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  1. AngeReveur

    Week of Awesome IV - The after party/judging thread

    Before the beginning of the competition I had the impression that custom engines are dying, but you guys surprised me. I told that I will give a digital copy of Dark Souls III (or the season pass if you already own the game) to the team which impress me most with a game developed using a custom engine, but after playing your games I just can't do it, I can't give prize to a single team. I have decided to give prizes to the top 5 teams which impressed me most with their games. My winners choice is totally subjective and the list is in random order, all the following are on 1st place: [spoiler] [spoiler] - Team: dmatter When playing your game I had the impression that I played a game downloaded from Nintendo 3DS Eshop, do you intend to publish it somewhere ? [/spoiler] [spoiler] - Team: Grey Army Have you ever played Fire Emblem ? Your game reminds me of the beautiful times when I discovered the gem Fire Emblem: Awakening.  [/spoiler] [spoiler] - Team: KodingNights First time when I played it in the middle of the night I had a creepy feeling similar to the first time when I played Silent Hill 2, I also had the impression that on every game run I discover an extra layer of... something. You have a very particular style.  [/spoiler] [spoiler] - Team: New New Things: Time travel exists. Your game made me travel back in time, somewhere in 80s-90s, in a dark room where on a fat CRT screen I am one with the character which is tresspassing the Forbidden City.  [/spoiler] [spoiler] - Team: Silviu Shader   Don't give up using DirectX, the start is promising ! [/spoiler] [/spoiler]   There were also other games which I enjoyed, but fell very shortly, keep up the good work !  
  2. AngeReveur

    Week Of Awesome IV - The Competition Thread

          I would love to have a run/sprint action, maybe with a stamina bar or the oil spilling while I do this :D . Also, was not very obvious that I have to press SPACE for going on with the dialogue and starting the action, but I think this would be fixed in the final version, good work ! :) .
  3. Last year was an awesome experience. This year I will not participate but I would like to give a prize to the team which will use a custom engine and will impress me most. The prize will be a Dark Souls III Digital Copy for each team member. Maybe if is possible when you post your entry to specify that is made in a custom engine so it will be easier for me to sort eligible teams :).
  4. AngeReveur

    Week Of Awesome III - The Afterparty/judging thread!

    Congratulations to the winners and a warm handshake to all the participants !   Big thanks to slicer4ever, the sponsors and all the judges.   First I was disappointed with my placement but after reading the judges' comments I understood better my mistakes and I will learn from them .   I hope I can come back next year, but as a little sponsor .
  5. AngeReveur

    Week Of Awesome III - The Afterparty/judging thread!

        Indeed is a bug, should have been perfectly fine to change to another chest, but because I have written in code timerEnabled == false; instead of timerEnabled = false; the functionality is broken.
  6. AngeReveur

    Week Of Awesome III - The Afterparty/judging thread!

        Great game and character design, I rated it maximum, but for this I expect in the next version to have the possibility to run/sprint .   I have put also my game : http://gamejolt.com/games/death-is-useful/86758         I have a dual monitor setup, one for programming, one for lurking .         Great job with the reviews, is an interesting feeling to receive my first review for a game, I feel important . Would be nice if every game would have a screenshot.   I want just to offer some insight, to see what was in the developer's mind about some aspects:     At the beginning of the game we can see that Death was missing and enemies can't be killed, but once we find it:   - Death is becoming useful because  the enemies can be killed - Death is is giving us some reward which can make the game experience to be more easy or more challenging by affecting our hero's abilities ( extra weapon stamina power; extra lives and checkpoints; halved weapon stamina power, no checkpoints, a timer which needs to be feed by killing enemies and as you discovered, an infinite dead loop if you try to change the tricky reward to a much pleasant one ( ) )   - we need to die for activating/changing the reward - after we die repeatedly we are learning the enemies behavior and locations, so we can get better at the game after dying repeatedly      I have figured out what is happening, is because you choose the tricky reward which gives you time limit after you die, and after you changed to another reward but the game still thinks there is a time limit active with 0 seconds remaining because I did this stupid thing: timerEnabled == false; instead of correctly: timerEnabled = false; :(   This is happening only when Death is missing, because our character cannot die, but he feels the pain which make him jump, the only solution is to use the teleporter and go back to the start of the level.     This is intentional and is a nod to my favorite game 'Dark Souls', where many things are cryptic, the player should find out by making a choice and observing what are the consequences of that choice. For this we are given just enough clues, choose 1 of 3 and after you die you will see the effect which they have on you.   Thank you for taking time and having patience to play my game until the end, it makes me  happy .   I am thinking in the future to improve my game by following: - right now you can shoot only straight forward, I want our hero to be able to shoot at any angle - add more diverse enemy types, also flying monsters so you can take advantage of shooting at any angle - add more weapon types - add some multiplayer functionality: you can summon other players to play  the level coop, you can be invaded by other players as enemy (Dark Souls again ) - find an appropriate name
  7. AngeReveur

