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  1. Kenneth Koonce

    New to programming!

    I want to design video games, i can draw ok, but not good enough. so i do not wanna deal with the art portion of the game.
  2. Kenneth Koonce

    New to programming!

    I apologize for not being clear. I want to write code for video games. Halp! :)  
  3. Kenneth Koonce

    New to programming!

    I just picked up Java Programming Fourth Edition by D.S. Malik (From wifes college days). Should i keep reading or should I put it down and pick up something else. Everything I am reading says go from Java to C# to C++
  4. Kenneth Koonce

    New to programming!

    I am not looking to make a game right now. Not looking for an engine. I want to know which coding language i should start with? What other languages should i learn? I want to take baby steps, im not in a rush. Learning is better than jumping into a game right now. I am debating on switching my major to computer science. I want to work for a company that makes such games as stated in my first post.
  5. Kenneth Koonce

    New to programming!

    Hello gamedev comminuty,           I have never written code or anything. I want to design video games such as WoW, LoL, Smite, etc...Please tell me where to start. Like I said, I have no coding experience. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys and gals!
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