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  1. Seems ok, but it is still annoying to get snapped back to correct position. Will try to simplify geometry and see how that works.
  2. But this already happens every 1 second , sending server positions to client, client checking if the difference is not too large. My idea would be to send the client position ( as I already send inputs 25 times per second), and then the server would do checks and correct player as soon as differences occur. But that would fill bandwidth , I think I would rather simplify my geometry and avoid too many glitchy corners and edges, and also try and maybe tweak the player physics.
  3. I am not even using the raw physics( rigid body and dynamic things ), I actually use the character controller they made it especially for movements and such. I think my only solution is to build a manual character controller, which is not easy at all. OR is there any other work around this?
  4. Thanks for reply. The de-sync is for example : my client while pushing an edge ,keeps moving slowly until it reaches the end(and then it "bursts" in speed ), well..on the server, the position might be a bit different (i don't know why) and it gets to the edge quicker,"bursting" quicker, therefore the server sends the correct position, and since they are different I get snapped to the server position.   Unity physics might be the issue,I heard they are not precise, and me using the default character controller for collisions and movements might result in different positions.   As a side note, I am not using time to measure things,I rather use ticks, like each commands I send to the server are coming with a move_ID int, that keeps increasing by 1 each frame(this happening on a fixed update).   Since all happen in fixed update ,all done carefully to be deterministic, I guess unity physics are to blame. It never ,ever de-syncs while I am not pushing hard into complex geometry, so I am sure its physics to blame.
  5. Hello. I ll be short on it. 1. I am running an authoritative mp model. 2. The loop works like this - client generates inputs using an inputManager class ,now ,based on the inputs it moves the player ,then , it will RPC the server with the inputs and a moveID,and finally saves its own state for later rewinding and replaying. 3.Server does movements as soon as it gets inputs from player. 4. I use character controller (unity engine )for colission detection. 5. Everything runs in a fixed time step using fixed update set at a 25 fps rate. THE PROBLEM Everything works just great but if I push into corners and walls and more sophisticated geometry , and I keep pushing into it intensely, after a while it starts to lose synchronisation with the server.Everything else works perfect though.. Is this normal? Should I use more simplistic geometry in order to prevent that, or is this happening because of some errors in netcode?
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