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    Day 7 Epilogue   I just finished my final journal entry for The Week Of Awesome III. In few moments I will have 24 hours straight without sleeping. It surely was  an awesome week, the start was slow but the last 3 days were very productive, mainly fueled by excitement and euphoria, sleep and food was only for surviving. Full of excitement and euphoria because in one week I accomplished something which I didn't accomplished in ~8 years of calling myself an amateur game developer. This thanks to you, GameDev.net community .     The summary of my game story and gameplay:   The game starts with our hero, the White Knight, which finds himself in a mysterious, cold world where Death seems to be missing.   On his way to the unknown our hero finds out a huge ice block with something trapped in it. If we destroy the ice block we have a big surprise, the person inside was the Death himself.  Our hero’s act does not pass unnoticed and Death is offering a reward from 3 possible choices. This choices are actually a way to manipulate dynamically the gameplay difficulty: easy difficulty: is the reward which grants extra 2 lives and 3 checkpoints during the level, the checkpoints are activated by killing an enemy after a certain point. The end of the level is at ~8000 position in game units,  the checkpoints are at the positions: 1550, 3900, 7700  medium difficulty: is the reward which grants extra stamina power for the hero’s weapon and one checkpoint at game world position: 3900. hard difficulty: is the reward which halves the stamina power for the weapon, removes all the checkpoints and gives a timer which our hero needs to feed by killing enemies, if the timer reaches 0 seconds, our hero will die and will return at the start of the level. In this case we can say that Death cursed our hero . The reward will be activated after our hero dies. The chosen reward is not permanent, the player can choose to change the active reward by breaking again the ice block where death was found. If you have activated a checkpoint further than the ice block’s location, you can always teleport at the start of the level by pressing the R key (I discovered few moments ago that pressing R after Death was saved increase the death count by a lot ) Later on we have the chance to possibly find out how Death was trapped in an Ice Block ~mistery~     I invite you to read the full break down of my game: http://gamedevis.cool/en/the-week-of-awesome-iii/the-week-of-awesome-iii-death-is-useful-day-7/   Watch the full game play:   OR   Watch awesome final boss battle and awesome ending:   I find it very interesting how human interaction and motivation affects the creative process, without this challenge contest I wouldn't come up in 100 years with the idea which I had for this challenge, I don't know if is a good one, but it makes me happy.   For the ones which had troubles finishing the challenge on time or didn't had enough time to implement their idea, don't be sad Victory means nothing. The fight is everything.   I can hardly wait to get some rest and after to take a detailed look on all others fellow challengers development journal and games. You are awesome !
  8. AngeReveur

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    Day 7 - Final   Journal entry: http://gamedevis.cool/en/the-week-of-awesome-iii/the-week-of-awesome-iii-death-is-useful-day-7/   Full Journal: http://gamedevis.cool/en/the-week-of-awesome-iii   Final version: http://gamedevis.cool/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/gamedevis-Death-is-Useful.zip   Are we allowed to write more info in the journal or edit post to write more details after the deadline ?
  9. AngeReveur

