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  1. It's been five days since the end of the competition and I've thought about how things went and what kind of mistakes I made. So I want to talk about those things for a minute. Let's start with the mistakes and bugs first. During the introduction sequence of the game a text box pops up which eventually tells the player that the controls are the arrow keys and the X, C and V keys. Problem is, to get to that text box the player would've needed to press either the V or the C button. This is just a little oversight caused by me adding this text pretty late into the game when other things were on my mind. Also some players didn't realize that they had to go to the northern area first. Although there is a mushroom before the cliffs area that tells you that you need to go north first I originally planned for this path to be blocked at first. That way the player couldn't enter that area under-prepared. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to implement such a thing. Another thing I noticed is that the random number generator can really screw the player over. During the UFO fight the UFO is supposed to resurrect the other aliens so that the player can create shockwaves again to damage the UFO. However sometimes this resurrection wouldn't occur for a long time, causing the player to burn through their supply of food items while unable to do any damage. The stupid thing is, I did write a RNG a while ago to deal with this problem. I just plainly forgot about it. Lastly there was a small graphical glitch on the Intel HD 4600. Apparently it doesn't support a 32 bits depth buffer so some trees appeared in the wrong order. And on to the things that went well. I started off with a pixel-art pack that ended up saving me a lot of time. Although I did ended up needing to draw some extra tiles it definitely helped. Also the original art I made, especially the sprites in the battle, did end up looking pretty okay. Although I will admit that that for the last two enemies, the cube and the recon droid, I intentionally choose easy shapes so I could get them done quickly. It was also necessary at that point because I made them on the last day. Using Python generators for animations proved to greatly simplify my code. Especially regarding the battle code, where generators are used for pretty much everything that happens over time: the narration, damage flash, text box shaking, fading in/out, just waiting, etc. Although it's hard to say for certain I think that writing code in this way prevented lots of bugs and allowed me to quickly write sequential animations in a single function that would otherwise need a whole lot of state-management. Lastly I'm glad that I didn't run into any major problems with my engine snowy. The only things I added where some convenience functions to existing classes. So no major technical problems like needing to implement a minimal sound mixer like I needed to do two years ago. Also investing some time to be able to load Tiled maps proved to be worth it. Tiled has greatly improved in the last couple of versions, especially the ability to define your own types is an important one for most games. Well I think that's about it. If you have any questions let me know in the comments.
  2. If you're going to play it again, you can start anew by deleting the save.json file. Or you can just walk back to the pond area again.
  3. Hey Scouting Ninja, thanks for the kind words. I'm wondering though, you did get the baseball bat in the northern forest area right? Without it you can't create shockwaves, and without shockwaves you can't damage the floating cubes and the UFO.
  4. So I'm pretty tired at this point, but I managed to add more things than I had originally hoped at the start of the day. So I created a list for them. - SDL2.dll fix pysdl2 couldn't find the SDL2.dll on Windows 7, even though it worked fine on Windows 8 and 10. So I helped the searching a bit. - Story intro When you start in the cabin, there's a little bit of text being played that describes the alien invasion. It also tells the player the controls. - Items! This is the biggest feature added today. You now have an inventory and can use food items both outside and inside battle. - Mushrooms Speaking of food items, there are now brown mushrooms hidden in the maps that will give you a consumable mushroom item. Just don't take too many okay? - The magic baseball bat Harris will now start with an attack power of 1. Which is pretty wimpy. So I've added a new area to the north that contains a baseball bat that will increase the attack power by 1 and will also unlock the shockwaves needed to defeat some enemies. - Recon droid The alien gunners are a bit too hard when starting with an attack power of 1. So I created these guys which are handy for leveling up with. - Floating cube This is a new enemy in the cliffs map. It can only be damaged by shockwaves and will revive any fallen alien gunners. - UFO fight improved Speaking of reviving, this is what the UFO can do now too. Which is a good thing because it needs level 2 shockwaves for it to go down. Anyway, that's it for me. I'll do a post-mortem later, in a couple or days or so. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/g48m5osggyb006g/ThunderStruck_v0.0.7.zip Controls: Arrow keys for movement, V for confirm, C for cancel, X to open the inventory.
  5. __Toz__

    Week of Awesome V, Part 6: Save the music.

    Yes, I'm very happy with the game as it is already. Now if I just add consumable items to the game, I can make the combat a bit more interesting.
  6. Today I've added sound to the game. Music is now played for the aliens and the UFO even has a separate more "boss-battly" track. There are also some sound effects, most notably the aliens and the player getting hit. Nothing for navigating the menus though, I consider that to be a lower priority. Also I've changed the shader for the level and characters to make things look like they happen at night. Since you can't have a proper creepy alien invasion unless it's at night. There are also new areas in the game. Now you start in a cabin instead of right in the middle of the woods. The cabin has some interactable items, most importantly the fridge which restores the player's HP. The other area I've added is the cliffs, which is where the UFO boss lurks. It's quite a climb to the boss, so make sure you have gained a few levels. Lastly, every time you enter a new area the game will save. And when you restart the game you will start from where you entered the area with the stats you had at the that time. The save file is simply named "save.json" so if you want to cheat, go ahead. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v57fl1dl299lhgz/ThunderStruck_v0.0.6.zip Controls: Arrow keys for movement, V for confirm, C for cancel.
  7. So the game has an ending now. It's reached by defeating a flying saucer that can only be damaged by the shockwaves caused by defeating aliens. I'm pretty pleased with the results although I had hoped that I would also had finished a larger part of the map. Right now it's still the starting area and I've just crammed the boss in one of the corners. Although I did implement level transitioning and a bunch of things that will make it easier to finish the rest of the game. For tomorrow I will add sound effects and music to the game and also add a way to change the color of the tiles, since the game is, for the most part, supposed to be happening at night. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5qkojt9c4q953a4/ThunderStruck_v0.0.5.zip Controls: Arrow keys for movement, V for confirm, C for cancel.
  8. __Toz__

