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  1.   Im actually not young anymore. Im already on my 20s. I will trying learning both at the same time. Ill try doing unreal on week days after my stupid work :D i guess and low level directx on weekends. Im not really sure if this will work. I want to learn 3D game engine cause I want to get into game industry yet I am always curious to what is going on under hood. That way when I am learning DX I kinda still have an idea on whats going on even though I am learning unreal as well.
  2.   No not at all.. Ive seen this kind of reasoning on some forums. When I try searching on google. But the only specific thing that I feel like cheating is on game engines. Kinda weird really.
  3.   hahaha Amazing. You know whats going to happen. And yes most of them is going to happen. Some of them is happening currently.   have you been this path before? would be much better if you could share your experience :D
  4.   I don't think you know what that means. I believe it means - code your games, once you realize that you have many features that you are using/reusing a lot. Make an engine around them.     its good to see someone who can see the deeper meaning of that. Most people just take it literally :D
  5.   I know the feeling. I always want to see whats going on behind the scenes.
  6.   I see this as a good side. Maybe because there's not much a lot of information that will make you overwhelmed back then?
  7.   Is this the game your talking about   How long are they doing that.     This is the hardest part. I even dont know where is this coming from and why am i feeling this way.
  8.   I like your analogy of using 10 programmers.    Actually I want to get into game industry. I believe that in order to break into that I got to understand the lower level stuff but I dont have the time to learn them all. If I do learn it, I maybe too old to get into game dev.
  9.   Actually I have zero creativity too.   But i believe in practice. Before I was thinking the same thing.
  10.   Good to know its not just me. But yes you are right, If I am going to make something I want it to be 100% mine. I know it sounds to selfish. :D
  11.   Maybe Ill try to use UDK for about 2 months or so. See how it feels.   BTW I became curious on your engine. Did you make an editor for it as well?
  12.   I was going to this path tbh. I first started SFML. Soon i realize SFML doesnt support android much. I want my game where I can see it on my android. This gives me sometimes a motivation when im on break working on my job(which I really really hate). Then I move to XNA/Monogame. I created a pong game there. It was fun. Soon I realize that if I want to get into game industry I got to learn 3d. So I started 3D on XNA.  This is where I kind of understand the matrix. (view, world, projection). Then I tried it on monogame to put it on my phone. It works but then when I started to do some simple shading. Thats where I got the problem and monogame community doesnt give much help either.  Googled a liitle bit and I found that monogame is using DX10 if im not mistaken. So now, since there's not much proper tutorial on dx10, I bought a book. and to my surprise. It takes like a lot of code just to make a screen. Like really you got to do some win32 and then the shading. and I said OMG, Like really when am i going to make a game if this is the path I am going with.   This is where I tried unreal. But somehow, I always get this feeling of "not right". I dont know, I really really want to make a game, but I dont understand where is this feeling of  "not right" coming from. So confusing.
  13.   A lil bit yeah. But i still cant shake this feeling that I dunno, it doesnt feel right.   My mind is playing tricks again
  14. I did search on google for this one, but no matter how hard I try I cant seem to shake this feeling of cheating when I am going to use game engine. Like say for example I was learning UDK yesterday then suddenly I just got this feeling that "is this right?". I dunno I just feel like using game engine is kind of spoon feeding.( i know its kinda rude but please understand its just my opinion.).   For all  PROs out there. Did you feel this way when you were starting? How did you reason yourself with that when you sometimes feel like it was kind of cheating?   Ive read some threads here and most people started making games without using game engine. Do you sometimes times think that a "real game developer" start from the scratch or use some sort of library like (XNA,SDL, SFML)?    
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