possible from standing, running, crouching, jumping.    - The Player is never denied the ability to attack, except in hitstun and recovery animations.    - Can slide without any momentum. Useful for staying under attacks, or moving under a dangerous area.    - State change of running -> crouching is possible. It is not in your proposed layout, which I imagine could be really frustrating, as crouching seems to be how you block.    - On that note, frontal blocking while crouching seems really strong, as you already get the reduced hurtbox while crouching, and the ability to dodge.    - If "throw weapon"'s input became up+attack, you could give the throw different properties when done with stab or thrust. Like a slow and fast throw on the ground, and 30/60 degree angle when done in the air.    - Having the roll/sidestep on their own buttons means that it can be done out any state. This allows for air-dodges and the potential for cancelling moves with lengthy recoveries.    - The "dire" state seems like not a great idea. Changing/removing abilities of the Player at a time where they have to be extra-careful with their actions seems unfair, and could lead to a lot of frustration. If they GAINED those abilities, like the health regen and the ranged attack, then it's another story.    - The alternate moveset while weaponless seems pretty cool. Would they have to go pick up their sword again, or would it boomerang/respawn in their hand?    - The landing recovery is an interesting idea, but it could lead to some frustration. What if the Player just wanted to jump again after landing? Perhaps this could be only after being knocked into the air by an attack, like ukemis in fighting games (quickly recover from a fall).
  8. alecm

    Space archeology (4X)

      A list of known ruins that the Player could "disallow for future digs" doesn't sound like a bad idea. Maybe there could also be a prompt that comes up whenever archaeos are about to be commited to a dangerous dig like "are you sure you want to commit to this dig? There's a chance that not everyone will make it back.". And a checkbox for "Never show me this in the future", so experienced players won't have to deal with it
  9. alecm

    Space archeology (4X)

    What if each of the 3 ancient races had a type of relic/artifact associated with it? ie Race A -> wapons/military stuff; Race B -> domestic/planetary growth stuff; Race C technology/science stuff. That would lead to less information being needed by the Player, as all they need to know is the race. Prioritizing the Race to do archeo stuff with would intrinsically be saying I want to excavate these kinds of relics to receive these kinds of bonuses. All they'd need to do is look at a planet and see which race inhabited it to know if they want to begin excavation.   The resource that gets used for archaeological endavours could simply be Archaeologists. Using a triangle slider as suggested by Polama sounds like a solid idea, as the Player could see where their archaeo points are being spent at a glance. The slider could auto-adjust the other two races as the other is adjusted by the Player, with the option to manually adjust all 3, as well as what planets they get assigned to? Or, all planets could have such a slider, and there's a big galactic one that represents the average across every planet. Then, it would also make sense that it's the same resource for excavating relics as it is studying them, and it seems legit that performing one task detracts from your capability to perform the other.   As for a way to simulate digs on unfriendly planets, perhaps there could a chance that some archaeologists will die during the excavation. If there wasn't a some extra incentive to do this, though, it would be strictly worse than just waiting until the planet was captured. Maybe if it's a red accessibility planet then there will always be extra relics/resources gained from a heathen shrine on the site or something
  10.   Consider Square Enix's Thief reboot from last year - it was pretty much universally disliked, and that game looks fine as far as today's graphics go. Rather, players took issue with the uninspired gameplay. The recent successes of the 3DS remakes of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask further contradict your point.   Lastly, consider games like Super Meat Boy, Shovel Knight, VVVVV, Luftrausers, Nidhogg, Grow Home, (...). These games do not have great graphics by the current standards (rather, they have style),  though they have all enjoyed varying degrees of critical and commercial success.
  11. A game with poor graphics but great gameplay can still be played decades later. There are plenty of examples - consider Thief: The Dark Project, Super Mario Bros. 3, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Street Fighter 2, etc.. A game with great graphics but poor gameplay is quickly forgotten (or occasionally, lives on in infamy).   That's not to say that graphics don't matter. Games that aim to evoke empathy/emotional responses are often aided in this endeavour by quality graphics. Though, graphics aren't always needed for that, either, as games like To The Moon or a lot of early JRPGs show us. 
  12. alecm

    Ground combat (strategy, SF)

