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  1. SpyGlobe

    Name my game!

    Space Opera
  2. SpyGlobe

    How to start?

    Coding isn't hard and it's nothing to be scared of. it's really easy. All you need to do is look at a tutorial for displaying text that says "Hello world!" then move on from there
  3. SpyGlobe

    Help with C# XNA/Monogame

    Wow I can't believe I fixed this problem I was about to give up. Thanks everyone
  4. I need the character to be able to shoot fireballs only every 12 seconds. But I can still shoot before 12 seconds and I don't want that. So when I shoot a fireball I try to record it as the current GameTime.ElapsedGameTime value but it's not working.   here is the code // Create a readonly variable which specifies how often the user can shoot. private static readonly TimeSpan ShootInterval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(12); // Keep track of when the user last shot. Or null if they have never shot in the current session. private TimeSpan? LastFireballShot; private void UpdateFireball(GameTime theGameTime, KeyboardState aCurrentKeyboardState) { foreach (Fireball aFireball in mFireballs) { aFireball.Update(theGameTime); } if (aCurrentKeyboardState.IsKeyDown(Keys.RightControl) == true && mPreviousKeyboardState.IsKeyDown(Keys.RightControl) == false) { //the user is trying to shoot if (LastFireballShot == null || theGameTime.ElapsedGameTime - (TimeSpan)LastFireballShot >= ShootInterval) { // Allow the user to shoot because he either has not shot before or it's been 1 second since the last shot. ShootFireball(); } }
  5. SpyGlobe

    Killing off Flash and the impact that would have

    But many of them also use HTML5 as an alternative (like youtube for example)
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