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  1. Thanks for the advice guys! This was helpful! 
  2. Hi guys, I getting a little bit concerned here. I released my game on the 14 of July hoping downloads would just sparkle; like all of you I worked really hard trying to meet the development/release deadline (12 months in my case) and felt happy with the results.   But, tomorrow 10 days will have passed and my game has a deplorable 1+ downloads showing in the Google Play Store profile page. The downloads are nonexistent . What's more depressing is that (maybe subjective here) worse games are rocking with 1000 downloads(of which 400 are 5 star ratings, lol, you know the story ) ...    How should i track this ? Is there any hope of improvement ,can it get better from here, or can it only stay worse as it is ? It's as if I don't appear in Google Play searches (I only have 50 video views in Youtube analythics for my Trailer video from the google play profile page) . I'm from Eastern Europe would that make a difference to Google ?    I won't post a link to my game so to not make this post seem like a plug but if you're interested you can search it in Google Play, it's called Space Blockers .    This is a really disappointing experience for me , hope you guys give me some feedback as to what I'm doing wrong (besides the video trailer , I'm working on that, ... even though I've seen much worse with tens of thousands of downloads).   Thank you! 
  3. Hi again guys! This is the first final release of Space Blockers . I managed to make the Free version totally Permission Free. We all know how annoying apps can be when asking us for these kind of privileges.   In Space Blockers you basically have to shoot Blockers (dooh) in order to freeze them at the correct angle so that they deploy their force-fields and interrupt the electron barrier that would otherwise electrocute us. That way we can pass the barriers safely and make our synapses grow like they've never grown before!    The game includes 64 levels with incrementing difficultly, of course, demanding good reflexes, timing and concentration.    The closer(smaller) the deployed blocker's angle is to the perfect angle the better the score therefore more stars we will earn. Unblock all electron barriers and you clear the next level.    I hope you'll like it !     
  4. alexwebe

    Space Blockers 1.0

    Hi guys! This is my game: Space Blockers .     It's an unusual kind of space shooter. You basically have to shoot at Blockers in order to stop their movement , but their stopping angle is very important. If their angle is below a certain limit then the Blocker will expand and block the electron barrier which will otherwise electrocute you if it remained unblocked.    Unblock all blockers and you clear the next level. The closer the Blocker's stopping angle is to the perfect angle the better the score and the more stars you will earn.   It took 10 months to develop this game using Libgdx and Blender.        
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