    This is pretty close to what you have, but what if after winning the space portion of the battle around a planet, the Player is asked how much of the invading fleet he wants to invest in fully capturing the planet, with a minimum of 1 fleet or wtv. Capturing the planet at this point is always guaranteed, but how many/ the health of fleets deployed this way can make the capturing process take less time. Once the surface-side resistance has been subdued, the fleets could return to spaceship form.   There could be different factors that affect the capturing time, like policies/edicts, morale, unit X caps faster on rocky planets and slower on gas giants, etc.   The key difference here is that after committing units the Player won't have to spend time worrying about the outcome of the battle. This method sort of removes any potential for defensive ground combat, though (maybe a garrisoned fleet could slow the cap time?). Maybe the capture process could be halted if any friendly fleet reaches the planet, eg: Player A bodies the fleets around Player B's planet, and commits a small force to cap the planet, and sends the remainder of his army off on other conquests. The capturing will take 8 turns, so Player B has enough time to order a fleet to haul ass and get to the planet. When the fleet arrives, the invading ground troops are destroyed, thus ceasing the capturing process. Player B has full control of the planet once more, and Player A vows to leave behind a fleet or two next time, to support the ground troops, and prevent any disrupturing of the capture process.
  13. Having a delay upon ordering the mod to it actually being installed seems like a surefire way to make the Player not change them all the time, but if you're opposed to that then there are probably other ways. Here are some suggestions:    - Instead of a period of delay upon installation, there could be a period of adjustment, where the fleet suffers combat penalties for a few battles/turns where they get acclimated to the new gear.     - Or, if there are too many adjustments in a short time period, the fleet could get disgruntled or something?    - Make it so that after installation, a mod cannot be uninstalled for like 3-4 turns or so. The Player would have to consider the effects of the mod over a longer period of time.    - Alternatively, after the uninstallation of a mod, make that mod unavailable for installation (in any slot) in that fleet for N turns, because the hardware needs to be "resupplied".    - Some mods could only last N turns/battles, and then supplies run out and it cannot be used again until resupplied (there's a cooldown)
  14. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, the survival of paper money seems highly unlikely. The coins that supplement the paper money, though, seems a lot more durable. Coins like pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters are common in North America, and would still be common enough to exist after your average apocalypse, even if there's no continuing production.   Additionally, it's a "new" currency system, so you're not necessarily bound to 1 nickel = 5 pennies, etc. Different coins could have higher value in certain settlements (Clan A really likes dimes, so it'll take 8 dimes to buy bread instead of 10 nickels), or certain settlements could each have their own "currency" (settlement B accepts only pennies, settlement C accepts only quarters).   If you set it in Canada, you have two more coins to work with! :D ( 1$ loonies and 2$ toonies)
  15. alecm

    Audience (space empire, 4X)

    Are you looking solely for narratives that could take place in an "Audience with the Emperor" situation, or are you hoping to see narratives paired with gameplay ramifications? While the latter is what (I hope, at least) will be in the game, it's difficult to think up ways to impact the game systems when those systems aren't kknown to us. If that's what you're looking for, maybe give a brief overview of the types of systems/resources/mechanics you're ok with the Audience mechanic interacting with.   If you're just looking for imperial court stories, however, I imagine there has to be tons of medieval political/fantasy literature out there, take a look at some of those scenarios, and think up their future/sci-fi equivalents, maybe.   Some potential ideas:    - Two delegates from neighbouring planets need you to settle some sort of territorial dispute (who has to clean up the crashed space station, who has the right to mine an asteroid on their border, etc). Influence with the planet you favour could increase, and decrease for the other planet.    - Some fancy noble wants you to find a suitor for their daughter. Candidates could include nobles from other planets (provides some sort of trade agreement/bonus between the two planets), or alien races (the planet will be more tolerant of that race or something idk).    - After a combat scenario, a war hero could make an appearance for a medal ceremony. In addition to the medals, you decide how much of a "reward for outstanding service to the imperial legion" you give him, in gold (or some other resource). A generous reward will increase morale (strength) of the army, and the opposite for a measly reward.    - Public execution of an enemy spy(?)    - Some sort of space gypsy witch offers to do the science fiction equivalent of reading your fortune. This could be an opportunity for the game to cryptically give information to the player that they wouldn't otherwise be able to know, like warning of future attacks, revolts, assassination attempts, etc.    - Meeting with advisers. In Civilization 5 the Player as access to a group of advisers that essentially give tutorial messages about various aspects of the game (econmy, diplomacy, science, etc). This is an interesting way of giving the Player access to tutorial material while still making sense in the fiction of the game. Every audience day, maybe one of the people could be a different adviser, ready to give a bit of advice if the Player is having trouble.    - Could be given the opportunity to create laws/policies regarding race/gender equality, or even military ethics (should this alien race make as much as humans per hour? should a [alien race] thief be punished more than a human thief? what should be the penalty for not adhering to these laws (alien racists/sympathizers)? is chemical/nuclear/laser warfare permitted,/ethical?). These are interesting questions that games don't cover very much (at all?), and it'd cool to see a little bit of social commentary (or at least reflection) in a genre usually devoid of it.
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