    Week of Awesome V, Part 4: Shocking shockwaves

    Yup, that was my intention.
  9. __Toz__

    Week of Awesome V: Day 4: Strange Crystals

    If you want to make it look like the aliens are glowing from the inside, you can place a fake light source in the shader code that computes the length from the light source in object space. Then you can use this term as the light falloff: falloff = pow(0.99f, length); That will give a sort-of fake sub-surface-scattering effect. Anyway, I like how those aliens look. Really freaky.
  10. Today I've implemented the chain-reaction part of the game. In the battles, if you defeat one of the aliens, then it will generate shockwaves that damage the aliens that were standing on the left and right. Even better, if a shockwave manages to defeat an alien it will create a stronger shockwave. And, you guessed it, this can happen one more time, creating the strongest shockwave. I intent this to be the only way to defeat certain enemies later in the game. I've also added an experience system to the game. So if you defeat enough aliens Harris will level-up and gain extra hitpoints and attack power. Although I'm not sure increasing the attack power this way is a good idea. It seems like you become overpowered really quickly this way. There are also objects in the game now that can be interacted with. Simply walk up to them and press V. Lastly the game-over screen now displays "GAME OVER" (surprising, I know) and asks if you want to continue. Tomorrow I plan to implement the boss for this game and change the level to roughly how it should look like in the end. That way I'll have something to submit already. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2mvbb3r0bcjkrcn/ThunderStruck_v0.0.4.zip Controls: Arrow keys for movement, V for confirm, C for cancel.
  11. __Toz__

    Woa V Day 3

    That music is really fitting, but is the screen supposed to say "End of night 1" twice?
  12. __Toz__

    Day 2/3 - Basic enemies/interactions

    Heh, if that doesn't end up working then you can add a bunch of exploding barrels to provide a chain reaction. Although it's not really stealthy, everybody loves exploding barrels in games right?
  13. Yes, that is the name I've decided to give my game. It doesn't make any sense now, but it will one or two days later. The battle system is coming along nicely, now you can select to either fight or try running away. And it's also displayed which enemy you have selected if you choose to fight. There are also some other text boxes visible in the battle. On the right there is the status screen showing the main character's current HP and at the top is the text box that narrates what happens in the battle. I've also added a graphical feature that is also part of the battles in Earthbound. The psychedelic backgrounds. In my game it's implemented through a shader instead of a special graphical chip though. Also, you can't see it in the screenshot but the background will also slowly move. I hope the colors aren't too jarring, but if they are I can change them of course. During development today, I've also managed to crash the Python interpreter. Not a nice exception mind you, but an actual windows-has-stopped-responding-crash. Turns out a Box2D rigid body was destroyed twice because some things were being de-initialized in a dubious order. After I figured that out it was a simple fix. Tomorrow I hope to start with, and maybe finish, the "chain reaction" part of my game. It should look pretty cool once I have it working. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ezehm49wami6s2d/ThunderStruck_v0.0.3.zip Controls: Arrow keys for movement, V for confirm, C for cancel. P.S. If you somehow manage to get a game over then you will only see a black screen. Just press Y to restart.
  14. __Toz__

    Day 2 - too much stuff to do

    This sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun, but I hope the multiplayer aspect of it won't start to give you trouble. Have you tested it across multiple computers already?
  15. I'm happy to say that I've successfully added one of the two themes I chose to my game. The aliens! They are created at specific points in the map and run towards the player until they collide. At that point the screen will fade out (no battle swirl yet) and a battle will start. It's interesting to note that, just like Earthbound, other aliens can still continue to run towards the player while the screen is fading out. And if they make contact, then they too will be added to the battle. The battle itself isn't anything special yet though. It just displays the in-battle sprites of the aliens and you can attack by pressing the V button. Also the aliens won't attack back yet, which might be a bit disappointing. You can also change the selected alien by pressing left or right, but which alien is selected isn't displayed in any way yet. So that's not particularly useful. By the way I drew the in-battle sprite for the alien completely by myself. It won't win any awards, but I like to think it's pretty decent. Another thing to note is that I recently started using co-routines for animations in Python. Effectively they are just generators that use the yield-statement to give control back to the rest of the update-tick. They are quite effective in preventing the need for stateful member variables (fadeTimer, coolDown, etc.). I might write an article about it later if there doesn't exist any yet that already does a proper job at explaining them. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ciwguyrx82844l4/main_v0.0.2.zip (Reminder: press V to attack!)
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