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  1. Hi, im at college and im having to do a bit of pixel art, i did it at college then ive had to download Photoshop CS2 as my tutor said it has to be in photoshop so i can do it at home. Im trying to paint it but its doing different colours that are selected and i have no idea why.
  2. LanceC09

    Which Software?

    Hi, im starting a level 2 game dev course next month, we will be doing 2d and im looking into some programs with 2d art/animation now so i will have an idea on how to use some software for when the course starts.     I dont think i will use photoshop as i will have to pay for it to use at home (so i believe), so im looking into Gimp. But can Gimp be used to create animations for 2d and textures for 3d models in the future? As in the future i will be using Blender for 3d.     Also are Gimp and Inkscape pretty much same thing?     Basically i dont want to learn 3 programs that individually do each thing so photo editing, 2d models and 2d animation when 1 program would do all of that.   Also the engine im pretty sure were using is gamesalad, though in the future (like the level 3 course) i will be using Unity, if it makes a difference to supported file types.  
  3. Hi, im starting a level 2 college course in september on games development and we will be using gamesalad (wanted to join level 3 as you use unity but didnt have some gcse)   Im wondering if gamesalads drag and drop engine would make it easier to learn programming once you get the hang of things? As since i have a tiny bit of exp in programming i can see where gamesalad is pretty similar with how its drag and drop works.   Also with learning programming has anyone used www.codingame.com could you say anything about it, was it good, did it help learn your chosen language etc.     And with this course it will most likely be 2d (i think you can do 3d in gamesalad) so im looking into using gimp or inkscape for the artwork/animation.   Which program do you think would be better to learn for the future, or should you learn both? As in the future i will be looking into dong 3d artwork and will be wanting to try making textures etc.     Thank you to all that help.
  4. LanceC09

    Game art questions

    Hi, im trying to learn to be a developer and thought i would start with learning to create game art in blender, but i have a few questions i hope someone could tell me.   1. Do you have to create models true to the real size of what your making? If yes how can you see the size of the model, so if i make for example a man how can i be sure when i put it in unity he wont look like a giant and will be an average sized man?   2. Should you delete the tris that arnt seen on the model? So for example i created a man then i put a jacket and bottoms on it, should i delete the tris that the jacket and bottoms are covering on the model?   3. This might seem like a stupid question but how do you organise your work? Do you have a main file named for example game assets then within that you would have files named weapons, characters, vehicles etc, then within lets say weapons you have files named swords, pistols, rifles.   4. Is there a copyright on selling models like a ford focus car or a colt m1911 sidearm?     Thank you for your time and help 
  5. Hi,   Im wanting to learn how to develop games on my own but need some advice/help.   Programming   I recently just finished this course on programming ( https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/begin-programming ) Also if anyone doesn't know where to start in learning to write code this course definitely helped me.   While doing the course i started thinking what was a game engine and now im looking into using Unity, I know that Unity doesnt use Java but ive read that C# and Java are really similar is that true?    Also is there something different between scripting and writing code or is it just the same thing?     2D/3D Art Design   With creating characters/weapons etc what is a good program to use to make these and use in Unity is Blender good?     Animations   Do you create animations for your created models in the engine that you use or is there specific programs for it?     Composing/Sound Effects   Whats a good program/place to start to create music and sound effects?           I believe these are the main things to learn in making games, right? If you know of some good tutorials for new people in the these subjects please link them. I think what im going to do is learn one at a time say a month on art design then a month on animating them etc to get experience in them all.   Also im interested in how you went about learning all of this, how did you begin and what do you use. What games have you released and is there a profit from doing this, could you tell me how much you have made from these in the past 3 month?     And if you are located in the United States or the United Kingdom and do game development on your own do you have to register as a business or in the UK do you just register as self employed?   Thank you for your time and help 
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