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    A storm just started so is better to be to be precautious, I put what I have until now in case there will be an electric powerdown : http://gamedevis.cool/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/gamedevis-Death-is-Useful-Day-7.zip   The game is 95% done, I have to finish some tweaks and write the journal entry, I expect to give the final version 30 - 60 minutes before the deadline.   The final boss battle is implemented, if you have time I'm curious with how many deaths and which score you can finish the game, the score has a multiplier depending on the difficulty chosen  . Also please tell me if you have some problems by running it or you encounter some major bugs,  thank you .
  10. AngeReveur

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    "The Iterator Project : Shared" log Iterator info: Build : Release x64 Build time : Thu Mar 5 09:19:29 2015 Platform : Microsoft Windows File version :, Product version: 0.9.327680.327680 Log started at : 17:3:31 Of The 16/8/2015 Debug verbosity : 1 Location : C:\Users\Ange\Pictures\gamedev\chaoticBall\Chaotic Ball Carnage v0.9.8.28_final1\Chaotic Ball Carnage\Bin\x64 Computer info: Operating system info : Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Build 9200, 64-Bit Physical memory info : Total(GiB) 15.9209, Used(GiB) 7.21289, Available(GiB) 8.70801 Virtual memory info : Total(TiB) 128, Used(MiB) 55, Available(TiB) 128 HPT frequency : 3,416,977 CPU info: Manufacturer : Intel Processor brand : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4771 CPU @ 3.50GHz Supported features : FPU, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, SSSE3, EST, HTT, MCE, DE, AES, AVX Number of logical cores : 8 Number of Cores : 4 Number of NUMA nodes : 1 Physical Package Count : 1 Level 1 Cache count : 8 Level 2 Cache count : 4 Level 2 Cache count : 1
  11. AngeReveur

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

        I had a little trouble figuring out how to start the gameplay, do you think is possible to start the level automaticaly ? This is how is the performance on my pc:  
  12. AngeReveur

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    Have you looked at compressed formats?     Wow, you are awesome, I'm using Microsoft XACT, and didn't crossed my mind it has also compression features until you told me about, I actually had in mind to cut my waves to a shorter length, but now is all OK, from 60 MB Audio file to 4.72 MB, thank you .   Here is the updated build from Day 6 with compressed audio: http://gamedevis.cool/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/gamedevis-Death-is-Useful-Day-61.zip (8.7 MB)   If you find the time, please tell me if the audio starts ok and if the quality seems to be good enough.         Wow, I love it, so many levels , I like the progressive difficulty, I actually stoped at the 'Construction Site' level because I realized I have to finish my game also ), but surely I will come back and try to master it .
  13. AngeReveur

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

        The game starts correctly, I have only a little problem with the cursor: I have 2 monitors, when I move the mouse the cursor moves to the other screen and when I click the game window loses focus, also if is in full screen mode, do you think is possible maybe to lock the cursor inside the game window ?
  14. AngeReveur

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    Day 6   Journal entry: http://gamedevis.cool/en/the-week-of-awesome-iii/the-week-of-awesome-iii-death-is-useful-day-6/   I was thinking that the game should be ready on day 6, but not yet, I managed to implement: the background music, sound effects, the score system, death counter  and some part of the final boss battle.  I had a little fun and I put also my voice in the game:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=10&v=UM3POxJIazg   I want to go more on the idea that the rewards received from Death alter the difficulty levels, so in the final version it should work like this:   – easy difficulty reward: the user receives 2 extra lives and many checkpoints   – medium difficulty reward: the user receives extra weapon stamina and some checkpoints   – hard difficulty reward: weapon stamina is halved, no checkpoints and a timer appears on screen which needs to be refilled by killing enemies   I would try also to reconfigure a little the level, I feel that the encounter with Death is very early on, maybe I should move it a little more far away.   I need to finish all gameplay elements as soon as possible so I have also time for polishing ... *tick* *tack*...   Later edit: Ah, I almost forgot, Day 6 build: http://gamedevis.cool/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/gamedevis-Death-is-Useful-Day-6.zip   The build is a littler large ~60Mb because of the wave sound bank, I need to find a solution to shrink it   ...
  15. AngeReveur

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

        Smarty graphics driver, now it works OK .
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