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    How Do I Become A Video Game Composer?

    This is the best example of my voice acting and writing. No one will take me on so i wrote hunted.   https://soundcloud.com/misfiteyes/sets/camp-fire-stories       As well a cartoon i made my self  
  2. musically passionate

    How Do I Become A Video Game Composer?

    Hello, William Patterson here.      I have been a music major for 4 years of my life and have completed over 90 units of music education.  I am now only 1 and 1/2 units away from my music performance certificate.  So I’m not amazing, but I memorized my homework and am very well versed.   My questions:   I have been looking around the internet for an entry level position at an independent video game business.  I have been reading up here and there on how to do so as well. I have applied at several, however, to my expectations, the only positions I could find were at the more well known companies and no one has replied. This is somewhat discouraging considering that I write about 1 to 2 songs a week, can write on command by description for midi or live (best with my bass) transcription, and have 12 years experience on stage, 8 studying in and out of school. and over 2,500 practice hours (not to put my self up just to explain my situation better). My questions in short are:   Is there a effective site online where i can pitch my work?    Is there a network one can join for free?    What are the exact or general requirements for joining said organizations?    How can I get the attention of an underground/independent game studio for an entry level position to work my way up?    other questions:   What are the qualifications for a voice actor?   if you're interested in what type of music I write, here is one of my best midi compositions: https://soundcloud.com/misfiteyes/the-longest-life-of-megaman
  3. musically passionate

    How Do I Become A Video Game Composer?

    i listened to the whole Bastion soundtrack. It was very intricate and very tasteful; the Ori and the Blind Forest soundtrack was very tastefully done as well. Are there any other books anyone can suggest?
  4. musically passionate

    How Do I Become A Video Game Composer?

    This is becoming more insightful, thank you.  I will pick up those books and read them.  In the past, I have taken a course or two on the basics of music business, they did not cover gaming music very much.  Is it similar?  All of this advice has been very inspirational and I think I have a lead on where I can begin next.  So, Nate, would you say it would be a good idea to try to get in at a small phone app gaming company first?  Is that what you meant?  Because I hadn't even thought of that option.  It seems more realistic than my other endeavors.  And by the way, I did apply at Blizzard and Obsidian, lol.  Thank you.
  5. musically passionate

    How Do I Become A Video Game Composer?

    It is Logic Pro X
  6. musically passionate

    How Do I Become A Video Game Composer?

    If I wasn't clear about what kind of midi I was referring to before, I was referring to the kind you operate in a modern DAW using the grid system.  I transitioned from Guitar Pro 6 using strictly notation originally.  Here is a picture of a song I am not all too worried about being taken (as I'm sure it won't be, don't think anybody cares that much), but just to be clear on what kind of midi I am referring to.  Standard midi notation.    
  7. musically passionate

    How Do I Become A Video Game Composer?

    Thank you once again.    I now understand commercial appeal.  To analogize, It is like raising a child into an adult with the care and attention it requires, and one is not to unload ones own desires off on the project to create what one wanted it to become for them self, but more of as what it was meant to be for the developer. Thank you.    Midi   All of the above with the exception of midi controllers and (considering the old days, by which I believe you are referring to) 16 bit Atari and Game Boy techno and what not. Since I only write my midi tunes “note for note”, to say in the only way I have been saying it which I realize now (and I apologize if it sounds bad) is rude or pompous (authentic writing).    At times, for practice I write without listening and just write by theory, writing the entire song that way. That does not work every time, but works best sometimes. For example, https://soundcloud.com/misfiteyes/the-great-joyful-somber   My synth sounds lack, but my skills have never been with audio engineering/audio development so much as my skill set is strongest theoretically in the musical sense. Considering what you said it looks like that’s 50/50 (depending on musicality or sound and musicality) at times, anyway that’s what I gathered. Luckily for me, my lead guitarist is the one with adequate skills in audio engineering, as mine lacks with knobs, dynamic EQs, sequencers, tape delays, hardware and whatnot.      I've listened to about two hours of the music you've posted so far and I do like it.  But I do understand that that's not the reason that you showed it to me, I'm beginning to understand what you mean by "commercial".  The music I usually enjoy writing is very edgy, but I can see that might be hard to sell in this format.  All of your advice is very much appreciated.  If you wouldn't mind, may I please contact you in the future if I need valuable advice (and not just for any reason).  By the way, I bought Secret of Monkey Island 2 when I was in college.   I will be reaching out to those sites, thank you once again for all of your time in replying to my posts. My sincerest gratitude.    
  8. musically passionate

    How Do I Become A Video Game Composer?

    Thank you for the reply and insight.  Sorry to inundate you, but I had some more questions, if you don’t mind.   First of all, do you have any more in-depth tips on networking in the game industry pertaining specifically to person-to-person locating methods, if that makes sense. Currently I do have a network of about 100 rock musicians that I know, as well as more that I have worked with. However, I do not know anyone personally that makes video games in any way.    The sole reason I have the desire to write music for video games is because my writing style, when it comes to midi, is heavily influenced on classic games; I believe this style has remained popular in certain games consitantly throughout gaming history, here and there anyway, i.e. in games such as: Zelda, Megaman, Metroid, Mario. I feel that my style touches hints of those styles.  Not to mention I hear it on quite a few recent indie games (midi digital audio).     How/where do I find anyone who will be willing to let me work on a game for pay (or even for free) to get my name farther than it is now? Which, admittedly, is nowhere.   Also, by any chance, would you know what writing is like when you’re applying your music to a game? For example: do you write the music to the game, or write the music then apply it to the game or do they tell you what music to write to the game, etc etc?     Please explain further or simplify. I apologize if that sounds dumb.   My personal belief is that commercial appeal is narrow and falls in a common pattern. Should I break away from that point of view? And I ask that question with the most respect. If so, why?    Honestly, thank you for taking the time to answer. You have given me a better understanding of what is real. Your input is really appreciated.
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